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If a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a visual encyclopedia of the national forests and grasslands in America.
These national forest and grassland camping pictures illustrate a wide variety of not only campgrounds available in national forests and grasslands, but also great scenery in and around the camping locations.

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Allegheny National Forest - Pennsylvania

View of beach at Twin Lakes campground CCC-planted forest at Hearts Content campground Buckaloons campground - See slide show Loleta campground Lower loop Upper loop East Branch Mill Stone Creek Dam at Loleta Mill Pond Beach Low-hanging branches at parking apron

Beaver Meadows campground Campsite Tent campers Beaver Lake

View of interior road in Tracy Ridge campground Campsite at Tracy Ridge campground Willow Bay campground Tent site alongside Willow Creek Campsite overlooking Willow Bay Boat ramp 12,000-acre Allegheny Reservoir

Twin Lakes campground Foggy morning Beach CCC-built lodge and pavilion - 1930s Upper loop Fishing pier Pull-through in Lower loop

Images along Beach Cherry Trail Start of trail Mushroom Fall foliage Another mushroom along the trail

Kiasutha campground Campsite Fall foliage Another campsite

Angeles National Forest - California

View of Mt. Baldy in route to Manker Flats campground View of Our Lord's Candle along access road to Manker Flats campground Sculptured Smokey Bear at Angeles National Forest Supervisor's Office Bathroom at Crystal Lake campground Santa Yerba Amphitheater at Crystal Lake campground From State Rt. 2, looking down on smog over Los Angeles Camp site by creek at Buckhorn campground Shooting Star (?) at Buckhorn campground Moss-covered cedar at Buckhorn campground Camp site with communal fire pit in background - Horse Flats campground Camp site at South Fork campground Camp site at Sycamore Flats campground Jackson Lake at Mountain Oak campground View from State Rt. 2 Array of Coulter pine needles Tent campers at Table Mountain campground Swimming beach at Pyramid Lake - Los Alamos campground View of Oak Flats campground Dave's Cantina at Zuni campground

Angelina National Forest - Texas

State Rt. 63 Sandy Creek campground Interior road Campsite overlooking Sam Rayburn Reservoir

Texas Toilet Paper tree Boykin Springs campground Tent site Tent or RV campsite Frances W. Boykin grave and gravestone CCC built pavilion Inside CCC built pavilion Aldridge Sawmill ruins Stone pillars at Aldridge Sawmill ruins

Caney Creek campground Early morning boater on Sam Rayburn Lake Campsite Undefined parking apron

Apache National Forest - Arizona

Sunrise Ski mountain Site at Luna Lake campground Big pull throughs at Luna Lake campground "Fire ring" at Luna Lake campground Forest Rt. 276 along East Fork of the Black River View of Buffalo Crossing campground View of Horse Springs campground View of Raccoon campground East Fork of Black River at Raccoon campground Diamond Rock at Diamond Rock campground Site at Diamond Rock campground Horses and elk share a meadow One of the Greer Lakes near Rolfe C. Hoyer campground Water Buffalo (fresh water source) at Benny Creek campground State Hwy. 260 View from pull through at Winn campground Coronado Trail Scenic Byway (US Rt. 191) A pit at the huge Morenci Mine Sardine Saddle rest stop - trailhead & overnight dispersed camping for RV/tent campers HL Saddle rest stop with a view Elk and one of 400 curves on the Byway The "Arrow Tree" Blue Vista Overlook Hannagan Meadows Lodge - stop for view of meadows and a meal

Big Lake Recreation Area Site at Cutthroat campground with Big Lake in background View from site 7 at Brookchar campground View of Apache Trout campground Side-by-side campsite at Apache Trout campground Big Lake Street-side campsite at Cutthroat campground Campsites at Grayling campground View through Aspen of Rainbow campground Campsite at Rainbow campground

View of Winn campground

Apalachicola National Forest - Florida

Christmas decorated abandoned building - Sopchoppy, FL Wright Lake campground Trail Campsite Swim area

Post Office in Sumatra, FL Camel Lake campground View of campground Trail leading out of campground Campsite Banana spider along trail - male partner lower right Primitive boat ramp Swim beach

Access road to Wright Lake and Hickory Landing campgrounds Hickory Landing campground Campsite Boat ramp Cleaning station for hunters

Brick burial vault at Fort Gadsden

Arapaho National Forest - Colorado

From US Rt. 40, looking back at Berthoud Pass View of Lake Granby from tent site at Stillwater campground RV waste station/view from Stillwater campground Byers Peak on the way to St. Louis Creek campground St. Louis Creek at the St. Louis Creek campground Ground squirrel at Green Ridge campground Osprey and Bald eagle viewing platform at Green Ridge campground View from Willow Creek campground Camping site at Sunset Point campground Camping site at Arapaho Bay campground - Roaring Fork loop Camping site on Lake Granby - Arapaho Bay campground Fishing and viewing platform at Boardwalk Trail - Sugar Loaf campground Boardwalk Trail at Sugar Loaf campground Horse corral at South Fork campground Never Summer Wilderness viewed from Rocky Mountain National Park Monarch Lake Trail - near Arapaho Bay campground Machinery left by man Old outhouse Fairy Slipper

Ashley National Forest - Utah

Paradise Guard Station near Paradise campground Camp site at Riverview campground - Yellowstone River in the background Chimney near Yellowstone campground View of Paradise campground Camp site at Whiterocks campground Dinosaur bones - Dinosaur National Monument Another view of Dinosaur bones - Dinosaur National Monument Thunderstorm seen from near Moon Lake campground

Flamming Gorge National Recreation Area (NRA) A view from Firefighters Memorial campground Another view from Firefighters Memorial campground Flaming Gorge Reservoir View from Firehole campground View of Red Canyon & Flaming Gorge Reservoir - Canyon Rim campground Pronghorn antelope at Lucerne Valley campground Middle Fork of Sheep Creek - in route to Spirit Lake campground View of Uinta Crest Fault from Sheep Creek Geological Loop

Camp site at Deep Creek campground View of East Park campground Why they call it Lodgepole campground View from Hades campground

Bankhead National Forest - Alabama

A butterfly meeting Corinth campground View of back-in campsites with their full-hookups At home in the author's RV Full hook-ups

Houston campground - click here to view album Wild Azalea, Camellia or Honeysuckle? Brushy Lake campgorund - click here to view album Little Natural Bridge - point of interest from all the campgrounds Fungi growing at Little Natural Bridge Clear Creek campground - click here to view album

Beaverhead National Forest - Montana

Panoramic vista from Crystal Park Serious gem hunters at Crystal Park Valley along Pioneer Mountain Scenic Byway Coolidge Ghost Town Coolidge Ghost Town Grand Vista - off Forest Rt. 73 Wade Lake campground Abandoned homestead on access road to campground View of Madison Range from access road to campground Wade Lake from access road campsite

View of Hilltop campground Campsite at Hilltop campground Tree kill (bug infestation) at Cliff Lake near Wade Lake campground On the way to Reservoir Lake campground View of Reservoir Lake from Reservoir Lake campground View of Bitterroot range (Dooling Ranch) Bear Creek campground Twin Lake at Twin Lakes campground Lodgepole pines at Seymour Creek campground Road to Seymour Creek campground Storm developing - on the way to Mussigbrod campground Riverview campground View of campground View from campground View of Madison River campground

Bienville National Forest - Mississippi

View of Shockaloe Base Camp I Marathon campground Birds with their cattle friends on Forest Rt. 501 near Marathon campground Tent campers Campsite with electric and water hookups Co-author Suzi Dow with the "kids" enjoying the view of Marathon Lake View of Marathon Lake from day-use area. Take a hike with the authors on Marathon Lake Trail

Bighorn National Forest - Wyoming

Big Goose Ranger station near the Ranger Creek (Big Goose) campground Creek adjacent to the Dead Swede campground Pull-through site at Porcupine campground Camping with tepee at Porcupine campground Authors suffer fuel pump failure on Bald Mountain Resting resident at Sibley Lake campground Bear trap at North Tongue campground Site at North Tongue campground Wheelchair friendly pier at Sibley Lake campground View of Shell Canyon from US Rt. 14 Site at Shell Creek campground Forest Rt. 17 - access road to Shell Creek campground Lichen growing on rock at Shell Creek Falls Local art on grain elevator in Graybull, WY Tensleep Canyon on US Rt. 16 Leigh Creek campground Vista along Forest Rt. 27 on the way to West Tensleep Lake campground Gathering of campers at Boulder Park campground Meadowlark Lake near Lakeview and Sitting Bull campgrounds Walk-in site at Bull Creek campground Site at Lakeview campground Access road to Sitting Bull campground Site at Sitting Bull campground Site at Circle Park campground Entrance to Lost Cabin campground County Rt. 3 to Lower Doyle campground Forest Rt. 20 to Circle Park campground

Bitterroot National Forest - Montana and Idaho

Painted Rocks Lake - on the way to Alta campground Indian scarred Ponderosa tree at Alta campground Abandoned cabin along West Fork Rd. south of Darby, MT. Bark of the Ponderosa tree Ponderosa entrance to the Sam Billings Memorial campground Charles Waters campground Sawtooth Mtn. from Bass Creek Overlook Another view of Sawtooth Mtn. Bitterrroot Valley from drive up to Bass Creek Overlook Campsite Bear-proof trash container, wheelchair friendly drinking fountain and vault View of meadow from campsite Bearberry blossom

Campsite at Rombo campground RV camping at Sam Billings Memorial campground Campsite at Sam Billings Memorial campground All pull-through sites at Lake Como campground View of Upper Como campground Cloudy day at Lake Como - Lake Como campground Horse tethered at Rock Creek Horse Camp Campsite at Rock Creek Horse Camp Boat ramp at Sam Billings Memorial campground

Black Hills National Forest - South Dakota and Wyoming

Cook Lake Recreation Area Loop A Campsite in Loop A overlooking Cook Lake Walk-in tent site, Loop A View of Loop B Campsite in Loop B

Vault at Comanche Park campground View of corral and distant vista at Sundance campground Another view from Sundance campground Reuter campground View of campground Campsite Carson Draw Trail View from Carson Draw Trail

Excellent day trips from Cook Lake Recreation Area, Sundance and Reuter campgrounds Devils Tower National Monument Fire watchtower at Warren Peak View from Warren Peak watchtower You might even find a marmot(?) along the way.

Hanna campground Combined section (RV or tent) of campground Camping with a portable shower A marvelous benefit of camping Tent-only section Not snow but flowers on Spearfish Crk. near campground.

Campsite at Dalton Lake campground Fishing pier at Dalton Lake campground Unusual sight on FR 140, access road to Boxelder Forks campground View of Boxelder Forks campground Comanche Park campground View of campground Grass understory Bicycle camper Motorcycle camper at sunrise Camper with sailboat on way to home in NJ

Wild Iris Horsethief Lake campground Bridge to walk-in tent sites Tent campsite Horsethief Lake Lakeside campsite

Grizzly campround Campsite Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)-built vault (1930s) Same vault - look at that construction CCC-built bridge

Campsite at Ditch Creek campground Deerfield Lake - found at Custer Trails, Dutchman and Whitetail campgrounds Castle Creek at Deerfield Lake Origin of name for the Whitetail campground View of Whitetail campground Dutchman campground View of campground Deerfield Lake as seen from above the boatramp Boat ramp on Deerfield Lake Mountain pine beetle kill along Deerfield Rd.

Custer Trails campground Combined campsites (RV or tent) overlooking Deerfield Lake Courtesy dock Access road (Forest Rt. 417) to campground

Buffalo parade in Custer State Park - lots to do and see in this park. Mt. Rushmore National Memorial Mountain Goat near Mt. Rushmore Various views of the Four Presidents Profile 1 Profile 2 Profile 3 Profile 4 Profile 5

Roubaix campground Swim beach Combined campsites (RV or tent) Tent sites

Pactola campground Side-by-side parking lot style campsites in Loop B Loop A Loop C Swim beach

Sheridan Lake Southside campground Combined campsites (RV or tent) Moored boats at or near campsites Campground resident

Bismark Lake campground Tent sites Overlook View of Bismark Lake from overlook

Oreville campground View of campground Campsite Parallel parking site

Crazy Horse Monument Prairie Dog Vore Buffalo Jump Site - archeological dig near Sundance, WY Ankle deep in bones at the Vore Buffalo Jump Site Wind Cave National Park (South Dakota) - guided tour Unusual display of "boxwork" Standing up straight can give you a headache Patchwork of bead-like formations called "popcorn" A fanciful display A totally different look

Black Kettle National Grassland (NG) - Oklahoma and Texas

Black Kettle campground RV camped "below the dam" Dead Warrior (a.k.a. Dead Indian) Lake Shoreline campsites Washita Battlefield

Sunny campsite at Skipout campground Old Military Road (Lake Marvin) campground Campsite w/electric & water hookups Tent-only campsites Fishing pier at Lake Marvin Former dance hall on Lake Marvin

Boise National Forest - Idaho

Bull Trout Lake campground Warm Spring Creek on the way to Bull Trout campground View of camp site Fishing pier View of camp site accommodating horses Camp site at Elks Flat campground Vault at Grayback Gulch campground View of camp site at Grayback Gulch campground Camp site at Black Rock campground Camp site at Ten Mile campground Power Plant campground View of camp site Historic mining town of Atlanta, ID View of Sawtooth Wilderness from Riverside campground Hot springs waterfall and pool at Pine Flats campground Camp site at Pine Flats campground View of camp site at Park Creek campground Hot Springs at Kirkham campground Bonneville campground Camp site Hot spring pools Hot tub Hot spring and bathhouse Yellowpine campground Camp site Yellow Pine (town) Golf Course Yellow Pine Golf Course rules Yellow Pine Lodge (town) View of Cascade Lake from French Creek campground View from camp site at Amanita campground Boat ramp at Rainbow Point campground Billy Rice swim beach at Shoreline campground South Fork of Salmon River Boat Ramp at Warm Lake campground View of Dog Creek campground Anderson Ranch Dam - Evans Creek campground Anderson Ranch Reservoir Camp site at Big Roaring River Lake campground View from camp site at Big Trinity campground View from Big Trinity campground of Big Trinity Lake

Bridger National Forest - Wyoming

Butterfly at Forest Park campground Camping site at Forest Park campground Fremont Lake at Fremont Lake campground Boat ramp and dock at Fremont Lake campground Pronghorn near Fremont Lake campground Access road to Boulder Lake campground Camping site at Boulder Lake campground View from Sacajawea campground Beach at Half Moon Lake campground Green River Lake campground Green River near campground Log vault at campground Camp site at campground Picnic table at campground Green River Lake with Square Top Mountain in background Old Garnett Peak Ranch building near Highline Trail View of Bridger Wilderness from Highline Trail Camping site with Fireweed at Narrows campground Corrals at Narrows campground Primitive boat ramp at New Fork Lake campground Access road to Hams Fork campground Historic Elk Creek Ranger Station - built in 1914 Camping site at Allred Flat campground Corrals at Cottonwood Lake campground

Buffalo Gap National Grassland - South Dakota

French Creek Picnic Area View of tent camping area Shaded picnic table Hotel in town of Fairburn, SD

Click here for a slide show about Limestone Butte Saddle Pass Trailhead GPS coordinates: N43 48.421, W101 54.011 Trailhead entrance - parking to the left Open field riding Caleb Crew - rancher, architect/builder of the trail, authors' escort, looking into Badlands Start of trail into Badlands View of the Badlands from Saddle Pass Trail Caleb Crew standing on trail in the Badlands One of Caleb Crew's horses

Railroad Butte View of . . . West 1 - GPS Coordinates: N43 54.578, W102 51.430 View of . . . West 2 - N43 54.323, W102 51.430 Room for dispersed camping South Dakota used car lot

Steer Pasture - N43 54.741, W102 13.568 Two-track road to Steer Pasture View of dispersed site View of Badlands from Steer Pasture

Indian Creek Area - Watch a slide show

Scenic, SD - becoming a ghost town "Main Street" - abandoned stores A monument? If so, to who or what? Abandoned town jail Jail interior

Butte Valley National Grassland - California

Authors dispersed camping - Mt. Shasta in background Back road drive through the grassland Not a road for RVs Cattle guard Red rock surface Stock corral Indian Point wind mill Meiss Lake view of lake Another view of Lake American Avocet Egret launching Sunrise Pronghorn antelope behind barbed wire fence

Cache National Forest - Utah

Malibu section of the Guinavah-Malibu campground Author's camping site at Guinavah-Malibu campground 500 year-old Limber pine along Limber Pine Trail - near Sunrise campground Pull-through camping site at Sunrise campground Black Willow tree at Red Banks campground Fire fighting helicopter pulling water from Tony Grove Lake Camping site at Pioneer campground View from Pioneer campground Fishing from Logan River near Spring Hollow campground Camping site at Spring Hollow campground Camping site at Monte Cristo campground Sheep in Monte Cristo campground Camping site at Willows campground Double camping site at Meadows campground Interpretive trail at Perception Park campground Camping site at South Fork campground View of Anderson Cove campground View of Jefferson Hunt campground Camping site at Jefferson Hunt campground

Caddo National Grassland - Texas

West Davy Crockett campground View of campsite West Lake Crockett Flooding waters creeping up to the authors' RV

Check out the historic Lake Fannin Park; visit their website for more information Bois D'Arc Trailhead campground Campground entrance Horse shower Pull-through campsite Wheelchair friendly horse mounting platform

Caribou National Forest - Idaho

Camp site at Willow Flat campground Camp site at Emigration campground Cub River at Willow Flat campground Camp site at Mill Canyon campground Minnetonka Cave Our tour group at entrance to cave Stalagmite Kermit's castle Mite and Lites

Bear Lake State Park near Cloverleaf and Porcupine campgrounds Swim beach Pelicans

Camp site at Big Springs campground Hot springs pool at Lava Hot Springs, ID Scout Mountain campground Camp site Tent camping

Carson National Forest - New Mexico

Echo Amphitheater - Red Rocks along State Rt. 84 Pull-through site at Middle Canjilon Lake campground Aspen and wild flowers at Middle Canjilon Lake campground Stocking at Upper Canjilon Lake - Middle Canjilon Lake campground Red Rocks along State Rt. 84 Site at La Sombra campground Chapel at the Veterans Memorial - Angel Fire Junebug campground Riverside campsite A view from campground A Fall day in campground

Elephant Rock campground Tent site Wheelchair friendly campsite Stonework found at some campsites Mountain view from campground View of campground interior

Fawn Lakes campground Riverside campsite for tent or slide-in Chipmunk Campsite Red River Fawn Lake

State Rt. 196 on the way to Cimarron campground View Of "Valle Vidal Unit" Hitching rail and feeder at Cimarron campground Red River, NM The town A yurt in private campground

Hitching rail and feeding bin at McCrystal Creek campground View of La Junta Canyon campground Low-water bridge - entrance to Duran Canyon campground View from Rio Grande Gorge Bridge Columbine campground, a.k.a. Columbine Canyon Small loop with a view Campsite Columbine Creek Pull-through Oak in fall foliage

Cedar River National Grassland - North Dakota and South Dakota

Knispel Wildlife Area and possible dispersed tent campsite Forest Rt. 5774 into Knispell Wildlife Area Abandoned home Windbreak often seen in the grassland Stormy drive along State Rt. 31 North Dakota/South Dakota border marker - One of many installed 1891/1892 Another view of the North Dakota/South Dakota border marker

Challis National Forest - Idaho

Timber Creek campground Access road Access road Dune buggy but no dunes View from Forest Rt. 136 on the way to Wildhorse campground Abandoned ranch along Forest Rt. 135 Upper Basin Guard Station on the way to Starhope campground View from Antelope Pass - road not recommended for RVs Iron Bog campground On the way to campground on Forest Rt. 136 - where is the road? Ramadas at campground Fanciful rocks near campground Boundary Creek campground Road to campground Middle Fork of the Salmon River "Put-in" ramp at Middle Fork of Salmon River Camp site Hummingbird flew into authors' truck and landed on stuffed mascot Access route to Park Creek and Phi Kappa campgrounds Phi Kappa campground Camp site View from campground Road from Phi Kappa campground to Park Creek campground View of Park Creek campground View from Forest Rt. 75 of Sawtooth Mtn. on the way to Lola Creek campground Yankee Dredge - It's a ship!? Near ghost town of Custer, Idaho Tin Cup campground Long time campers View from road leading to campground View of Aspen and fireweed from road - first to appear after fire Poll stalls at campground Former tollgate station on the Custer Motorway On the way to Mosquito Flat campground via Custer Motorway Camp site at Mosquito Flat campground Headstone at Custer Cemetary in the ghost town of Custer, Idaho Ghostown of Custer, Idaho

Chattahoochee National Forest - Georgia

All that's left of a homestead - Forest Rt. 68 Swim area - Lake Conasauga campground Campsite - Cooper Creek campground Flame Azalea at Cooper Creek campground Happy bikers along State Rt. 348 near Helen, GA Mountain Laurel - Lake Russell campground Horse Trough Falls at Upper Chattahoochee River campground Disbursed camping camping along River Road 44 near Upper Chattahoochee River campground Alpine-like city sign - Helen, GA Alpine-like building in Helen, GA Boggs Creek campground Campsite Access to campsite across a creek A shower stall shell for campers with portable shower "bags" Helton Creek Falls

Cherokee National Forest - Tennessee

Ocoee Whitewater Center - site of 1996 Olympic kayaking and canoeing competition Competition run at Ocoee Whitewater Center Tellico River Kayakers Road block on Forest Rt. 126 Beach at Indian Boundary campground Cabin on Forest Rt. 54 - near Paint Creek campground CCC built pavilion - Backbone Rock campground Kiln of some sort at Backbone Rock campground "Shortest" tunnel in the world - Backbone Rock campground Backbone Trail - Backbone Rock campground

Chequamegon National Forest - Wisconsin

See slide show about historic Round Lake Logging Dam Interpretive Trail Horses at Horseshoe Lake Camp campground

Chippewa National Forest - Minnesota

Take a tour of Camp Rabideau, a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp View of Lake Winnibigoshish - Mosomo Point campground View of Lake Winnibigoshish from grassy bluff - Tamarack Point campground Forest Supervisor's log office building - built in 1935 by CCC View from campsite at Mosomo Point campground Mooring boats at Deer Lake campground View of Cass Lake from Knutson Dam campground Grass campsite at Knutson Dam campground Mississippi River in Minnesota in route to Knutson Dam campground Interior of CCC-built visitor center, Norway Beach Recreation Area View of 53,000-acre Lake Winnibigoshish from Tamarack Point campground Thickly wooded Webster Lake campground Boat ramp at Williams Narrows campground Path through Winnie campground along bluff above Lake Winninbigoshish Site (with Lake Winninbigish in background) at Winnie campground Cass Lake Loop campground Sunrise view of Cass Lake Thick woods found at campground Indian Pipe Mooring boats Lakeside campsite Plant growing out of shallow water in Cass Lake

Chugach National Forest - Alaska

Click here for a slide show of wildlife in Alaska Click here for a slide show of Alaska's wildflowers

Snowy day on 6/9/08 driving to Haines Junction, BC and Chugach NF Granite Creek campground View from campground An open site Flower and caterpillar blossom Pussy willow shrub Lupine Leaving campground

Seward Scenic Highway between Granite Creek and Bertha Creek campgrounds Porcupine campground Campsite on Turnagain Arm Attractive wooded site Unknown flower Gull Rock Trail

Campsite at Bertha Creek campground Pull-through at Tenderfoot Creek campground Blue Bells of Scotland plant at Tenderfoot Creek campground Walk-in tent site at Cooper Creek campground Back-in campsite at Cooper Creek campground View Russian River campground and Combat Zone fishing in Russian River

Quartz Creek campground Moose cow with calf View of Kenai Lake from campground Big campsite with great view Another view of Kenai Lake Bunchberry shrub

Another view of Kenai Lake, this time from Ptarmigan campground Rugged campsite at Ptarmigan campground Campsite at Black Bear campground Williwaw campground View of Middle Glacier from campground Large campsite Salmon viewing platform at campground Take a walk along the Trail of Blue Ice

Portage Glacier near Williwaw campground Iceberg at Portage Glacier Boat tour of Portage Glacier Portage Glacier

View from Seward Scenic Hwy. north of Seward Another view from Seward Hwy. Waiting to pass through tunnel to Whittier, AK Boat harbor in Whittier, AK Roundhouse on top of cloud-shrouded Mt. Alyeska Tram house on top of Mt. Alyeska Ruins of "old" Portage destroyed by 1964 earthquake Morning on Kenai Lake Elk at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, near Portage Glacier off Seward Hwy. Moose at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Cibola National Forest - New Mexico

Walk-in site at Water Canyon campground Forest Rt. 55 heading for Fourth of July campground Site with horse corral at Red Canyon campground Horse mounting ramp at Red Canyon campground Unique fire pit at Red Canyon campground View from Ojo Redondo campground Herd of Mule deer at Ojo Redondo campground El Morro National Monument View of the monument Inscription on the monument dated 1709 Split rock Zuni and Dakota rock formation Anasazi village ruins (13th century) on top of monument A very busy bee on a thistle at the monument

Cimarron National Grassland - Kansas

Cimarron Recreation Area Back-in campsite next to one of four ponds One of four ponds Wheelchair friendly fishing pier Partial view of campground

Take a ride along the Sea of Grass Auto Tour

Clearwater National Forest - Idaho

Lunch on the Lolo Pass Author, Fred, with Western Cedar at DeVoto Memorial Grove south of Lolo Pass Former Lochsa Ranger's cabin (1927) - north on US Rt. 12 Moose at Elk Summit campground Former 1911 Lolo Ranger Station Elk Summit campground Road to Elk Summit campground Lochsa River at Whitehouse campground Clearwater River Swimming Moose Scene at Hidden Creek campground Lochsa River near Lowell, ID Preparing horses for trail riding - Wilderness Gateway campground Playground at Wilderness Gateway campground Scene at Giant White Pine campground Cedar Grove at Morris Creek - south of St. Maries, ID Low water bridge crossing at Wendover campground Beargrass blossoms at Jerry Johnson campground View of Jerry Johnson campground - no trees, lots of sun Lochsa River from US Rt. 12 Lochsa River next to campsite at Whitehouse campground Serviceberry flowers at Whitehouse campground Lichen Shroud on pine tree at Powell campground

Cleveland National Forest - California

Hang glider over Lake Elsinore California Scrub Oak at El Cariso North campground View from Oak Grove campground Astronomical views from Oak Grove campground - courtesy Doug Hubbell, astonomer Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4

Upper loop of Dripping Springs campground Live Oaks shading Dripping Springs campground Snow at Cibbets Flat campground Equestrain loop at Boulder Oaks campground Access road to Corral Canyon campground Access road to Bobcat Meadows campground Access road to Indian Flats campground Cedars, Oaks and pines at Fry Creek campground Walk-in tent sites at Observatory campground Star-gazing platforms at Observatory campground Palomar Observatory near Fry Creek and Observatory campgrounds Glid tree at Laguna campground Closeup of Glid tree with nuts stored in the bark for winter El Prado Cabin - Laguna campground, built for first the Forest's Ranger

Coconino National Forest - Arizona

Slow recovery from the 1990 Bude fire at the Mogollon Rim off Forest Rt. 300 Knoll Lake at the Knoll Lake campground Site at the Knoll Lake campground View from Mogollon Rim at Forest Rts. 300 and 295E Site at Rock Crossing campground San Francisco Peaks Site at Forked Pine campground Paintbrush blooming at Forked Pine campground View from Ashurst Lake campground Site at Pine Grove campground Red Rock Country of Sedona, AZ State Rt. 89A through Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona, AZ Manzanita campground campsite pre-fabricated fire ring/grille Another view of campground

Who says tent camping is rough? Blooming Prickley Pear cactus Wasp dragging paralyzed Tarantula Clear Creek campground View of Clear Creek campground Petroglyph wall at V Bar V Heritage Site Forest Rt. 18 between Beaver Creek day use area and campground Forest Rt. 618 near V Bar V Heritage Site Large Sycamore tree along irrigation ditch in campground

Bonito campground View of Bonito Amphitheater View of San Francisco Mtn. Penstemon flower Sunset Crater Camp site campground - built on Sunset Crater's volcanic material Cinder cone at Sunset Crater NM near campground Prehistoric dwellings at Wupatki NM also near campground

Aspen grove in Lockett Meadow campground Entrance to Lockett Meadow campground Cave Springs campground Oak Creek Campsite Swimming hole in Oak Creek View of campground

Take auto/bike trip from Flagstaff down to Morman Lake and a bit beyond - stay in one or more campgrounds along the way View of Oak Creek running through Slide Rock State Park Another view of Oak Creek running through Slide Rock State Park View of campsite at Bootlegger campground Grass understory at Pine Flat campground Spring water at Pine Flat campground

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area - Oregon and Washington

Campsite at Wyeth campground Structure drinking fountain, built by CCC, 1930s - Wyeth campground Columbia River Sternwheeler tour boat on Columbia River Sailboats moored on Columbia River Campsite at Eagle Creek campground Columbia River from Eagle Creek campground Horsetail Falls Multnomah Falls and Benson Bridge

Conecuh National Forest - Alabama

Click here for a slide presentation of Conecuh and its one developed campground - Open Pond

Coeur d'Alene National Forest - Idaho

Coeur d'Alene River - on the way to Big Hank campground Snowberries at Bumblebee campground Sailboats at Coeur d'Alene Lake, Coeur d'Alene, ID Deer at Bell Bay campground Beach on Coeur d'Alene Lake, Coeur d'Alene, ID Seaplane landing on Coeur d'Alene Lake, Coeur d'Alene, ID Coeur d'Alene Lake taken from seaplane

Colville National Forest - Washington

Pioneer Park campground CCC-built stairs at campsite Wild roses Boat ramp Fishing dock Lily

Campsite at Browns Lake campground View of Pend Oreille River from Panhandle campground Box Canyon and train trestle Mill Pond Dam - near Mill Pond campground Boat ramp - Mill Pond campground Interior road - East Sullivan campground Swim area - East Sullivan campground Airstrip next to West Sullivan campground Noisy Creek campground Interior road Beach Dog swimming beach

Edgewater campground Authors' RV Field of Thimbleberries Campsite next to Pend Oreille River

Pierre Lake campground Yellow Flag plant Dock at Pierre Lake Lakeside campsite

Campsite at Canyon Creek campground Author's dog, Ralf, at Canyon Creek campground Campsite at Lake Ellen campground Red Stem maple at Lake Ellen campground Tent site at Swan Lake campground Swim area at Swan Lake campground Campsite at Long Lake campground Kinnikinnick and Bunchberry plants at Gillette campground Boat ramp at Lake Gillette campground Tent campers at Lake Thomas campground RV campers at Big Meadow Lake campground

Comanche National Grassland - Colorado Slide shows of picturesque canyons - they are not just picnic areas Carrizo Canyon Picnic Area and Carrizo Auto Tour Picture Canyon Picnic Area Picket Wire Canyon [guided] Auto Tour

A second fun, easy scenic auto tour from the Carrizo Picnic Area through two canyons in a riparian environment A map displaying this 20-mile surprise, green route (Adobe Reader required) Homestead ruins on Cottonwood Crk. in Deep Hole Canyon Big Horn sheep found along the route - surprise to authors Another view of the Big Horn View of cultivated field

Timpas Picnic Area Timpas Picnic Area Marker - Santa Fe Trail at Timpas Picnic Area Interpretive trail

A tarantula almost met its end on this main highway View from Sierra Vista - GPS coordinates: N37 51.679, W103 43.840 View of grassland from location of former Iron Springs stage coach stop - GPS Coordinates: N37 41.620, W103 54.803 Withers Canyon Trailhead Campsite View of Purgatoire River Valley Picket Wire Corrals - On route to Withers Canyon Trailhead

County Rt. 25 Homestead ruins along County Rt. 802 Vogel Canyon Picnic Area View of the area Vogel Canyon as seen from the picnic area Prairie Trail

Moving cattle down a dusty road Abandoned farm on County Rt. 18 Artful mural on Campo Cafe wall in Camp, CO Another artful display on the Campo Cafe window What an abandoned town looks like - not one store in business In the middle of nowhere, nothing around, abandoned building, store maybe?

Coronado National Forest - Arizona

Big, old Saguaro in the Saguaro National Park Typical desert dry wash Balancing act along Catalina Scenic Byway Decorative roadside memorial found in the southwest View from Bog Springs campground Snow-capped Huachuca Mountains Entrance to Reef Townsite campground Wheelchair friendly access to camp sites - Lakeview campground Parker Canyon Lake at Lakeview campground Bear-proof food container on site at Rustler Park campground Site at Rustler Park campground Blooming Prickly-Pear cactus Saguaro with buds Rose Canyon campground Stone vault Campsite Rose Canyon Lake

A resident lizard at the Peppersauce campground Site at Peppersauce campground with large Sycamore tree Arizona Trail head on Forest Rt. 38, 5 miles from Peppersauce campground View from near camp site 28 in Riggs Flat campground Through a video, see the six campgrounds on Mt. Graham near Safford, AZ Camp site in Noon Creek campground Rumex growing along Marijilda Creek in Shannon campground Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) constructed bridge (1930s) at Wet Canyon Camp site at Riggs Flat campground Rucker Forest Camp Rucker Creek - runs alongside campground Campsite View from Forest Rt. 74e (to campground) Another view from Forest Rt. 74e Sunset on cliffs

Croatan National Forest - North Carolina

A walk along Cedar Point Tideland Trail - Cedar Point campground The beginning Oyster shells Tideland marshes A bridge along the trail for views of the tideland marshes A view of the Flanners Beach campground Camp site at Flanners Beach campground Beach on Neuse River at Flanners Beach campground Camp site at Cedar Point campground Atlantic Ocean beach, Emerald Isle, NC - near Cedar Point campground Sunset at boat ramp - Cedar Point campround

Crooked River National Grassland - Oregon

Haystack campground Campsite Water station Grey water dump station View of Jefferson Mtn. Another view of Jefferson Mtn. from boat ramp Foundation of former flush toilets Osprey

Wildflowers Icy irrigation system Smith Rock State Park Campsite at Skull Hollow Camp campground Historic McCoin Orchard Lunch break near McCoin Orchard View of Haystack Butte Animal skeleton along the back road to Haystack CG Rimrock Springs Trail Observation platform Shoot created by volcanic flow Volcanic flow

Curlew National Grassland - Idaho

Curlew campground Author's Golden Retriever resting at edge of Stone Reservoir Campsite with author's RV One of many birds in the grassland Fishing family off dock on Stone Reservoir Campground site Swallow

Goss family cemetary plot - N42 05.708; W112 40.922 Goss children headstone Sagebrush removal chain (over 100 ft. long) - tractors pull it (circa 1960s) Close-up of sagebrush chain (boat anchor and welded railroad rails) Mushrooms growing in the sagebrush

Custer National Forest - Montana and South Dakota

Marker indicating where Custer fell - Little Big Horn Monument Getting water at Parkside campground Flower at Limber Pine campground View from outside of Red Lodge, MT Campsite at Sage Creek campground Flower at Sage Creek campground Alpine flowers near Dry Head Overlook Abandoned X-X Ranch on Pryor Rd. on the way to Sage Creek campground Tenters at Woodbine campground Montana road obstacles Flower at Emerald Lake campground Site at Pine Grove campground Co-author Suzi Dow in snow field - Bearthooth Scenic Byway View from Beartooth Scenic Byway Snowbank - Beartooth Scenic Byway Yellow-bellied Marmot View from Beartooth Scenic Byway - skiiers were present - July 1997 North Loop - Yellowstone National Park

Daniel Boone National Forest - Kentucky

Zilpo campground Cave Run Lake - on way to campground Campsite Beach on Cave Run Lake Boat ramp Canadian Geese

Take a tour of Red River Gorge Koomer Ridge campground Campsites Getting ready for Halloween Walk-in tent site

Campsite at Clear Creek campground Clear Creek Pig Iron Furnace - near Clear Creek campground White Sulphur Horse Camp Campground Horses connected to highline Mouth-to-mouth feeding Horse stalls Rascal, saddled and ready to go

The "Bank" in Salt Lick, Kentucky The Natural Bridge on State Rt. 11 Standing on top of the Natural Bridge on State Rt. 11 Kentucky farm on Forest Rt. 4 Great Meadows campground Rock shelters on State Rt. 1363 View of Great Meadows campground, Raccoon Loop Steps to campsite, Raccoon Loop Abandoned home on Forest Rt. 137

How many license plates does it take to cover this garage? Twin Knobs campground Click here for slide show

Campsite at Barren Fork Horse Camp Bee Rock campground Steps to walk-in campsite, below campsite at top of steps View of Old Sublimity Bridge from campground's North Section Rockcastle River

Rockcastle campground Interior road Pavilion Boat ramp

Holly Bay campground Campsite Laurel River Lake and boat ramp Marina Walk-in campsite Back-in campsite

Davy Crockett National Forest - Texas

click here for a slide show about Ratcliff Lake campground

Deerlodge National Forest - Montana

Typical cattle guard found throughout the west. Rock formation found on State Rt. 2 on the way to Butte, MT Beaverdam campground Upper part of campground Back-in campsite Willows & lodgepole pine surround campground A massive boulder pile in campground

Cable campground Access road to campground Campsite next to North Fork Flint Crk Back-in campsite View of North Fork Flint Crk

Lodgepole campground View of campsite small campsite

Spillway campground Wonder if this chipmonk sees what we see View of East Fork Reservoir Wooded campsite Campsite with a view

Piney campground on Georgetown Lake Sunny, open campsites Campsite with lots of room Relaxing is the theme of the day Boat ramp

Philipsburg Bay Back-in campsite Double-wide campsite in Loop B Unisex, wheelchair friendly vault (toilet)

Delta National Forest - Mississippi

A kid's fishing derby at Blue Lake Cotton fields of the Delta Cotton field Cotton plant Cotton boll Cotton bales Crop duster applying its load on the fields Close-up of the underbelly of a crop duster

Beaver pond on Forest Rt. 706 between campsites #4 and #5 Another pond north of campsite #4 on Forest Rt. 706 Blue Lake at campsite 79a Cypress trees in Barge Lake, next to campsite #77 Mural in Rolling Fork, MS Another mural in Rolling Fork, MS

Deschutes National Forest - Oregon

Take a walk along Metolius River Explore Newberry National Volcanic Monument Forest Rt. 855 on way to East Davis campground View from premium campsite at East Davis campground A campsite at Reservoir campground Campsite at North Davis Creek campground Old growth forest at Trapper Creek campground Odell Lake as seen from boat ramp at Princess Creek campground Premium tent site at Contorta Flat campground Lakeshore campsite at Spring campground Campsite with pole stall at Whitefish Horse Camp Pull-through campsite with a view at Crescent Lake campground Pull-through campsite at Gull Point campground View from campsite at South Twin Lake campground Source of drinking water at Sheep Bridge campground Amphitheater at Crane Prairie campground View from campsite at Crane Prairie campground View of Broken Top Mt. from Forest Rt. 46 (Cascade Lakes Hwy.) View of South 3 Sisters from Lava Lake campground Campsite (w/Pole stalls) at Cultus Corral Horse Camp View from campsite at Little Cultus Lake campground Forest Rt. 4635 to Little Cultus Lake campground Beach at Cultus Lake campground Long pull-through sites at Bull Bend campground View of South Sisters from Osprey Point near Quinn River campground View of Crane Prairie Reservoir from Quinn River campground Campsite at Rock Creek campground View of Suttle Lake from Link Creek campground View from tent site at South Shore campground View from head of Metolius River of Mt. Jefferson Metolius River at Candle Creek campground Metolius River at Lower Bridge campground Pull-through at Pioneer Ford campground Couple enjoying view of Metolius River at Allen Springs campground Multiple, large RVs at Jack Creek campground Spacious parking aprons/campsites at Gorge campground Campsite at Monty campground View of lake from Three Creek Lake campground Tent site at Driftwood campground The girls from Willamette Valley - hiking into Three Sisters Wilderness Horse section at Three Creek Meadow campground Aspen at Cold Springs campground Large corral at Graham Corral campground Lava Camp Lake one of the many little lakes dotting the Forest Photos of Dee Wright Observatory and surrounding lava flows Oregon Observatory at Pine Mountain campground View of South Sisters from Cascades Scenic Hwy. (Forest Rt. 46) Fishing at Little Lava Lake campground View of Little Fawn campground View from campsite at South campground Fall River at Fall River campground Great view of East Lake from Cinder Hill campground Shoreline pull-through at East Lake campground Gorgeous view of Paulina Lake from Paulina Lake campgorund Pull-throughs at Paulina Lake campground Campsite with pole corral at Chief Paulina Horse camp Lakeside pull-through at Little Crater campground

DeSoto National Forest - Mississippi

"Woody Woodpecker" A long leaf forest, courtesy of U.S. Forest Service Forester, David Berens and co-author, Suzi Dow at Wash day for the Dows in Brooklyn, Mississippi Cypress Creek Landing campground Campsite Golden Silk spider, a.k.a. Banana spider Magnolia fruit cluster Walk-in tent site - see the butterflies? Black Creek at campground Anothr shot of Black Creek, courtesy of Tony Rivers, U.S. Forest Service Another view of the Banana spider with smaller male nearby

Turkey Fork campground Walk-in tent site Boat ramp Swim beach Campsite for RV or tent

Click here for slide show of Big Biloxi campground and day trip to Gulf coast

Dixie National Forest - Utah

Take a scenic 4wd in Red Canyon Split aprons at Cedar Canyon campground Camp site at Duck Creek campground Stone vault (CCC-built 1930s) - Spruces campground Pine Valley Reservoir with wheelchair friendly pier Trail head to Pine Mountain Wilderness at Pine Valley Equestrain campground Honeycomb Rocks campground Camp sites Cliff Swallow's nests Authors' rig at camp site - Red Canyon campground Tunnel on State Rt. 12 in Red Canyon near Red Canyon campground Rock formation near Kings Creek campground View for Pine Lake campground Pine Valley Recreation Area - pictures courtesy of Al Florida Campsite at Ebenezer Bryce campground Tent camper at Ebenezer Bryce campground Crackfoot campground Entrance Walk-in tent site Campsite View from campsite

Fishing at Pine Valley Reservoir Typical campsite cement "pad" with picnic table, grille and tent pad behind it.

View of trail/ridge along the Buckhorn Trail above Red Canyon campground Arches Trail near Red Canyon campground Posey Lake at Posey Lake campground Camp site at Barker campground Cooling off at Singletree Falls - Singletree campground Authors' rig at Singletree campground

Bryce Canyon National Park Navajo Trail Chipmunk eating a Primrose Clark's Nutcracker View from Queen's Garden Trail Another view from Queen's Garden Trail Natural Bridge

Petrified wood at Escalante State Park View at Cedar Breaks National Monument

Capitol Reef National Park Navajo Dome Cathedral Valley Drive Remains of well drill Bentonite hills More Bentonite hills View of Cathedral Valley Glass (gypsum) Mountain Close-up of Glass Mountain

Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument - Natural bridge

Zion National Park Scotty dog riding through the Park Upper Emerald Pool - Emerald Pool Trail Kolob Canyon Scenic Drive

Eldorado National Forest - California

Silver Lake campground Pond in campground Hike to Shealor Lake Woods Lake at Woods Lake campground View of 2 Sentinals from Kirkwood Lake campground View of Loon Lake from Northshore RV campground Community bear-proof container at Loon Lake campground RV only section at Loon Lake campground Camp site at Airport Flat campground Big beach at Fashoda Beach campground Union Valley Bike Trail at Jones Fork campground View of Jones Fork campground Camp site at Wench Creek campground View of Union Valley Reservoir Camino Cove campground Camp site View from campground Waterplay at the camp sites Boat ramp at Yellow Jacket campground Boat ramp for non-motorized boats at Wrights Lake campground Camp site at Wrights Lake campground Camp site at Lover's Leap campground A smile across from entrance to Sunset campground Relaxing at Wench Creek campground Camp site at Sand Flat campground Camp site at Ice House campground View of Hell Hole reservoir Camp site at Hell Hole campground Camp site at Big Meadows campground

El Yunque National Forest - Puerto Rico

Scenery and vegetation found along PR State Rt. 191 in the Forest A bee warning sign - never seen that before Yuguiyu Food concession found in Forest on PR St. Rt. 191 Molindero campsite in a bamboo forest (N18 17.757, W65 47.328) Dos Quebradas in the vestiges of a developed campsite - (N18 17.972, W65 47.096) El Pabellon campsite in the ruins of a restaurant (N18 18.096, W65 47.006 El Portal Visitor Center slideshow Yakahu Tower View of Tower View of Atlantic coast from Tower Green lizard on Tower wall Storm rolling in

Slide show of some colorful plants found in the Forest

La Mina Trail (and waterfall) Stairs to picnic pavillion. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)-built? La Mina River flowing along the trail La Mina Falls and wadders at end of trail

Historic Bano Grande Pond - built by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1930s Pond and bridge Water fountain and bench Bathhouse ruins

Finger Lakes National Forest - New York

Watkins Glen State Park, Watkins Glen, NY One of the 21 vineyards near the Finger Lakes National Forest

Fishlake National Forest - Utah

Camp site at Doctor Creek campground Camp site at Mackinaw campground CCC built toilet at Mackinaw campground View of Johnson Valley Reservoir across from Piute campground Castle Rock campground Rock art at Fremont State Park View from campground Remains of miner's shack found on the Gold Bullion Canyon Tour Camp site at Little Cottonwood campground Forest Service cleaning up downed trees near Kents Lake campground CCC-built stone pavilion at Kents Lake campground CCC-built pavilion at Oak Creek campground View of road near Oak Creek campground Maple Grove campground sign at Maple Grove campground View from Maple Grove campground

Flathead National Forest - Montana

View of Holland Lake - Holland Lake campground Boat ramp at Holland Lake campground View of Mission Mtn. leaving Holland Lake campground Beach at Tally Lake campground Campers at Swan Lake campground

Glacier National Park View from Going-to-the-Sun Road Tunnel on Going-to-the-Sun Road Snowbank in July View from St. Mary's Falls

Site at Big Creek campground Site overlooking Hungry Horse Reservoir - Emery Bay campground Another site at Emery Bay campground Mule deer near Spotted Bear campground Environmental Education Center on Big Mountain Stuffed beaver Wildlife display A Fisher Fort Pierre National Grassland - South Dakota Richland Dam Dispersed campsite Richland Dam Lake Wildlife protected area seen from the dam Sunrise

Sheriff Dam Dispersed campsite Field of sunflowers Big sunflower Hawk Quail Sheriff Dam Lake

Cattle guard across Forest Rt. 210 - access road to Monument Dam Dispersed campsite at Monument Dam Abandoned schoolhouse, Cty. Rt. 21 - GPS Coord: N44 11.687, W100 13.349 Deer found in the grassland Co-author, Fred, surrounded by grass Heron representing some of the wildlife found in the grassland

Francis Marion National Forest - South Carolina

Living Oak in McClellanville, SC Intracoastal Waterway - adjacent to Buck Hall campground Circular Church in Charleston, SC Shrimp boats in harbor at McClellanville, SC St. James, Santee, Episcopal Parish - 1768 Interior of St. James, Santee, Episcopal Parish View of Buck Hall campground

Fremont National Forest - Oregon

Campsite at Thompson Reservoir campground Rainy day at Thompson Reservoir campground Boat ramp camping at Eastbay campground Campsite at Eastbay campground Rainbow - viewed in the Oregon Outback from Forest Rt. 28. Typical view of the Oregon Outback Cowboy Dinner Tree restaurant - an excellent place for a cook's night out Inside Cowboy Dinner Tree restaurant - Silver Lake, OR Silver Creek Marsh campground Neighbors Campsite Corral with horses ready to hit the trail Deadhorse Lake campground Typical cattle guard on Forest Rt. 33 Campsite Deadhorse Lake View from Forest Rt. 28 - Deadhorse and Campbell Lake campgrounds View of Chewaucan River from Marster Spring campground Oregon Outback Scenic Byway (State Rt. 31) - runs the length of the Forest View of lake from Dog Lake campground Boat ramp at Dog Lake campground Ranger District Office - Bly, OR (built by the Civilian Conservation Corps) Fishing pier as viewed from Lofton Reservoir campground Campsite at Lofton Reservoir campground

Gallatin National Forest - Montana

View of West Boulder campground Log cabin on West Boulder Rd. near West Boulder campground Campers at Hick's Park campground Boulder River between Hick's Park campground and Big Timber, Montana Flower near Natural Bridge on Boulder River Town of Silvergate near Colter campground Baker's Hole campground Large RV in pull-through campsite Tent site Fishing Madison River Big rigs are welcome Camp site

Beaver Creek campground and Earthquake Lake View of Earthquake Lake from campground Wild Astors at campground Wyoming Paint Brush at campground Osprey in its nest at Earthquake Lake Mountains surrounding Earthquake Lake Click here for a video of Beaver Creek campground and Earthquake Lake

Cabin Creek campground View from campground Campsite Wildflowers

Rainbow Point campground Grayling Arm of Hebgen Reservoir across from campground Another view of Grayling Arm Hebgen Reservoir Boat moored at Hebgen Reservoir Fly fishing

Fall colors in Spire Rock campground View leaving Spire Rock campground Eagle Creek campground Campsites View of campground - Mammoth Hot Springs in background (upper left) Corral Elk bed down next to campground View of Electric Mountain

Entrance to Canyon campground Campsite at Canyon campground Devil's Backbone Yellowstone River from Gardiner, MT North Loop slide show - Yellowstone National Park South Loop slide show - Yellowstone National Park Rafters on Gallatin River Another shot of rafters on Gallatin River

George Washington National Forest - Virginia and West Virginia

State Rt. 678 (Fort Valley Rd.) Camp Roosevelt - birthplace of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) - circa 1933 Elizabeth Furnace campground Tent campers Back-in campsite Historic cabin

View a slide show of Bolar Lake Recreation Area and the 2,530-acre Lake Moomaw Trout Pond campground Beach Great sign, don't you think Trout Pond

Campsite at Sherando Lake Recreation Area (courtesy of Forest Service). Blowing Springs campground All grass campsite - lower section View of upper section

Stay at Hidden Valley campground and take in Warwick Mansion, Hot Springs, VA and area

Gifford Pinchot National Forest - Washington

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument See near-live video cam Still smoldering volcano from Windy Ridge viewpoint Stairs to top of Windy Ridge Blast edge - lateral shot from side of mountain View of "Two" forests at Miners Cart

Interior view of Adams Fork campground Beach swim area - Walupt Lake campground View photographs of Mt. Rainier A shady campsite at Big Creek campground Campsite at La Wis Wis campground Views of Mount Adams From Keenes Horse Camp From Takhlakh Lake campground From Mt. Adams Horse Camp

Double site at Iron Creek campground Old amphitheater at Iron Creek campground Historic North Fork Guard Station Campsite at North Fork Forest Camp campground Campers at Blue Lake Creek campground Tenter at Takhlakh Lake campground Horseshoe Lake from Horseshoe Lake campground Stock water at Keenes Horse Camp Lower Falls at Lower Falls Recreation Area Pull-through at Lower Falls Recreation Area Campsite at Kalama Horse Camp Sunset campground Sunset Falls Pull-throughs Tent site

Peterson Prairie campground Natural bridge near campground Ice stalactite in Ice Cave near campground Ice cave entrance Campsite Hand carved post at a campsite

Campsite at Goose Lake campground Campsite at Forlorn Lakes campground A campsite at Trout Lake Creek campground Native Americans peeled some Cedar trees to make baskets, clothes, etc. Langfield Falls Hand Shake Trail #27 Welcome to Cultus Creek Forest Camp Campsite at Cultus Creek Forest Camp Interior of Panther Creek campground Campsite at Oklahoma campground

Gila National Forest - New Mexico

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument near Scorpion campground Slide show of the dwellings and views of Gila Wilderness

Scorpion campground a short distance from Gila Cliff Dwellings NM Pictograph Open area where RVs can park Campsite

View Quemado Lake and its three campgrounds - El Caso, Juniper and Pinon View of Gila Wilderness from Senate Anderson Overlook Co-author, Suzi Dow, interviewing Forest Service employee, Tory Gilbert Dipping Vat campground Slide show of Dipping Vat campground

Apache Creek campground Campsite Another campsite, more secluded from the others Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) ruins More CCC ruins

Pueblo Park campground Trail to the Past trailhead Campsite 515 Trailhead #515 horse holding area

View of Mogollon Mountains & Gila Wilderness from Aldo Leopold Vista Picnic Area, U.S. Rt. 180, GPS coord. N33 11.018, W108 49.743

Catwalk National Recreation Trail, GPS Coord. N33 22.507, W108 50.247 Mesa campground Pull-through on right, back-in on left View from Purgatory Chasm Trail

Iron Creek campground State Rt. 152 to campground Campsite

Upper End campground Campsite Another campsite Stonework Lake Roberts during dam re-consruction Dock One of many pictographs found in Spirit Canyon

Grand Mesa National Forest - Colorado

Wildflowers along access road to Cottonwood campground View of Cottonwood campground Wildflowers in Cottonwood campground Camp site at Big Creek campground Eggleston Lake at Crag Crest campground View of Ward Lake adjacent to Ward Lake campground Camp site at Ward Lake campground Camp site at Little Bear campground Access road to Island Lake campground Fish cleaning station at Island Lake campground View from camping site at Island Lake campground View of Pinon pine and Grand Valley from Lands End Road Erosion in valley as seen from Lands End Road

Lands End Observatory/Visitor Center - built by WPA 1936/1937 Observatory/Visitor Center Bathroom facility Fairy Trumpet wildflower Lupine wildflower

One preserved building in the historic Rayburn Cow Camp Columbine wildflower on the road near the Rayburn Cow Camp Pull-through at Spruce Grove campground West Bench Trail Head at Jumbo campground

Grand River National Grassland - South Dakota

Shadehill Reservoir Pasture 8 - route to Shadehill Reservoir Arriving at Shadehill Reservoir Shadehill Reservoir Dispersed site

Site 8 on Grand River Scenic Route - wild turkeys are often seen here Forest Rt. 5622 on Grand River Scenic Route Blacktail Trailhead Route 9 - waves like ribbon candy

Green Mountain National Forest - Vermont

Wildflowers at CCC Camp F4-VT along State Rt. 73 - Day trip from Chittenden Brook CG Speed limit sign remaining from CCC Camp (circa 1936) Moosalamoo campground Grassy campsite Voterbrook Overlook - Champlain Valley

One of several cemetaries found in the Forest Hapgood Pond campground - slide show Classic view - lots and lots of green Greendale campground Campsite Day trip through tunnel of green on Forest Rt. 18 Little house, big chimney in Weston, VT Typical home and barn combination found throughout Vermont - this one in Weston

Big Branch River in the White Rocks NRA - north of Hapgood Pond campground off Forest Rt. 10 Long Trail trailhead - off State Rt. 73 between Rochester and Moosalamoo campground

Gunnison National Forest - Colorado

Camping site at Erikson Springs campground View from entrance to Lost Lake campground Camping site at Lost Lake campground View of Soap Creek campground Black Canyon overlook near visitor center Painted wall in Black Canyon County Rt. 888 access road to Snowblind campground View from Forest Rt. 765 toward Mirror Lake campground Tin Cup, CO - on the way to Mirror Lake campground One and only store One of several very old homes Dirt bikers at Timberline Trail Head near Mirror Lake campground Bird house on vault at Dinner Station campground Threaded hand pump at Dinner Station campground - VERY unusual Camping site on Spring Creek Reservoir - Mosca campground Abandoned cabin, Forest Rt. 744 and Spring Creek - Mosca campground View from entrance to North Bank campground Hummingbird at Onemile campground Post Office in Pitkin, CO Wheelchair friendly picnic table at Pitkin campground Access road to Big Blue campground Campers at Big Blue campground View from Big Blue campground Camping site at Lake Irwin campground View from Lake Irwin campground Anglers with boat on the Gunnison River near Almont campground Authors' camping site at the 11,200 ft. Slumgullion campground

Helena National Forest - Montana

Aspens at Aspen Grove campground Site at Copper Creek campground Snowbank Lake residents at Copper Creek campground Little Blackfoot River near Aspen Grove campground Site at Vigilante campground Site at Skidway campground Site at Kading campground Site at Park Lake campground Park Lake at Park Lake camground Not all forest creatures are cute Ranch on Forest Rt. 4009 on way to Park Lake campground

Hiawatha National Forest - Michigan

Lake Superior on a stormy day Echo Lake - taken from hike on Grand Island Grand Island ferry Sunset from Bay Furnace campground Point Iroquois Lighthouse (Lake Superior) - near Brimley, MI Endless road

Holly Springs National Forest - Mississippi

See a slide show of pictures of Chewalla Lake and Puskus Lake campgrounds

Homochitto National Forest - Mississippi

View from campsite at Clear Springs campground Water and electric hookups at Clear Springs campground Holmes family - proprietors of Brushy Creek Guest Ranch Mountain bike shower - Clear Springs Trail, Clear Spings campground CCC pavilion at Clear Springs campground

Hoosier National Forest - Indiana

Tipsaw Lake beach at Tipsaw Lake campground. Wheelchair friendly at Tipsaw Lake beach, Tipsaw Lake campground. High and dry stern wheeler on Ohio River near Cannelton, IN Terraced site in the Celina Lake campground.

Humboldt National Forest - Nevada

Camp site at Big Bend campground Pull-through camp site at Wildhorse Crossing campground Another camp site at Wildhorse Crossing campground Road to Big Bend campground Angel Lake campground View of Greys Peak Clover Valley Angel Lake View from road to campground Good privacy at Angel Creek campground South Ruby campground View of National Wildlife Refuge View of Ruby Mountains and valley View from road to campground Rain moving into Lamoille Canyon Thomas Canyon campground Camp site View from Thomas Canyon Another view from Thomas Canyon Abandoned "inn" in Paradise, NV View from Hinkey Summit Camp site at Lye Canyon campground Road to Lye Canyon campground Camp site at Ward Mountain campground RV camp sites at Ward Mountain campground Mural in Ely, NV

Huron National Forest - Michigan

Sunset reflected in the Au Sable River Pine tree plantation at the South Branch Trail Camp View of Rollways campground. Canoe trip on the Au Sable River Au Sable River from the canoe

Inyo National Forest - California

3 years after Manter wildfire Camp site at Trailhead campground View of Lone Pine campground View from Onion Valley campground View from Upper Grays Meadow campground Road to Cottonwood Pass campground Departing from Oak Creek campground View from Oak Creek campground Road to Big Pine Creek Canyon's campgrounds Palisades Glacier viewed from Big Pine Creek campground View from 4 Jeffrey campground Another view from 4 Jeffrey campground Quiet part of North Fork Bishop Creek at Sabrina campground Camp site at Sabrina campground View from Bishop Park campground Waiting for night sky at Grandview campground

Bristlecone Pine Forest - Discovery Trail Clump of flowers in dolomite soil Part living, part dead survival technique of Bristlecone pine Twists and turns of the Bristlecone Part of trail to the "ancient ones"

A view from Mosquito Flat Trailhead campground Walk-in camp site at Rock Creek Lake campground View of and from Iris Meadow campground Camp site (with ramada) at McGee Creek campground Access road to Convict Lake campground View of Convict Lake campground View of Convict Lake and Laurel Mountain at Convict Lake campground

Yosemite National Park View from State Rt. 120, access road to the Park A view seen from within the Park Columbine wildflower Paintbrush and Penstorm wildflowers

View from Tioga Lake campground Ellery Lake at Ellery Lake campground View from Saddlebag Lake campground - Hoover Wilderness in background View of camp site and background at Sawmill Walk-in campground Hot spring shower stalls at Reds Meadow campground View of Minaret Falls campground View of Silver Lake campground Guided talk at South Tufa - Mono Lake Beach at Oh! Ridge campground

Devils Postpile National Monument Postpile Postpile frozen in movement

Jefferson National Forest - Virginia

State Rt. 311 in the fall Raccoon Branch campground Fall colors Example of "V" shaped parking apron A sweet little campground with WiFi

Author's RV at Grindstone campground Church on State Rt. 619 View slideshow of Beartree campground Community Church - Laurel Valley, VA Chief Benge's Scout Trail at High Knob campground Campsites at Cane Patch campground Access for taking shower at Cane Patch campground Civilian Conservation Corps stonework at Cave Springs campground Lots of parking space for RV at Stony Fork campground Campsite at White Cedar Horse Camp (Courtesy of Jefferson National Forest) A very cold vault - White Cedar Hrse Cmp (Courtesy Jefferson National Forest) Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area Typical Virginia country scene on State Rt. 16 Abandoned cabin found along State Rt. 16 Grindstone campground Authors' rig Wading pool Mr. & Ms. Horton with co-author, Suzi Amphitheatre Playground

Interior of Raccoon Branch campground Hurricane campground Entrance to campground Hurricane Branch Walk-in tent site alongside creek Campsite for tent or RV

Wildflowers give contrast to abandoned cabin The manicured Collins Cove Horse Camp Fox Creek campground Campsites at front of campground along State Rt. 600 High line One of a few places along Fox Creek for watering horses More campsites above and across Fox Creek Ready for a ride

Butterfly feeding off some wildflowers Laurel Valley Church

Kaibab National Forest - Arizona

View of White Horse Lake - White Horse Lake campground Site at White Horse Lake campground Herd of sheep along access road to White Horse Lake campground Aspen-lined access road into Dogtown Lake campground Wheelchair friendly fishing pier at Kaibab Lake campground Ten-X campground Parallel type pull through campsite Paintbrush Tent site Penstemon plant and Ponderosa pine Pinyon Pine

Water shortage common in northern Arizona - Ten-X campground Jacob Lake Ranger Station (circa 1910) - Jacob Lake campground A view of Jacob Lake campground Trail building on Trails Day June 2009 at Jacob Lake campground Grand Canyon National Park Click here for slide show

Scene from Le Fevre Overlook, US Rt. 89A

Kaniksu National Forest - Idaho

Beach on Lake Pend Oreille at Sam Owen campground Deer at Sam Owen campground Site at Copper Creek campground Copper Creek Falls near Copper Creek campground Shelf fungi on Alder tree - Copper Creek trail Horseshoe crab shaped mushroom on Copper Creek trail Water, Woods and Wildlife Interpretive Trail - Robinson Lake campground Bunchberries found on Water, Woods and Wildlife Trail Robinson Lake at Robinson Lake campground Site at Beaver Creek campground Chimney of old Ranger Station - Beaver Creek campground Entrance to Priest Lake swimming beach at Beaver Creek campground Boater on Priest Lake at Luby Bay campground Site at Luby Bay campground Kalispell Boat Ramp near Luby Bay campground

Kiowa National Grassland - New Mexico

Abandoned stores in Roy, NM near Mills Rim campground Auto store Movie theatre

Mills Rim campground and Mills Canyon Mills Canyon Rd. - access to Kiowa NG and campground Entrance into Kiowa NG Campsite Take a trip into Mills Canyon

Join the authors search for the Santa Fe Trail

Kisatchie National Forest - Louisiana

Kincaid Lake beach at Kincaid campground Camping in the winter at the Kisatchie Bayou campground Slave quarters - Magnolia Plantation - near Derry, LA on State Rt. 119 Inside St. Augustine Church, near Montrose, LA - State Rt. 484 - circ 1803 Tomb in cemetary - rear of St. Augustine Church Saline Bayou on a rainy day - adjacent to Cloud Crossing campground Frosty leaves Beaver Dam campground: Walking bridge Campsite overlooking Upper Caney Lake Sunrise - Upper Caney Lake Swim area - Lower Caney Lake

Klamath National Forest - California

Nordheimer Flat campground View of Salmon River from access route Campsite Another view of Salmon River Unknown flower along access route

Campsite at Dillon Creek campground Mini-beach on Klamath River at Curly Jack campground Author's rig in pull-through at Curly Jack campground Grider Creek campground Grider Creek at campground Corral Campsite with Grider Creek in background Piece of Pacific Crest Trail View of Klamath River from campsite at Tree of Heaven campground Campsite at Indian Scotty campground View of Mt. Shasta on the way to Indian Scotty campground Juanita Lake, Jaunita Lake campground Family fishing at Juanita Lake campground Campsite at Shafter campground Mid-June snowstorm at Kangaroo Lake campground Kangaroo Lake - same snowstorm, Kangaroo Lake campground Old Callahan Ranch Hotel, Callahan, CA Local resident - access route to Trail Creek campground Monarch of Trail Creek campground - Ponderosa pine View of South Fork Salmon River Matthews Creek campground The white-knuckle road along Salmon River waaaay below. Rafters on Salmon River

Kootenai National Forest - Montana

Double RV site at Bull River campground Dock at Bad Medicine campground Ross Creek Nature Trail - near Bad Medicine campground Site at Pete Creek campground View of Whitetail campground Indian Pipe fungus Boats tied up near site at McGregor Lake campground Access road to Howard Lake campground - Cabinet Mountain Wilderness Koocanusa Reservoir Libby Dam - Koocanusa Reservoir Swimming beach at McGillivray campground Hoodoo near Rexford Bench campground Big sites at Rexford Bench campground Swimming beach at North Dickey Lake campground Western Tanager at North Dickey Lake campground Big Therriault Lake campground Access road (Forest Rt. 7116) to campground Wildflowers along Big Therriault Lake trail Meadow alongside Big Therriault Lake Trail Subalpines along Big Therriault Lake shoreline

Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit - California and Nevada

BIG, sandy beach at Nevada Beach campground View from Nevada Beach campground View of Emerald Bay (Lake Tahoe) from Inspiration Point Camp site at Meeks Bay campground Camp site at Fallen Leaf campground Possible day trip on the Dixie II Beach at William Kent campground

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area - Kentucky and Tennessee

Red Tail Hawk - resident of Woodlands Nature Station Barn owl at Woodlands Nature Station Camp site at Energy Lake campground Hillman Ferry campground Tent site A shady lane A full hook-up section of campground Lakefront site Open air bathroom Fishing pier at Piney campground Dogwood Loop - Piney campground View of Bard and Barkley Lakes from Gatlin Point campground Local resident - Bison Another local resident - Elk Camp site at Taylor Bay campground View from Rushing Creek campground Mushroom at Redd Hollow campground Area C at Wranglers campground View of Lake Barkley from Nickell Branch campground Camp sites overlooking Lake Barkely from Cravens Bay campground Lakeside camp sites (Lake Barkely) at Cravens Bay campground View of some camp sites at Birmingham Ferry campground

Lassen National Forest - California

Campsite next to Butte Creek - Cherry Hill campground Bridge across Butte Creek to walk-in sites - Cherry Hill campground Domingo Springs campground Campsite Domingo Springs Sweet cold water from Domingo Springs Flowers found at some campgrounds Bog Saxifrage Wild Bleeding Heart Unknown - plant found under a few inches of clear spring water Field of flowers - Domingo Springs campground Scenes at Drakesbad Guest Ranch in Lassen Volcanic National Park View of Lassen Peak in route to the Ranch View from Lodge A Lodge horse waiting for its next rider Feather River section of High Bridge campground Fishing in Elam Creek next to Elam campground View from campsite at Soldier Meadows campground Almanor campground Significant RV leveling reqired on many parking aprons Beach area Small meadows abound in campground Three-room tent Lupin at Eagle campground

Lassen Volcanic National Park Steaming fumarale at Sulphur Works Bubbling mudpot at Sulphur Works Sun Dog (ring around the sun) Lassen Peak View south from State Rt. 89 Another view from State Rt. 89 - and this is July Spring melt in early summer "Puzzle" Basalt rock along interpretive trail in "devasted area" Lassen Peak from the "devasted area"

Pull-through at Christie campground 6-mile paved Eagle Lake Recreation Trail Gallatin Beach on Eagle Lake Aspen campground - all walk-in tent sites Shadows and quiet - Roxie Peconom campground Susan River at Rocky Knoll campground Campsite at Rocky Knoll campground Silver Lake Campsite at Crater Lake campground Wheelchair friendly fishing pier on Hat Creek at Cave campground Camper-made improvement at Bridge campground Tent camping at Big Pine campground Hat Creek at Hat Creek campground Hat Creek at Cave campground

Lewis & Clark National Forest - Montana

Firewood blossom at Summit campground Cabin near Cave Mountain campground View of Rocky Mountain Front Range at Cave Mountain campground Walk-in at Thain Creek campground Harvest time near Thain Creek campground Still a John Deere tractor Site at Benchmark campground Horse loop at Benchmark campground Just a few trails from Benchmark campground Boat launch, Mortimer Gulch campground - 4 X 4 or mules recommended Homestead on way to Dry Wolf campground Site at Dry Wolf campground Brightly colored beetle at Dry Creek Ranger Station Tory-approved wading area at Logging Creek campground Crystal Lake at Crystal Lake campground The still active Porphyry Lookout Tower near Kings Hill campground Bookstore in White Sulphur Springs, MT Bair Family Museum near Spring Creek campground

Lincoln National Forest - New Mexico

White Sands National Monument Claret Cup Cactus Claret Cup Cactus The gypsum dunes

Campsite at Sleepy Grass campground View of Sierra Blanca from US Rt. 70 Walk-in tent site at South Fork campground Mule Deer at South Fork campground Wild Iris at the Skyline campground Walk-in tent site at Skyline campground View of Tularosa Valley View of White Mountain Wilderness and trail head at Three Rivers campground Pull-through camping site and ramada at Three Rivers campground Three Rivers Petroglyph Site near Three Rivers campground Big Horn sheep Scorpion

Album of views from Grand View Trail near Cloudcroft, NM Campsite at Apache Campground View of campsite at Saddle campground One of the campsites at Silver campground Fall colors Views at Pines campground Checkerspot butterfly interpretive sign Protected meadow for the Checkerspot butterfly Campsite

View from U.S. Rt. 82 of historic trestle at Mexican Canyon Vacuum Tower at Nat'l Solar Observatory, Sunspot, NM Deerhead campground View of campground from State Rt. 130 Partial view of campground layout Lots of room to pitch a tent

Thistle plant

Little Missouri National Grassland - North Dakota

Sather Lake campground View from campsite Fishing pier View of Bass Lake loop across lake

State Rt. 68 State Rt. 85 through the North Dakota Badlands Badlands strata Magpie Camp Access road to campground Campsite View from campground Another view from campground

Driving down into the Dakota Badlands Fanciful formation in the Badlands Active oil well typical scene throughout the Badlands Post office in Grassy Butte Bennett Camp Storm clouds over campground Nature's sculpture Petrified wood Another example of petrified wood

CCC campground Hitching rails Campsite View from campground Author's campsite View from campground of Badlands Morning at the campground

Views from Maah Daah Hey Trail out of CCC campground Trail sign found throughout the Maah Daah Trail system Coneflower Unknown flower Little Missouri River Shrubby Cinquefoil plant Woods Rose Thistle plant Clover

Buffalo Gap campground View of and from campground Looking down on campground Prairie Dog Town as seen from campground Spacious, private campsite Any size RV Wild plums

Coal Vien campground Access road Another view of access road Campsite View from campsite

Stormy sky over access road to Wannagan campground view of Wannagan campground Badlands topography as seen from Elkhorn Camp Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit View from Skyline Vista Prairie Dog profile Prairie Dog on the lookout The rugged Badlands Buffalo - Park icon Peaceful Valley Ranch - on the National Register of Historic Places Ranch House Cabin Rain Pillars

North Unit Another view of the Badlands Cannonball concretions Cannonballs hanging on to a wall

Lolo National Forest - Montana

View from access road leading to Bitterroot Flat campground talus slope near Bitterroot Flat campground Narrow access road along Rock Creek to Bitterroot Flat campground Site at Harry's Flat campground "Private Ditch" sign at Norton campground View of Norton campground View of Cabin City campground Seeley Lake campground Author's travel trailer Swimming beach Campsite parking apron

Savenac Historic Tree Nursery - near Cabin City campground Administration/visitor center building Yellowstone bridge Field previously used to grow trees Garage and barracks

View of Clark Fork from campsite at Sloway campground RV and equestrian loop at Sloway campground Quartz Flat campground View of campground Tunnel access from I-90 rest area to Loops A and C Still another shot of tunnel with semi-truck passing ovehead on I-90

Campsite at Lake Alva campground Beach at Lake Alva campground Double campsite at River Point campground Fall ground cover at River Point campground Basic ampitheater at Big Larch campground Terraced beach - Big Larch campground

Los Padres National Forest - California

Palo Colorado Rd. - on the way to Bottchers Gap Campground Our RV with a view - Kirk Creek campground Site at Plaskett Creek campground Entrance to Ponderosa campground View from Nacimiento Rd. near Kirk Creek campground View of Pacific Ocean from Naciniento Rd. near Kirk Creek campground Trail to beach at Kirk Creek campground Beach near Kirk Creek campground Tent site at Kirk Creek campground Site at Figueroa campground Typical topography Lunch break View from access road to La Panza campground ORV trail off access road to La Panza campground Rock House (built early 1900s by Boy Scouts) - Wheeler Gorge campground View from State Rt. 33 Equestrian loop at Upper Oso campground Live Oaks at Los Prietos campground Big pines at Camp-O-Alto campground A view of Chula Vista campground Exploration trail at McGill campground Camp site at McGill campground Silt from flooding buries picnic table at Ozena campground View of camp site at Reyes Creek campground Vault at Halfmoon campground Camp site at Chuchupate campground Vineyard on the way the to Arroyo Seco campground Swimming hole at Arroyo Seco campground Camp site at Arroyo Seco campground

Lyndon B. Johnson National Grassland - Texas

Tadra Point campground - an equestrian camper's delight Campsite High-line at campsite Windmill-driven stock water source Ride for the Cure - 1 Ride for the Cure - 2

Walk-in campsite at Black Creek campground Bridge to walk-in campsites at Black Creek campground Historic Petrified Wood Station in Decatur, TX Gas station (closed) Motel (closed) Cafe (open for business) See for more information

Malheur National Forest - Oregon

Middle Fork campground Campsite Middle Fork John Day River Wildflowers and distant vault Mariposa Tulip, a.k.a. White Tulip

River restoration project along Middle Fork John Day River Campsite at Dixie campground Strawberry Lake hike Destination of Forest's most popular hike - Strawberry Lake Viewed from trail through Aspen Lunch break

Magone Lake at Magone Lake campground Campsite at Parish Cabin campground View along Forest Rt. 16 Close-up of yellow flowers found along Forest Rt. 16 View of Big Creek campground Recovery from a wildfire is slow Old Turner Cabin with outhouse - Yellowjacket campground Corral at Joaquin Miller campground Picnic Pavillion at Idlewild campground

Manistee National Forest - Michigan

A hand pump, often the only water source in National Forest campgrounds Campers from Camp Leelanau continue their canoe trip down Pine River. Beach at Sand Lake campground Wood Lilly in Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness (Lake Michigan campground) Flower growing out of sand in Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness

Manti-LaSal National Forest - Utah

Access route to Maple Canyon campground Climber on the conglomerate rock at Maple Canyon campground Fall colors on the way to Twelve Mile campground No shade in the Gooseberry Reservoir campground Shepherd and horse herding sheep Stewart Ranger Station (1930) - now a visitor center Access road to Joe's Valley campground View from camping site of Joe's Valley Reservoir - Joe's Valley campground Fish cleaning station at Joe's Valley campground

Arches National Park Park Avenue North and South Window Arches Cryptobiotic soil crust View of the LaSal Mountains Ranger-led hike through Fiery Furnace

Canyonlands National Park View along Grand Point Trail Upheavel Dome Mesa Arch

Camping site at Dalton Springs campground Camping site at Buckboard campground Petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock near Buckboard campground Church Rock as viewed from US Rt. 91 Devil's Canyon campground Roomy back-in campsite Hand-carved site marker in Loop A Pull-through Campsite amenities in Loop A Forest and Man Trail sign

Dry Wash Ruins (700 years old) near Nizhoni campground Distant view Grain storehouse

Mark Twain National Forest - Missouri

An overview of Mark Twain National Forest Float Camp campground Campsite with electric hookup Beach on Current River Tent camper Covered picnic table (ramada) Take a walk through Loggers Lake campground Wild Boar Ridge campground Campsite Double campsite Walk-in campsite Tent campers Lakeside fishing pier Trail to lake thru hardwood forest

Red Bluff campground, diverse and best illustrated by this slideshow Sutton Bluff campground Pull-through campsite Tent campers

See slide show of Paddy Creek campground Firehouse in Centerville, MO. Mill stone at Marble Creek campground. View slide show of Markham Springs campground Route E roller coaster. Silver Mines dam. See this slide show of the very green Lane Spring campground

McClellan Creek National Grassland

Lake McClellan campground View of back-in campsite Parking lot style campsites Dispersed campsites at front section of campground View of Lake McClellan from campground Another view from campground

Medicine Bow National Forest - Wyoming

Which road to Friend Park campground? Either one. Old corral on the way (Forest Rt. 671) to Friend Park campground Sign post on County Rt. 5 Unique hand pump at Rob Roy campground Fishing at dock in Rob Roy campground Site at Lake Owen campground Pack dog at Pelton Creek campground Vedauwoo campground See this campground with fanciful boulders and moose walking through it. Site 16 Pull-through site One of many strangely shaped boulders Take a scenic drive from campground through the Pole Mountain area While at the campground try the Turtle Rock Trail

Site at Tie City campground Author's site at Nash Fork campground Another site at Nash Fork campground Site overlooking Brooklyn Lake at Brooklyn Lake campground Vista from the Sugarloaf Recreation Area Site at Sugarloaf campground - every site has a view Vault built by Civilian Conservation Corps - Silver Lake campground Walk-in tent site at Silver Lake campground Site at French Creek campground Bee on a Thistle flower at French Creek campground Pull-through site at Ryan Park campground Now, that's a tent - Deep Creek campground Abandoned cabin (1880-1920) at Tie City Brush Creek Visitor Center - built by Civilian Conservation Corps

Mendocino National Forest - California

Sycamore Grove campground Flowering tree branch Campsite Sycamore trees

Fouts Springs OHV staging area near Fouts Springs campground Letts Lake campground Campsite View of Letts Lake Another view of the lake

Entrance to Mill Valley campground Sunset Point campground Campsite View of cement firepit and oven

View of Lake Pillsbury from Oak Flat campground Snap shot of Pogie Point campground Fuller Grove campground View Lake Pillsbury

Pull Throughs at Middle Creek campground Big Manzanita tree at Eel River campground Campsite at Eel River campground Eel River in late summer Plaskett Meadows campground Campsite Fishing off pier View from Rt. FH7 enroute to campground

View of Little Doe campground

Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie - Illinois

Roaming cattle Igloo, a.k.a. bunker Evidence of wetland restoration Prairie Creek Plants and grasses of the Midewin Auto tour of Joliet Arsenal Homestead ruins across from South Patrol Road Restoration Plot Memorabilia stored inside an igloo (bunker) Tally of stored munitions kept on inside wall of igloo

Modoc National Forest - California

Fir trees at Upper Rush Creek campground Snow Plant - Upper Rush Creek campground Walk-in tent site at Lower Rush Creek campground Vegetation provides privacy to a Howards Gulch campground Tent site at Howards Gulch campground Stream feeding Blue Lake - Blue Lake campground Recovering from 2001 Blue Lake Wildfire - Blue Lake campground Forest Service directional sign - which way do we go? Ranch in Jess Valley Campsite at Soup Springs campground Corrals at Soup Springs Trailhead, Soup Springs campground Mill Creek Falls near Mill Creek Falls campground Corral in equestrian section of Pepperdine Camp campground Campsites in equestrian section of Pepperdine Camp campground Medicine Lake Recreation Area Campsite at Hemlock campground One way to solve RV leveling problem Informal boat mooring on Medicine Lake alongside Medicine campground Sandy and grass shoreline at Medicine campground Quiet moment overlooking Medicine Lake, A. H. Hogue campground 5-story high lava flow - Glass Mountain Close-up look of lava - Glass Mountain Campsite at Headquarters campground Large meadow at Headquarters campground Medicine Lake swim beach Where Glass Mountain meets the road View of Glass Mountain's highest point (7,629 ft.) Additional photos courtesy of Doublehead Ranger District Office Medicine Lake Swim beach Shoreline near campground Very adequate boat ramp Campsite overlooking lake

Lava Beds National Monument Schonchin Butte - cinder cone and fire lookout on top Devil's Homestead [lava] Flow Possible defensive ring at Captain Jack's Stronghold Mammoth Crater Mountain Mahogany in bloom at Mammoth Crater Ceiling at Mushpot Cave

Monongahela National Forest - West Virginia

An entrance to the forest Not an uncommon site in the Monongahela National Forest Dolly Sods Scenic Area and Red Creek campground Stuart campground Excellent privacy for RVer or tent camperound Double campsite with electric hookups, tent pad, picnic table, etc. Fishing at Shavers Fork Cheat River Mountain Laurel

Horseshoe campground View on the way to campground Open campsite with electric hookup Hemlock Nice, comfortable campsite w/o electric hookup Entrance to walk-in campsite An eternal view of the West Virginia mountains from Sugarlands Church of the Bretheren, est. 1896 West Virginia countryside from County Rt. 72 Wind turbines found along County Rt. 72

Big Bend campground CCC-built water fountain and spigot Nice, private campsite

Spruce Knob Lake campground Walk-in campsite Spruce Knob Lake and wheelchair friendly fishing pier Bambi

Seneca Shadows campground Champs Rock off State Rt. 28 near Seneca Rocks - 10th Mtn. Div. trained in this valley and rock during WWII Tent area with Seneca Rocks in the background Campsite

An abandoned home

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest - Washington Shannon Creek campground Baker Lake Campsite

Horseshoe Cove campground Swim beach Parallel parking apron

The Dalles campground Big Douglas fir Campsite White River

Douglas-Fir campground Campsite 1930's CCC-built picnic pavilion

Silver Fir campground 1930's CCC-built steps at campsite North Fork Nooksock River

Middle Fork campground Campsite View of Alpine Lakes Wilderness from campground Another campsite Walk-in tent sites next to pavilion

Bedal campground CCC-built 1930's shelter Nursing tree trunk

Clear Creek campground Chimney Campsite

Marble Creek campground Dorado Needle from Cascade River Rd. Multi-colored moss on Douglas fir - can you see the face? Another moss-covered tree Oregon geranium wildflower on Cascade River Rd. Slender Sandwort wildflower View of campground

Mineral Park campground Foxglove wildflower at entrance Salmon Berry shrub Campsite

Cloud-shrouded glaciers top of Mt. Baker View photographs of Mt. Rainier Pull-through at Denny Creek campground Gold Basin campground River-front site Swimming South Fork Stillguamish River

Display of Salish Shovel-Nose canoes Panorama Point campground Campsite Place for relaxing and enjoying the view

Thick vegetation at campsite - Park Creek campground Silver Springs campground Campsite with paved parking apron Flowing spring

Historic Suiattle Guard Station - courtesy of Darrington Ranger District River-front tent site at Money Creek campground

Mt. Hood National Forest - Oregon

Some views of Mt. Hood Lost Lake Campground Clear cut on the way to Lost Lake campground Pull-through Site at the Horse Loop View of Mt. Hood from campground

Columbia Fiber Guild Spinners outing - Eight Mile Crossing campground View of Eight Mile Crossing campground Hood River at Nottingham campground Dani and her new friends - dogs are welcome but must be leashed and/or under control at all times View of Tygh Valley on the way to Rock Creek campground Mt. Hood and Rock Creek Reservoir - Rock Creek campground Campsite at Kinnickinnick campground Tilly Jane campground Tent site Historic Tilly Guard Station Cloud Cap Inn near campground

Lost Creek Nature Trail - Lost Creek campground Light and shades along the moss-covered trail Creekside observation deck Foxglove along the trail Trail bridge

Horse waiting for the trail at Riley Horse Camp View from McNeil campground Interior road in Alpine campground Mystery chimney at Camp Creek campground Moss and fern at Tollgate campground Boardwalk to Clackamas Lake in Clackamas Lake campground Former residence of district ranger at historic Clackamas Ranger Station Moored boat at on Timothy Lake at Oak Fork campground View from campsite at Gone Creek campground Loop A at Indian Henry campground Sturdy stalls at Joe Graham Horse Camp Oak Fork of Clackamas River next to Joe Graham Horse Camp Campsite at Kingfisher campground Rhododendron lined forest roads are fairly common throughout the Forest Dock at Lake Harriet campground View of Lake Harriet campground View from Hideaway Lake campground Tent site at Lockaby campground Moss growing on maples at many campgrounds along Clackamas River. Canoe/raft/kayak launch site at Fish Creek campground View of Mt. Jefferson through burn at Peninsula campground Walk-in tent site at Peninsula campground Tent site at Camp Ten campground Campsite at Paul Dennis campground

Nantahala National Forest - North Carolina

Tallulah River Buttercup field near Jackrabbit Mountain campground Walking on the edge - Whiteside Mountain Co-author Suzi Dow and Tory taking a break on Whiteside Mountain A clear day on Whiteside Mountain Bridle Veil Falls on U.S. Rt. 64. From U.S. Rt. 64 on the way to Clayton, NC What kind of flower is this? Co-author Suzi Dow and Tory - Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest - Poplar tree What kind of flower - Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest? "Stable" - Tsali campground Kayaker on Nantahala River - Nantahala River Gorge Friends, Bill and Pat Brown, on Lower Gap Trail

Nebraska National Forest - Nebraska

The classic windmill found on Nebraska's prairie The endless prairie - Forest Rt. 277 Prickly Poppy (Aegemone Polyanthemos) Forest Rt. 277 to Whitetail campground Horse stalls at Whitetail campground Pool (only one in National Forest Service) - Bessey Recreation Area Blooming Yucca (Yucca Glauca) View of Dismal River from Whitetail campground Circle Rt. (Forest Rt. 203) scenic drive either from Whitetail or Bessey Recreation Area campgrounds Red Cloud campground Partial view of campground Tent site Pull-through Playground

Soldier Creek campground Campsite Campsite with a view and handpump Horseback riders - courtesy of Nebraska National Forest, Forest Service

Nez Perce National Forest - Idaho

Site at O'Hara Bar campground Fenn Ranger Station of Moose Creek (Kooskia, ID) - built by the CCC 1936-1940 US Rt. 95 approaching Riggins, ID Salmon River View from access route to Spring Bar campground Children of general store owner riding sheep White Bird Pass Red River Ranger Station - Elk City, ID

Nicolet National Forest - Wisconsin

The big one! Wabeno Public Library Brule River at Brule River campground Anvil Lake campground Campsite Beach Shelter Shelter fireplace

Laurel Lake campground Campsite Dock Water plant

Sevenmile Lake campground Campsite Campground interior Sevenmile Lake Trail map

Fishing pier at Spectacle Lake Unusual water spigot at Franklin Lake campground Campsite at Franklin Lake campground Bear Lake campground Entrance Bear Lake Beach Fishing on Bear Lake

Morgan Lake campground Campground interior Campsite Beach

Lost Lake campground Interior road Tent campers Grass understory

See some lucky shots of the Hawk Ada Lake campground Swim beach very green campground Canoeing on Ada Lake Awsome picture of Ada Lake - courtesy of Todd Kunstman (

View of campground interior - Richardson Lake Swim beach at Richardson Lake campground Boulder Lake campground Mushroom Amphitheater and beach Bathhouse

Campsite at Bagley Rapids campground Campsite at Boot Lake campground Beach at Boot Lake campground

Ocala National Forest - Florida

Salt Springs campground Full hookups campsite Entrance to day-use area Swim area Morning at Salt Springs

Fore Lake campground Campsite High water on Fore Lake Fishing pier

View of Delancy East campground Delancy West campground Campsite Parking for ATVs & dirt bikes at back of each campsite Another view of campsites View of Delancy Lake Longleaf trailhead for ATVs & dirt bikes

Hopkins Prairie campground Campsite Live Oaks draped with Spanish Moss Campsite with view of Hopkins Prairie (lake) Bat house

Click here for slide show of Alexander Springs campground Clearwater Lake campground Friendly "camp dog" (stray) Campsite Scrub palm understory

Campsite at Big Bass campground Lake Dorr campground Interior road Campsite White Egret on Lake Dorr Hosts - Jim and Mary Morton

Forest Rt. 597 Campground site at Lake Dorr campground Click here for slide show of Juniper Springs campground Lake Eaton campground Campsite Lake Eaton Fishing pier

Ochoco National Forest - Oregon

Interior road - Sugar Creek campground Sugar Creek at Sugar Creek campground Wolf Creek campground Pine Drops Wolf Creek Swamp Buttercup and Horsetail Reed along Wolf Creek Salters Cabin Just the basics - Salters Cabin

View from Beaver Creek Rd. near Paulina, OR Campsite at Deep Creek campground Abandoned ranch house along Forest Rt. 42 - wonder what the story is there Blue Ridge Mine ruins The workings of the mine at entrance inside building View from campsite at Walton Lake campground, North Shore View from campsite at Walton Lake campground, South Shore Steins Pillar on the way to Wildcat campground Campsite at Ochoco Divide campground View of Wildcat campground Antelope Flat Reservoir at Antelope Flat Reservoir campground Entrance to Delintment Lake campground Campsite at Delintment Lake campground

Oconee National Forest - Georgia

Lake Sinclair Campground Campsite large enough for 31' RV Tent site Beach and swim area Playground Pier Solo goose on a foggy Lake Sinclair

Oglala National Grassland - Nebraska

Historic schoolhouse - Pinetop District #3 (1885 thru 1963) Broadgate Reservoir - dispersed camping site Sugarloaf Rd in route reservoir View of Reservoir - dispersed camping location Access road to reservoir Solo cow near campground on Forest Rt. 910

Toadstool campground Sugarloaf Rd. heading for campground View of campground Windmill near campground Orella Rd. near campground view from campground Another view of campground A sod house rebuilt by the Forest Service

Click here for slide show about Toadstool Geologic Park

Click here for slide show of day trip from Toadstool campground to Hudson-Meng Ed. & Research Center via Sand Creek Rd.

Montrose, NE, Hat Creek dispersed campsite and Warbonnet Historic Park Hat Creek dispersed campsite - access Montrose and Warbonnet from here Montrose Church in Montrose, NE, GPS: N42 55.353, W103 43.760 Montrose Cemetary Interior of Montrose Church All that remains of Montrose Across the way from Montrose Church is Warbonnet Historic Park Below Warbonnet monument is a dedication to the killing of Yellow Hand by Buffalo Bill

Okanogan National Forest - Washington

Campers at Crawfish Lake campground Interior road through Crawfish Lake campground Campers at Kerr campground Big tent at Oriole campground Lost Lake campground Swim beach Water spigot Entrance to campground

View of Lake Beth campground Campsite at Beaver Lake campground Bonaparte Lake campground RV campers Lake front campsite

Loup Loup campground Larkspur wildflower View of and from State Rt. 20 returning from campground

Foggy Dew campground Small CCC-built pavilion Globe Mallow wildflower

View from campsite at Blackpine Lake campground Site at Twisp River Horse Camp View of Poplar Flat campground Seasonal War Creek at War Creek campground Chewuch campground Butterflies View of campground

Interior view of Flat campground Tent site at Lone Fir campground Klipchuck campground Deer occupying campsite Interior of campground

Campsite at Early Winters campground

Olympic National Forest - Washington

Klahowya Campground Pioneer Path Start Mature tree grown from "nursing log" - 1997 Same nursing log, 10 years later - 2007 Fern Pixie Cup

Campground site View of campground Albino chipmunk. Rialto Beach near Klahowya campground

Interior road - Campbell Tree Grove campground Moss-covered vault at Big Creek campground Tent camper at Big Creek campground View from campsite of Quinault Lake - Willaby campground World's largest Spruce (191' tall, 58' circ.) - near Willaby campground Interior road - Brown Creek campground Streamside tent camper at Brown Creek campground Campsite at LeBar Horse Camp Interior - Falls View campground Seal Rock campground Parallel parking pull-throughs Hood Canal beach Picturesque trail along Hood Canal

Collins campground Duckabus River Shady campsite Historic Interrorem Ranger Cabin (rental)

Dungeness Forks campground Interior road Lush and green Sinking barn on way to campground

Klahanie campground Interior road Grass parking apron Klashe Nanitch Lookout; torn down 2014 - courtesy Olympic NF

View - Falls Creek campground Swim area/beach at Coho campground

Olympic National Park Carrie Glacier from Hurricane Ridge Olympic Mountain Range from Hurricane Ridge Driftwood - Rialto Beach (Pacific Ocean) Beach - Pacific Ocean Buck at Hurricane Ridge

Osceola National Forest - Florida

Ocean Pond campground Welcome sign Campsites with electric & water hookups Closer view of campsite Cypress trees (Courtesy of Osceola National Forest) Ocean Pond (Courtesy of Osceola National Forest) Swim beach Interior road through "primitive" campsites Boat moored at campground Snowy Egrets on Ocean Pond

Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park Battlefield monument Museum display of battle Easy, level trail at the site

">Ottawa National Forest - Michigan

Road to Kenton, Michigan Lake on Forest Rt. 3500 The changing face of a small town (Sidnaw, MI) Sidnaw Post Office Forest road leading into Forest Rt. 7300 Scenic overlook - Pomeroy Lake campground Deer near Langford Lake campground Gorge Falls - near Black River campground Wheelchair friendly pathway to fishing pier - Henry Lake campground View of Henry Lake from Henry Lake campground fishing pier

Ouachita National Forest - Arkansas and Oklahoma

Fire station sign - Ink, AR Promenade - Hot Springs National Park Maurice Bathhouse - Hot Springs, AR Tailgate lunch on Crystal Mtn. overlooking Lake Winona World famous Arkansas Quartz - top of Crystal Mtn. Spring wild flowers - top of Crystal Mtn. Shady Lake Recreation Area Pictures provided courtesy of the Forest Service More pictures provided courtesy of the Forest Service

Little Pines campground View of campground Convenient courtesy docks on Lake Hinkle Beach at Lake Hinkle

Winding Stair National Recreation Area Lots of deer Talimena Scenic Byway (State Rt. 1) in late March Another view of Talimena Scenic Byway Cedar Lake campground, a.k.a. Cedar Lake Recreation Area Partial overview of Shady Lane Section Full hookups - Shady Lane Section campsite in North Section Fishing pier at Sandy Beach Section CCC-built bathhouse - South Shore Section Beach at the CCC-built bathhouse - South Shore Section

Cedar Lake Equestrian camp Julie Dillon grooming her horse - Living quarters for horses and humans Horse wash rack

Winding Stair campground View from Emerald Vista Type of Trumpet plant Pull-through campsite

View of campsite of Billy Creek campground Click here for slide show of Charlton campground

Ozark National Forest - Arkansas

Spring Lake Dam - Spring Lake campground Fence post along State Rt. 16 Dedication of Sorghum Hollow Horse Camp Indian petroglyphs (rock art) - 2000 A.D. near Shores Lake campground Indian petroglyphs (rock art) - 2000 A.D. near Shores Lake campground Camp Hedges sign (CCC) - Gunner Pool campground Stonework terrace at site in Gunner Pool campground Blanchard Springs campground Blanchard Springs Caverns Making a ladle at Ozark Folk Center State Park near campground Former CCC gate house Plant at campground

Old Greene (abandoned) house near Gunner Pool Campground Forset Service employee, Eugene (Buster) Shipman Most every forest, it seems, has a creek like this. Views from SR 215 in route to Redding and Horsehead Lake campgrounds. (pictures courtesy of Pleasant Hill Ranger District Office) Mulberry River and wall along Rt. 215 (wall made from native stone) Go slow and take it all in Keep your eyes on the road :-)

A view of Horsehead Lake campground next to Horsehead Lake

Payette National Forest - Idaho

View of camp site at Last Chance campground Upper Payette Lake campground Camp site A Camp site B Hazard Lake campground Hazard Lake View of camp site Loyd Lake on the way to campground Access road to campground Logging competition - New Meadows, ID Balancing act Two-man bucksaw Camp site at Cold Springs campground View of Kennally Creek campground View from Lick Creek Summit View of Secesh River from Ponderosa campground Drinking water from a rock - Buckhorn Bar campground Camp site at Buckhorn Bar campground Camp site at Big Flat campground Bridge on Spring Creek's Nature Trail Road to Spring Creek campground View of Mann Creek campground

Pawnee National Grassland - Colorado

Crow Valley campground Sunny campsite Farm Museum Shady campsite Amphitheater on Morning Dove Trail Crow Creek alongside Morning Dove Trail Birds roosting in tree along Morning Dove Trail All electric day-use area - good for large gatherings, perhaps weddings, etc. Unique cooking facility in the day-use area Interior Briggsdale Heritage House visit in Briggsdale, CO

A dogtown on Cty. Rt. 90 - GPS N40 37.555, W103 44.058 Prong horn antelope abound Home no more Raymer Cemetery - 1888 Pawnee Buttes - from overlook, OK for tents Pawnee Buttes - of parking lot and trailhead, OK for RVs and tents Birding tour Map of the tour Kiosk #1 Meadow Lark (?) sitting on fence One of the signs found on the tour Burrowing owl keeping watch in a dog town Familiar scene of cattle in the grassland at stock tank "Lake" built in 1909 to support agriculture activities

Forest Rt. 104 The long, straight FR 104 Long horn cattle grazing along the route One of the too many abandoned homes found on the grasslands & adjoining private lands From Yucca to cattle to windfarm

OHV Area GPS N40 54.114, W104 37.435 Parking area and trailhead Ride area confined to the draw in background Windmill with stock water tank at entrance to OHV area

Pike National Forest - Colorado

Camping site at Thunder Ridge campground Camping site at Springdale campground Walk-in tent site at The Crags campground A wheelchair friendly walk-in tent site at the Spruce Grove campground A view from County Rt. 77 on the way to Spruce Grove campground Tunnels along access road into Elevenmile Canyon's campgrounds, e.g., Spillway Water buffalo at Riverside campground Narrow gauge railroad bed, former the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad Limber pine tree found on the Limber Grove Trail, Fourmile campground View from Burning Bear campground Access road to Handcart campground Camping site at the Handcart campground Camping site at Jefferson Creek campground View of Meridian campground Camping site at Kelsey campground Indian Creek campground Pull-through in equestrian loop Upper loop campsite

Camping site, along South Platte River, in the Happy Meadows campground Camping site at Painted Rocks campground View paved Centennial Trail near several campgrounds, e.g., Colorado Chipmunk with stuffed cheeks at South Meadows campground Flat Rocks Campground View of campsite with dirt bikes Still another campsite ATV/dirt bike trail

Devils Head Campground Lower Loop campsite in Aspen Host trailer with Ladybugs to paint for children Close-up of painted Ladybugs

Camping site at Platte River campground View from site at Lone Rock campground Rampart Range Road (ATV/dirt bike heaven) Quad riders Dirt bike rider-1 Dirt bike rider-2 Designated dispersed campsite

Fishing Gold Medal waters of South Platte River - Lone Rock campground Camping site at Molly Gulch campground Camping site at the Wigwam campground

Pisgah National Forest - North Carolina

Blue Ridge Parkway - northeast of Asheville, on an overcast day. Mixing with the locals for lunch. A rainy day in the Pisgah. A bike and walking trail in Black Mountain campground. Friends Cradle of Forestry's Forest Discovery Center: Biltmore Forest School House - first Forestry school, 1898 to 1908 Black Forest-designed staff house Campsite along a creek in the Curtis Creek campground Campsite with metal pole stalls - Harmon Den Horse Camp campground One of Mortimer campground's rustic campsites Fall colors at Boone Fork campground Wheelchair friendly fishing pier/swimming area - Lake Powhatan campground View of Rocky Bluff campground Swimhole at Carolina Hemlock campground - streamfed, built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) View from Blue Ridge Parkway - North Carolina

Plumas National Forest - California

Old Smith Lodge steps at Lakes Basin campground Crocker Guard Station - 1912 Camp site at Big Cove campground View of Frenchman Lake from Frenchman campground Camp site at Chilcoot campground Little Grass Valley Reservoir - Running Deer campground RV camp sites at Black Rock campground Billie Bounds' art work - host at Black Rock campground View of Sly Creek campground View of Strawberry campground Lightning strike - Strawberry campground View from camp site at Long Point campground Lots of trees at Lone Rock campground Camp site at Mill Creek campground Entrance to Sundew campground A shady Whitehorse campground View of Queen Lily campground - North Fork Feather River Good size parking aprons at Hallsted campground Foggy morning on Davis Lake - Grasshopper Flat campground Skit at annual Miner's Days celebration - near Hallsted campground

Prescott National Forest - Arizona

Civilian Conservation Corps built picnic table at Powell Springs campground Mingus Mountain campground View from Mingus Mtn. Byway View from campground Cottonwood, AZ from campground Electric hookup sites

Gold King Mine and Ghost Town at Jerome, AZ Saguaro blossoms Mining town on the way to Crown King, AZ Site (with shelter) at Hazlett Hollow campground Horsethief Basin Lake - Hazlett Hollow and Kentuck Springs campgrounds 92 year-old saloon, Crown King, AZ - Hazlett Hollow and Kentuck Springs campgrounds Single lane dirt road on the way to Crown King, AZ Montezuma Castle Site at Yavapai campground Host, with step-sons, Shawn and Adan, at Indian Creek campground Civilian Conservation Corps built water spigot - Lower Wolf Creek campground Lynx Lake area Lynx Lake between Lynx Lake and Hilltop campgrounds View a hike along Lynx Lake Shoreline Trail

Potato Patch campground Campsite in Loop A - Potato Patch campground Electric hookup site in Loop B - Potato Patch campground Possible "volcanic bomb"

Rita Blanca National Grassland (NG) - Oklahoma and Texas Felt Picnic Area where camping is permitted Entrance to Thompson Grove Picnic Area where camping is permitted View of grassland from Thompson Grove picnic Area Abandoned farm property on Texas State Rt. 296 close to Rita Blanca NG Farmhouse Back of property with abandoned farm machinery and vehicles Old Ford utility truck Farm machine Another very old vehicle

Still another abandoned farmhouse or home on Texas Rt. 296 Typical sign used to identify units in the Rita Blanca Lonesome Lane between Units 29 and 32

Rio Grande National Forest - Colorado

View Of Forest Rt. 250 heading toward Alamosa campground View from Stunner campground Another view from Forest Rt. 250 above Stunner campground Camping site at Mix Lake campground Pull through at Lake Fork campground Camping site at Conejos campground Authors' dog, Tory, playing in a creek Camping site at Rock Creek campground

One reason why campground fees go up: Vandalized picnic table Burned plank from picnic table

Camping site along Conejos River at the Elk Creek campground Fire station (in a cave) at Creede, Co Judge Donavan and co-author, Suzi Dow, at the Creede, Co "City Jail" South Creek Falls at Silver Thread campground Camping site at Thirty-Mile campground The Rio Grande at Thirty-Mile campground Camping site at Tucker Ponds campground Camping site at Park Creek campground CCC constructed vault at Upper Beaver campground Camping site at North Crestone campground Creek in the town of Crestone, CO Little Shepherd in the Hills Episcopal Church, Crestone, CO View from camping site at Storm King campground View from camping site at Buffalo Pass campground

Rogue River National Forest - Oregon

Madrone tree - Whiskey Springs campground Willow Prairie Horse Camp View of Mt. McLoughlin Pole-constructed box stalls Stock watering trough Brown Mountain interpretive sign at Doe Point campground Lakeside site at Doe Point campground Historic picnic shelter at Fish Lake campground Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway (brochure - Forest Service offices) Mill Creek Falls, 174-foot plunge Pumice ash found along the roadside that flowed from Mt. Mazama eruption National Creek Falls Rabbit Ears formation Pumice ash sculptured by erosion Man made bridge across Rogue River at Natural Bridge

Young conifer trees line Forest Rt. 60 Vault toilets are found at most campgrounds - ain't fancy, but it works The Klamath Oven, introduced in 1935, was considered a great improvement to a campsite Campsites back up to Rogue River at Farewell Bend campground Close-up of Madrone tree, a.k.a. Tourist Tree, found throughout the Forest Union Creek campground Campsite Interior of campground Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) - built community kitchen Interior of community kitchen - note the multiple ovens

Campsite at Abbott Creek campground Another campsite in a field at Abbott Creek campground A quiet section of Rogue River at River Bridge campground An open site at Watkins campground Parking slot-style RV campsites Applegate Lake is one of many beautiful lakes in the Forest (photo courtesy of Glen Richardson) Crater Lake National Park - view a photo album of this nearby Park

Roosevelt National Forest - Colorado

Camping site at Peaceful Valley campground Camping site at Olive Ridge campground Elk along State Rt. 7 near Olive Ridge and Meeker campgrounds St. Malo Catholic Retreat on State Rt. 7 near Olive Ridge campground Author's camp site at Jacks Gulch campground Camp site at Kelly Flats campground along the La Cache Poudre River Tent site at the Narrows campground Mule deer at Long Draw campground View of Rocky Mountain National Park from Long Draw Reservoir Camping site at Chambers Lake campground Fox along County Rt. 103 near Chambers Lake campground Hummingbird at Jacks Gulch campground View of Comanche Peak Wilderness from Jacks Gulch campground View of the Mummy Range on the way to Tom Bennett campground Camp site at Tom Bennett campground Hike along the Emmaline Lake Trail Recovering from fire Co-author Fred and his dog, Tory View View Bellaire Lake campground Camping site Wheelchair friendly fishing Belly boat fishing Camping site at Dowdy Lake campground

Routt National Forest - Colorado

Moose near Teal Lake campground Site at Big Creek Lakes campground - Mount Zirkel Wilderness in background Chapel of the Pines in Big Creek Lakes campground Wildflowers in Grizzly Creek campground Unidentified Columbine Bear Lake fishing pier - Bear Lake campground Interior road at Chapman Reservoir campground View of Meadows campground Camping site at Dumont Lake campground Pull-through at Hahns Peak Lake campground Forest Rt. 400 on way to Hinman campground Historic vault (Civilian Conservation Corps) - Seedhouse campground Pop-up tent trailer at Hinman campground Pull-through camping site at Freeman campground Aspen grove in Freeman campground

Sabine National Forest - Texas

Boles Field campground View of some campsites Amphitheater (or bowl) National Hall of Fame Cemetary of Fox Hounds Red Hill Lake campground Swim area - Red Hills Lake Turtle checking water temperature Texas mist Red Hills Lake

Salmon National Forest - Idaho

Wild and Scenic Salmon River View of quiet stretch Kayakers A way across Rafters with dog Preping for raft trip - Corn Creek campground Access road (Forest Rt. 30) to Corn Creek campground Camp site at Corn Creek campground Ebenezer campground Camp site Pictographs near campground Wallace Lake campground Road to campground Camp site View on a rainy day Cougar Point campground Camp site Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) pavilion - built in 1930s CCC water fountain - built in 1930s Twin Creek campground Camp site Grandfather's beard

Sam Houston National Forest - Texas

Sunset at New Waverly, Texas View of campsite at Cagle campground Lake Conway at Cagle campground

Samuel R. Mckelvie National Forest - Nebraska

Old vs. new methods for rounding up cattle Nebraska sandhill Pelicans at Merriot Reservoir So where are the trees? Prairie from Steer Creek campground

San Bernardino National Forest - California

View of Pinyon Flats campground Cedars at Fern Basin campground Manzanita at Fern Basin campground Camp site at Marion Mountain campground View of heavily wooded camp site at Dark Canyon campground Camp site among boulders at Boulder Basin campground Vista along access road to Boulder Basin campground RV in camp site at Barton Flats campground Co-author Suzi Dow and big cedar at South Fork campground Camp site at South Fork campground Views from the Golf Fever Auto Tour Hangman's tree on Gold Fever Auto Tour - Holcomb Valley ampground Belleville cabin View from inside Belleview Cabin out through a window OHV mecca - Big Pine Flat campground Camp site at Big Pine Flat campground Interior campground road at Hanna Flat campground Interpretive program at Big Bear Discovery Center - Serrano campground View of Big Bear Lake - Serrano campground Resident at Green Valley campground View from Heart Bar campground Solar observatory on shore of Big Bear Lake near Serrano campground Camp site on Evening Star Loop - Serrano campground The Stone House at Applewhite campground Camp site at Applewhite campground

San Isabel National Forest - Colorado

4 X 4 road (County Rt. 240) northwest of Angel of Shavano campground Basin at the end of County Rt. 240 - Angel of Shavano campground Ruins of cabin in the ghost town of Shavano - County Rt. 240 View from Monarch Pass Observatory (US Rt. 50) of Mt. Aetna and Taylor Wheelchair friendly fishing pier at O'Haver Lake campground Camping site at O'Haver Lake campground View of Chalk Cliffs from State Rt. 162. View of Mt. Princeton campground Rafting on the Arkansas River View of the Wet Mountain Valley from site at Alavarado campground Bishop's Castle near Ophir and Davenport campgrounds Camping site at St. Charles campground in the San Isabel Recreation Area View of May Queen campground Walk-in tent site, along Lake Creek, at Twin Peaks campground St. Elmo an almost ghost town near Iron City campground Camping site at White Star campground View of Massive Mountain Wilderness on the way to Halfmoon campground Herd of Elk View from Halfmoon campground Boat ramp at Tabor campground on the shore of Turquoise Reservoir Camping site at tents-only Belle of Colorado campground Camping site at Purgatoire campground Camping site at Blue Lake campground

San Juan National Forest - Colorado

Camping site at Pine Point campground View of Vallecito Reservoir from Middle Mountain campground Pet goat at Vallecito campground Shepherds wagon parked along access road to Transfer Park campground Marmot, year round resident at Transfer Park campground View of San Juan Mountain Range from Wolf Creek Pass View from Forest Rt. 666 near West Fork campground Ruins at Chimney Rock Camping site in the Aspen trees at Cimarrona campground View of Teal campground on Williams Creek Reservoir Camping site at Teal campground Open range along Piedra Rd. Corrals at Transfer campground County Rt. 124 - access to Kroeger and Snowslide campgrounds

Mesa Verde National Park Spruce House Square Tower House Cliff Palace Hand and foot holes at Fire Temple

View at Cabin Canyon campground Wheelchair friendly trail at Cabin Canyon campground Walk-in camping site at McPhee campground Camping site with electric hookups at House Creek campground Access road to Burro Bridge campground along the West Dolores River Overgrown pull-through at Burro Bridge campground Mountains viewed from County Rt. 630 South Mineral Creek in South Mineral campground

Santa Fe National Forest - New Mexico

Campsite at Black Canyon campground - courtesy Santa Fe NF Aspen grove Snowcapped mountains along State Rt. 63 Site at Jacks Creek campground Holy Ghost Creek in the Holy Ghost campground Shelter off pull-through site at Field Tract campground View from Forest Rt. 261 - access to El Porvenir campground

Santa Fe, New Mexico Old town shopping district St. Francis Cathedral Shopping mall - Santa Fe style

Shelter at Paliza campground Shelter's fireplace at Paliza campground Soda Dam near Jemez Springs, NM View of Redondo campground Open site at Jemez Falls campground Site and view at Vista Linda campground Wheelchair friendly fishing site along Jemez River - Vista Linda campgound Site at Rio de las Vacas campgound View from Rio de las Vacas campgound Forest Rt. 151, two-track road to Rio Chama campground Old Adobe structure along Forest Rt. 151 Site at Rio Chama campground Christ in the Desert Monastery near Rio Chama campground

Sawtooth National Forest - Idaho and Utah

Lake Cleveland campground View of camp site Walk-in tent site View of Lake Cleveland Mt. Harrison Fire Tower Camp site at Thompson Flat campground Checking for water at Riverside campground Relaxing at a hot springs on the Salmon River, along State Rt. 75 View of Sawtooth Mountain Range View of O'Brien campground The ghost town of Bonanza, ID View of and from Sunny Gulch campground Payette River at Grandjean campground Horse at Grandjean Guard Station View of Sawtooth Mountain Range in route to Stanley Lake campground Camp site at Stanley Lake campground Inlet campground View of camp site on Alturas Lake Swim beach at Alturas Lake Overlook at North Shore Camp site at Smokey Bear campground Pole Creek Ranger Station Little Redfish Lake - Chinook Bay campground View of Sockeye campground Outlet campground Sandy Beach boat ramp Swim beach - Redfish Lake Camp site Big tent at Point campground Camp site at Bowns campground Baumgartner campground "Swimming hole" Camp site Pull-through at North Fork campground Easley campground Nearby Easley Hot Springs View from campground

Sequoia Nationa Forest - California

View of Sequoia and ferns along Eshom Creek at Eshom campground View of Kings Canyon from Hume Lake campground access road Hume Lake at Hume Lake campground Penstemon wildflower View of campsite - Upper Stony Creek campground Field of Iris - Princess campground View of camp site - Redwood campground View of Dome Rock - near Quaking Aspen campground View of camp site - Quaking Aspen campground Camp site at Wishon campground Results of 2002 McNally wildfire - Lower Peppermint campground View from Hospital Flat campground View of Camp 9 campground Authors' camp site at Tillie Creek campground View of Pioneer Point campground Lazy, hazy morning at Tillie Creek campground Ramada at Hobo campground View of Boulder Gulch campground Kings Canyon Scenic Byway Kings River at Boyden Cavern Boyden Cavern formation Kings Canyon National Park View of mountains surrounding Zumwalt Meadows Zumwalt Meadow Trail crossing talus field Roaring River Falls View from Kings River from Zumwalt Meadows

Sequoia Nationa Park Robert E. Lee Sequoia tree in Grants Grove Co-author Suzi Dow "in" a Sequoia tree The Senate on Congress Trail Congress Trail

Sierra National Forest - California

Boats moored on Bass lake across from Forks campground Wild azalea near Gaggs Camp campground Access road to Gaggs Camp campground Fresno Dome campground View of Fresno Dome Delicate flower The very, very clear Big Creek View of road in campground Water slide leading into natural pool View of Bass Lake Leap into Willow Creek pool at Grey Mountain campground Sequoia stump Shadow of the Giants Trail View of meadow and camp site at Summerdale campground

Yosemite National Park View of waterfall from Glacier Point Another view of waterfall View of Half Dome from Glacier Point

Camp site at Mammouth Pool campground Chiquito Creek at Sweetwater campground Camp site at Upper Chiquito campground West Fork Chiquito Creek - Soda Springs campground View of Shaver Lake from Dora Belle campground Honeymoon Pool at Dinkey Creek campground View of site at Kirch Flat campground Flying Nun Giant Sequoias at McKinley Grove Sailboats at Huntington Lake Waterfront at Lower Billy Creek campground Camp site at College campground Interior road at Upper Billy Creek campground 5/21/02 snowfall - Lower Billy Creek campground - by Elizabeth DeRoos Forest Rt. 80 - Kaiser Pass Trail Nature Trail at Jackass Meadow campground Camp site at edge of Ward Lake - Ward Lake campground View from camp site at Vermilion campground Sierra Lily at Rancheria campground Huntington Lake The leaning vault - Upper Chiquito campground Meadow at Upper Chiquito campground

Shasta National Forest - California

Fowlers Camp campground View of campground Deer in the campground Lower Falls on McCloud River View of McCloud Reservoir Tent camping at McBride Springs campground Mt. Shasta partially hidden in clouds - McBride Springs campground View of Sacramento River from suspension bridge built by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1930s - Sims Flat campground Campsite at Lakeshore East campground Mystery chimney at Lakeshore East campground Campsite at McCloud Bridge campground Another site - McCloud Bridge campground Sites along the McCloud River Arm of Shasta Lake - Ellery Creek campground

Shawnee National Forest - Illinois

Garden of the Gods - Pharaoh campground. Camel Rock Sphinx face Devil's Smokestack Garden of the Gods Weird bands on the rocks

Hiking the River to River Trail - Pharaoh campground. Taking a break on the River to River Trail - Pharaoh campground. Johnson Creek campground Campsite Beach Horses ready to ride (courtesy Tom Maher) Boat dock (courtesy Tom Maher)

Campsite at Pine Hills campground (courtesy Tom Maher)

Sheyenne National Grassland - North Dakota

"Virgin" prairie Opening entrance gate - N46 23.663, W97 28.157 Access "road" Prairie - never been grazed - N46 23.623, W97 27.541

Abandoned farm across road from virgin prairie - N46 23.663, W97 28.157 Barn Work sheds? Farm house [Can't you see and hear the hustle and bustle on this farm?]

Endangered Western Prairie Fringed Orchid in ditch on State Rt. 27 Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3

Hankinson Hills campground Authors' RV Two-site pull-through Equestrian campsite Unknown flower found among the oaks Unknown prairie flower

Raccoon in the grass Zion Lutheran Church Search for Basswood trees Forest Rt. 12481 Still searching, not found :-(

Click here to visit the McLeod Museum in McLeod, ND Countryside views near Jorgen's Hollow campground Active ranch Country, self-serve grocery store about a mile from campground Shepherd with dog - minding sheep Sheyenne Delta's sandhills - see description by The Nature Conservancy Modern windmill powered by solar

Jorgen's Hollow campground Campsite Still another campsite North Country Trail riders Equestrian campsite Wildflowers North Country Trail sign

Shoshone National Forest - Wyoming

Wildflower at Worthen Meadows campground Walk-in tent site at Fiddler's Lake campground Wheelchair friendly horse mounting platform - Christina Lake trail head View from Dickinson Creek campground Camping site at Falls campground Yellowstone trail head at Brooks Lake campground Personally, the authors recommend the pies at Cowboy Cafe, Dubois, WY View from site at Double Cabin campground Trail head to Washakie Wilderness at Double Cabin campground Wyoming Badlands in route to Double Cabin campground Smoky Bear at 4th of July parade - Cody, WY View from the Beartooth Scenic Byway (US Route 212) Camping site at Crazy Creek campground Entrance to Island Lake campground Camping site at Island Lake campground Beartooth Butte viewed from Beartooth Lake campground Picnic area at Clay Butte Lookout Tower Camping site at Dead Indian campground Monument to Nez Perce, Dead Indian Overlook - Chief Joseph Scenic Byway RV parallel parking at Clearwater campground Horse corrals at Elk Fork campground Camping site at Big Game campground Evening campfire - Three Mile campground Camping site with bear-proof food container - Eagle Creek campground Rex Hale campground Campsites with electric hookups View of campground Riverside campsite

Unique structure in Wapiti Original forest ranger's residence built in 1901 Wapiti Campground North Fork Shoshone River Big Horn sheep Spacious pull-though

Grassy, Clearwater campground Campsite overlooking river at Newton Creek campground South Loop - Yellowstone National Park

Siskiyou National Forest - California and Oregon

View of the Rogue River Turkey dinner on the hoof - Quosatana campground Big Pine campground Bridge to Big Pine Loop Trail Big Pine Loop Trail Big Douglas fir trees Sam Brown campground Solar shower house Inside the Solar shower house Good ground surface for tent camping

Campsite at Bolan Lake campground Bolan Lake Oregon Caves National Monument - ranger-led tour THE cave Cave bacon A few of the Cave's stairs Banana flowstone See the "Scream" face?

Daphne Grove campground Campsite Day-use pavillion South Fork Coquille River

Sitgreaves National Forest - Arizona

Meadow next to Los Burros campground Former Los Burros Ranger Station at Los Burros campground Site at Canyon Point campground Tent site at Spillway campground View of Woods Canyon Lake from Spillway campground Rocky site at Aspen campground Meadow site at Aspen campground Parallel parking aprons at Crook campground Canoes on Willow Springs Lake near Sinkhole campground Back Alley Trail out of Canyon Point campground Horny Toad lizard

Siuslaw National Forest - Oregon

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (NRA) Tahkenitch campground Campsite with paved parking apron

Tahkenitch Landing campground Pier at Tahkenitch Lake Parallel [parking] campsite Tent site

Oregon Dunes day use area - dunes in foreground, Pacific Ocean background Carter Lake campground Carter Lake Campsite Another campsite Interior

Driftwood II campground Siltcoos Beach Parking lot style campground Siltcoos River

Waxmyrtal campground Tent sites Single campsite with RV and tents (combined)

Tyee campground View from campsite - Siltcoos River Campsite with WPA-built rock walls (1930s) next to Siltcoos River

Wild Mare Horse Camp Site with corral Free manure

A sandy site at Eel Creek campground

Tillicum Beach campground Parallel Parking/pull-through campsite overlooking Pacific Ocean Another view of campsite overlooking Pacific Ocean Pathway to the beach and, just a few feet from campground - the beach and Pacific Ocean Electric and water hookups at some campsites Some large campsite parking aprons Mushrooms Tent sites tucked into the woods

Cape Perpetua Scenic Area Watch this slide show about Cape Perpetua

Sutton campground Motorhome fitting nicely into campsite Boat ramp for access into Sutton Lake Cyclists enjoying the campground Holman Vista Path to vista Vista Sand borders hiking from parking lot

Heceta Head Lighthouse viewed from U.S. Rt. 101 Distant shot close up

Alder Dune campground Dune Lake Alder Lake Interior of campground Campsite

Sandbeach campground V-shape campsite parking apron Campsite Esturary State Park beach at campground

West Winds campground Parking lot style campsites Designated parking lot-style campsites (courtesy of Al Florida)

East Dunes campground Older section of campground New section - under construction at time of visit Big campsite Designated parking lot-style campsites (courtesy of Al Florida)

Pull through site at Blackberry campground Moss covered Rock Creek campground

Six Rivers National Forest - California

Smith River Recreation Area District Office - built by CCC in the 1930s Porch light replica of fire tower - made by CCC in the 1930s Campsite at Pearch Creek campground Klamath Oven at Pearch Creek campground Middle Fork of Smith River near Patrick Creek campground Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park near Panther Flat campground Redwood Bridge Trail in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park View of Ruth Lake from Bailey Canyon campground Campsite at Mad River campground Manzanita with lichen ("grandfather's beard) hanging from its branches at Mad River campground Pull-through at Boise Creek campground View from State Rt. 299 Another view from State Rt. 299 Campsites at E-Ne-Nuck campground Fish smokehouse at E-Ne-Nuck campground Fish Lake campground Campsite Interior road Fish Lake View of Bluff Creek Bridge/Klamath River from State Rt. 96 Patrick Creek campground Abandoned Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)-built bathhouse Where Patrick Creek and Middle Fork Smith River meet Nature at work along Patrick Creek Interpretive Trail Site at Grassy Flat campground Panther Flat campground Campsite Quiet stretch of Middle Fork Smith River Swimming hole - Middle Fork Smith River

St. Joe National Forest - Idaho

Site at Fly Flat campground Displaced cabin along St. Joe River (Rt. FH 50) Tin Can Flat campground Site Another campsite with tent pad Open campsites

Tunnel on Forest Rt. 456 in route to Telichpah campground View at Telichpah campground from Forest Rt. 456 Fall colors at Emerald Creek campground Interior at Emerald Creek campground St. Joe River from Turner Flat campground View of Turner Flat campground A walk in the Hobo Cedar Grove Botanical Area 1-Start of an enchanted walk 2-One of many clusters of cedars 3-Field of ferns Western Red cedar bark

Stanislaus National Forest - California

Camp site at Diamond 'O' campground Camp site at Cherry Valley campground Some camp sites at The Pines campground

Yosemite National Park El Capitan Mirror Lake

Volunteer "Lucky" Monroe and Forest Service employee, Ms. Kissinger Abandoned ranch along Forest Rt. 31 Meadowview campground Meadow with tent campers in the background Meadow with boardwalk Tent campers with shower

Forest Service meeting and greeting campers - Pine Marten campground Animated storyteller - a Forest Service interpretive program TeleLi puLaya (a.k.a. Black Oak) campground Campsite near edge of deep canyon Large campsite parking apron - any size RV What a place to relax and decompress - sunset Sunrise - want to go back to this notable campground

Mokelumne River - Bloomfield campground View from camp site at Highland Lakes campground Wakaluu Hep Yo campground Bark tepee Grinding or pounding holes Camp site

Camp site at Big Meadow campground Stanislaus River at Stanislaus River campground Site at Lake Alpine campground Beardsley Dam Campground Parallel parking aprons - campsite Walk-in tent sites Back-in campsite Manzanita - very big Pull-through Unknown plant Beardsley Reservoir (Lake) Shot from Beardsley Dam of Middle Fork Stanislaus River

View from Baker campground entrance Camp site at Deadman campground View from State Rt. 108 of Emigrant Wilderness View of Eureka Valley campground Camp site at Boulder Flat campground Pinecrest campground Combined campsite populated by tent campers A lot of "open" camping Narrow tree-lined interior roads Lots of boulders for the kids to climb Pinecrest Lake and beach

Young Sequoia tree at Fraser Flat campground Wheelchair friendly fishing pier at Fraser Flat campground Home sweet home at Clarks Fork Horse Camp Clark Fork Creek near Fence Creek campground Donnell Lake from Donnell Vista RV loop at Dardanelle campground

Sumter National Forest - South Carolina

Whetstone Horse Camp host, Doyle Watkins, with his stallion, Buckshot. Earls Ford on Chattooga River near Whetstone Horse Camp campground. Cabin on Earls Ford Road. Abandon house on Earls Ford Road. Old general store, now Sourwood Honey stand - near Cherry Hill campground "City Man's Owl" in Sourwood Honey stand - guess what it really is. Unusual firepit in Woods Ferry campground. Horse stalls at Woods Ferry campground. Sunset at Parsons Mountain Lake campground. Fall season at Parsons Mountain Lake campground.

Superior National Forest - Minnesota

Check out the flowers of Superior National Forest Bear trap at McDougal Lake campground. Camper's delight - drying the tent after a "restful" night of rain. The RVrs challenge. Campsite at Pfeiffer Lake campground Fishing pier at Pfeiffer Lake campground Fishing pier at Cadotte Lake campground Informal mooring at Whiteface Reservoir campground Lake Jeanette campground Hawkweed blossom Fireweed Campsite - "Honeymoon Suite" Moss and fern-covered rock Open air vault near walk-in tent site

Echo Lake campground Campsite Beach Solar-powered water spigot Campers with a "tent-house" Authors' rig

Vermilion Falls - a day trip from Echo Lake campground Vermiliion Falls "Pixies Cap" wildflower Quiet time overlooking Vermilion River Cabbage growing in a tree?

Dock at Cadotte Lake campground Campsite at Little Isabella River campground Boat landing and wild rice at McDougal Lake campground S. Kawishiwi River campground Campsite Kawishiwi River Forest Trail Check out a CCC-built pavilion and its CCC-built furniture

Birch Lake as viewed from Birch Lake campground Fenske campground Campsite 7 Fishing pier Pavilion

Fall Lake campground Tent campsite Scenic campsite Young campers Big rig

Sawbill Lake campground Campsite Trail leading to Sawbill Lake Canoe landing Canoes waiting for launch Go with us on our day trip in the BWCAW

Fall is coming - maple trees at Devil Track Lake campground Campsite on Pete's Point - Crescent Lake campground Campsite with water hookup at Trails End campground View from Trails End campground View of lake from East Bearskin campground The amazing loon as seen from East Bearskin campground

Tahoe National Forest - California

Beach on Sugar Pine Reservoir - Shirttail and Giant Gap campgrounds Meadow and old ranger station at Robinson Flat campground Boat ramp at French Meadows Reservoir - French Meadows campground Meadow at Robinson Flat campground Sunrise at Giant Gap campground View of site at Schoolhouse campground Camp site at Indian Valley campground Tubbing on North Yuba River - Rocky Rest campground View of camp site at Ramshorn campground Noisy critter at Union Flat campground Camp site at North Fork campground View from Boca campground View of Boyington Mill campground View from camp site at Boca Rest campground Camp site next to creek at Silver Creek campground Camp site at Cottonwood Creek campground Boat moored near camp site at Logger campground Open camping at Lakeside campground Truckee River at Granite Flat campground View of Granite Flat campground Quiet morning at Hampshire Rocks campground Camp site at East Meadow campground Boat ramp at Jackson Meadow Reservoir - Woodcamp campground Sunset at East Meadow campground - Jackson Meadow Reservoir Yuba Pass campground - beautiful and scenic even in the rain Interior road One of 20 designated campsites View from campground Another view from campground

Camp site at Chapman Creek campground Camp site at Sierra campground Morning view of Sierra Buttes from Sardine Lake campground Sand Pond Interpretive Trail - Sardine Lake campground Boardwalk along trail View from trail View of Sierra Buttes and Sand Pond

Talladega National Forest - Alabama

Campsite at Pine Glen campground - adjacent to Shoal Creek Crystal clear Shoal Creek at Pine Glen campground Payne Lake campground Pull-through campsite Plenty room for motor home with overlook of lake Pavillion - courtesy of Forest Service Fall colors - Courtesy of Forest Service Lakeside site Fishing

Campsite at Warden Station Horse Camp Cole Cemetary - GPS N33 43.800,W85 35.880 View of the cemetary Cheatwood headstone (12/24/1830 - 5/14/1914) - Confederate soldier Hubbard headstone (5/6/1814 - 1906) - crude but effective carving Shoal Creek Baptist Church (1885-1890)

Coleman Lake campground Beach area Boatramp Interior view of campground Take a hike with us on the Coleman Lake Loop Trail

Targhee National Forest - Idaho and Wyoming

Camping site at Falls campground The Falls near Falls campground Terraced camping site at Alpine campground Lower level camping sites at Blowout campground Camping site at Trail Creek campground Abandoned building (school house?) on State Rt. 31 View of Teton Canyon campground View from Teton Canyon campground View of Palisades Reservoir from Loop C of Calamity campground Big Springs campground Pull-through camping site Big Springs - short walk from campground on John Sack Cabin Trail Fall colors along John Sack Cabin Trail John Sack cabin w/waterwheel house for creating electricity Moose cow & her calf Plants growing along stream bed in crystal clear water Muskrat swimming near bridge over the stream

Flat Rock campground CCC pump house Henry's Fork of Snake Campsite w/electric hookups in Loop A Anglers on Henry's Fork of Snake Campsite in Loop B - no elec. hookups Typical campsite configuration found in campgrounds near Island Park, ID Another campsite

Buffalo campground Floaters Pull through campsite Grey water disposal site Camping in Aspen Access to fishing pier Fishing Buffalo River from pier Fly fishing in the Buffalo More floaters on the Buffalo A view from campground

View of Upper Mesa Falls Warm River campground Walk-in tent site Floating Warm River Camp site

Potable water "fountain" at Cave Falls campground Riverside campground RV/tent Campsite on Loop A Tent site alongside Henry's Fork Snake River Henry's Fork Snake River Loop C campsite tucked into the woods

Camping site at Box Canyon campground "Combination" fire pit found in some Targhee CGs - courtesy Teri Egts Authors' rig camped at Stoddard Creek campground Upper Coffee Pot campground Campsite Coffee Pot Rapids Trail Campsite Tent campers Heron Big rigs Site overlooking Henry's Fork of the Snake River

View of Upper Mesa Falls Buttermilk campground Water skiing on channel of Island Lake Reservoir Pull through campsite Low water level on channel means boat ramp stowed

Campsite near waterfront at McCrea Bridge campground South Loop - Yellowstone National Park

Teton National Forest - Wyoming

Turpin Meadow campground View of US Rt. 26/287 on the way to campground Pull-through campsite Tethered horses at campground

Wolf Creek campground A Fall view from campsite View of some campsites and surrounding vista

View slide show of Atherton Creek campground and gorgeous surrounding area View from Curtis Canyon campground of Jackson Hole valley Granite Creek with hot springs, waterfalls, wilderness - a destination campground East Table Creek Tent camper Campsite above Snake River Snake River Back-in campsite

Riverside campground Pull-through and campground interior Backin campsite

Take a look at Hoback campground - a comfortable place to have a pleasant forest experience Rafters on Snake River - near Station Creek campground Kayaker on Snake River - near Station Creek campground

Grand Teton National Park Moose Teewinot Mountain, Grand Teton and Mt. Owen Monk's Hood blossom Ranger-led nature talk Hike to Taggert Lake

Thunder Basin National Grassland - Wyoming Soda Well Picnic Area Cattle guard entrance & view of parking area Authors' rig and old picnic shelter Spring water - not tested The bridge to nowhere - no road to or from

Weston Recreation Area Weston Reservoir ATV trail View from Weston Reservoir - lots of ATV trails

Little Powder Reservoir Access road - reservoir in background Reservoir Tall grass around reservoir Novel idea for stock water tanks - found throughout grasslands

Pronghorn spotted along State Rt. 59 Ground salt found throughout Thunder Basin Grassland Mile-long coal train traveling along State Rt. 59 Turner Reservoir Forest Rt. 914 on way to reservoir Reservoir Fishing pier Vault next to parking area

Kellog Reservoir Reservoir - protected habitat Dispersed campsite - next to reservoir Dispersed campsite - in the pines above reservoir

Take a scenic auto tour along Forest Rt. 942 Take a scenic auto tour on Cty. Rt. 85

Toiyabe National Forest - California and Nevada

Camp site at Silver Creek campground Gorge on Sardine Creek View of White Mountains from State Rt. 108 Tent site at Mt. Rose campground View from Mt. Rose campground View from Hope Valley campground Camp site at Bootleg campground View of Chris Flat campground Access to Hoover Wilderness' trails at Leavitt Meadow campground View from Sonora Bridge campground Camp site at Robinson Creek campground View from Buckeye campground View from Matterhorn Loop in Crags campground View from Virginia Creek campground Honeymoon Flat Campground Tenter Sawtooth Ridge at sunrise Another view of Sawtooth Ridge Rainbow Pull-throughs Mule deer Resident at Bob Scott campground Pull-through at Bob Scott campground Abandoned stone or settlers cabin Nevada landscape Camp site at Pine Creek campground Fall is coming - Aspen at Pine Creek campground Camp site at Hilltop campground Want to camp near Las Vegas, try Spring Mountains NRA A view of Fletcher View campground View from Old Mill campground of Mummy Mtn.

Tombigbee National Forest - Mississippi

Enjoy a slide show of Choctaw Lake and Davis Lake campgrounds

Tongass National Forest - Alaska

Click here for a slide show of wildlife in Alaska Click here for a slide show about towns in the Tongass Click here for a slide show about ferries in the Tongass Click here for a slide show of Inside Passage sites Click here for a slide show of Alaska's wildflowers

Welcome to Hyder, AK Fish Creek Bear Observation Platform in Hyder, AK View slides of ferry from Prince Rupert, BC (Canada) to Ketchikan, AK Signal Creek campground Old growth in Signal Creek campground Skunk cabbage Tent camper Nursery log Ward Lake in day use area

Ward Lake Trail at Last Chance campground Creek-side campsite at Last Chance campground Ferry transportation across Inner Passage from Ketchikan to Hollis AK (POW) Bald eagle perched on branch along hwy. on Prince of Wales Island Harris River campground Entrance to Harris River campground Campsite Muskeg Trail in campground Unknown flower

Eagles Nest campground Back-in campsite Boardwalk around Balls Lake Tent site

Take a day trip to Kasaan and Totem Pole Park from Eagles Nest campground Campsite at Ohmer Creek campground Ohmer Creek - Ohmer Creek campground Petersburg Salmonberry flower and visiting bee Forest Service boat End of drive along Sumner Strait

Historic Russian Bishop's house - Sitka Auke Village campground Back-in campsite Log cabin vault Pt. Louisa Trail

Mendenhall campground Back-in campsite Showers and bathroom Cooking shelter at walk-in tent sites Walk-in tent site Morning image of Mendenhall Glacier from campground Close-up of Mendenhall Glacier

View a video of cantankerous sea lions on a buoy north of Juneau Starrigavan Recreation Area campground Viewing platform - Estuary Life Trail Motorhome parked in pull-thru Tent site View from stern of ferry - Sitka to Juneau

Tonto National Forest - Arizona

View of CCC campground Getting way back on Cave Creek Rd. - near CCC campground picnic table reflects CCC influence - Seven Springs campground Sears-Kay ruin near CCC, Riverside & Seven Springs campgrounds Bartlett Lake Rd. (Forest Rt. 19) - on the way to Riverside campground Saguaro and Palo Verde "trees" along Forest Rt. 19 Oak Flat campground - rustic and rugged Queen Creek Canyon on State Rt. 60 - on the way to campground Campsite RV at campground ORV roadway

Besh-Ba-Gowah prehistoric ruin in Globe, AZ View of Boat Mtn. from Tortilla campground Site at Tortilla campground Schoolhouse campground Typical campsite ramada Mesquite loop Solar-powered bathroom Cholla

Windy Hill campground Playground Walk-in tent sites with great views Solar-powered bathhouse with flush toilets and showers Pull-through with view Fish cleaning station - historical record, may be closed Ramada

Cholla campground Playground Campsite Solar powered bathhouse with flush toilets and showers

Images at or near Roosevelt Lake Roosevelt Lake - accessed from Cholla, Indian Point, Schoolhouse & Windy Hill campgrounds Map The "three amigos" - Saguaros along State Rt. 88 near Roosevelt Lake Roosevelt Dam - Apache Lake side

Rocks along entrance to Fish Creek Canyon - Apache Trail Scenic Byway View of Apache Trail Scenic Byway Tonto National Monument at Roosevelt Lake Upper Cliff House shot from State Rt. 88, several miles away Cave dwellings A room in the cave dwelling

Burial site (Superior, AZ) of Celia Blaylock-Earp (Matty), common-law wife of Wyatt Earp Horse camp site at Houston Mesa campground Amphitheatre at Houston Mesa campground Campsite at Timber Camp Recreation Site

Trinity National Forest - California

View of the snowcapped Trinity Alps Corral Gulch Trail sign at Deerlick Springs campground Grille and Klamath Oven at Forest Glen campground Beach and swim hole on South Fork Trinity River at Hell Gate campground Trinity River Beach - Hayden Flat campground View of Hayden Flat campground Hobo Gulch campground Abandoned house in Helena enroute to campground View of snowcapped mountain tops enroute to campground View of North Fork Trinity River from campsite Campsite Facilities for horses at North Fork Trailhead near campground Basic but effective one-holer at North Fork Trailhead Hayward Flat campground Sailing, jet skiing, and water skiing on Trinity Lake Campsite Another campsite Tannery Gulch campground Swim beach - Trinity Alps in background View of campground View of Trinity Lake and Trinity Alps from campground Campsite at Bridge Camp Walk-in tent site - Stoney Point campground Walk-in tent site - Minersville campground Clark Springs campground Author's Golden Retriever, Dani, taking a cool break in stream Babbling brook at walk-in tent sites Houseboat near swim beach Campsite at Alpine View campground Campsite at Preacher Meadow campground Vaults at Jackass Springs campground View of Trinity Lake and Trinity Alps from Jackass Springs campground Walk-in tent site - Mary Smith campground Campsite on Lewiston Lake at Ackerman campground Campsite with electric and water hookups - Bushytail campground Communal area at Bushytail campground

Tuskegee National Forest - Alabama

Click here to see pictures of the 14 designated, dispersed campsites

Big Pond (Okhussee Thloko) One of the many colorful shrubs surrounding the pond Fishing pier Walking bridge to pond Colorful fungi growing on tree limb Unidentified wildflower

Small Pond (Okhussee Chutkee) Small Pond Butterfly Still another butterfly

Typical access road, this one to designated dispersed sites 3, 4, 5 and 11 Beauty Berry plant? Forest Rt. 917 in route to designated dispersed site 1 Tuskegee Airmen National Historical Site Wildflower at designated dispersed site 8 Bold Destiny Trail - a bit undermaintained

Uinta National Forest - Utah

View of Strawberry Bay Reservoir from Renegade Point campground Currant Creek campground Access road to campground View from camp site Stalls and hay feeders Playground Currant Creek Reservoir View from Ponderosa campground Payson Lakes campground View east from Payson Lakes campground entrance Camp site Buck in campground Big East Lake Camp site at Vernon Reservoir campground Access road to Vernon Reservoir campground Camp site at Blackhawk campground - "horse" loop Diamond campground Camp site Ramadas at some camp sites Walk-in tent site

View of Mt. Timpanogos Wilderness in route to Hope campground View from Timpooneke campground View of Granite Flat campground Tent site at Little Mill campground Tents at Aspen Grove campground View of Soldier Creek Reservoir - Soldier Creek campground

Umatilla National Forest - Oregon

US Rt. 12 leading to the Pomeroy Ranger District of Umatilla National Forest Harvesting wind for electric power - Tucannon River Valley Campsite at Tucannon campground Shelter at Tucannon campground site Campsite at Umatilla Forks campground Campsite with grey water disposal station - Jubilee Lake campground Tamarack, a.k.a. Western Larch, along Forest Rt. 64 Campsite at Target Meadows campground Meadow at Target Meadows campground Bull Prairie campground Campsite Semi-dispersed campsite One of several floating docks Farm on State Rt. 207 on way to campground

Campsite at Frazier campground The ghost town of Granite, OR The town Abandoned house? Occupied home It really is a church

Flower growing on "Sheep Rock" along Forest Rt. 10 Olive Lake campground Floating pier on Olive Lake Tent site Rotting wooden pipe from Olive Lake (8 miles) to Fremont Powerhouse "Historic" (closed) Fremont Powerhouse

North Fork John Day campground Horse corral View of campground From campground, visit Sumpter Valley Railway and Sumpter Valley Dredge

Umpqua National Forest - Oregon

Replica of Civilian Conservation Corps table - Rujada campground Campsite at Rujada campground View of the clear North Umpqua River from Horseshoe Bend campground Campsite at Hemlock Lake campground Hemlock Lake and boat ramp - Hemlock Lake campground View of Lake of the Woods from Lake in the Woods campground Yakso Falls Trail View of trail nearing the falls First view Up close view Mystical forest surrounding the falls Bridge across an abyss CCC-constructed home, now an information center View of Bogus Creek campground Shooting the rapids on the Wild and Scenic North Umpqua River Setting up First group starts Next group through The challenge met and conquered Campsite at Horseshoe Bend campground Campsite at Toketee Lake campground Redwood Stave pipe at Toketee Falls Trailhead Soil being "made" on boulder is broken down by the process of plants growing Rogue River-Umpqua Byway Click here for a photo album of this Byway. Click back arrow key on your browser (upper left corner) to return here.

North Umpqua River at Boulder Flat campground Campsite next to North Umpqua River at Eagle Rock campground Diamond Lake campground A cloudy day Wildflowers along Dellenback Bike Trail View of Mt. Thielsen Lots of sun at this campsite

Volcanic ash from Manaza Volcano - East Lemolo campground View of Lemolo Lake from East Lemolo campground Campsite at Poole Creek campground Swim beach at Poole Creek campground View of Mt. Thielsen from Broken Arrow campground View of Mt. Thielsen from Thielsen View campground Interior of Thielsen View campground Silent Creek from Silent Creek Trail near Broken Arrow campground Mt. Bailey at sunrise - Diamond Lake campground Crater Lake National Park Click here for a photo album of this Park. Click back arrow key on your browser (upper left corner) to return here.

Uncompahgre National Forest - Colorado

Camping site at Sunshine campground Mountains west of Telluride, CO Art Festival in Telluride, CO Power house on top of Bridal Veil Falls near Telluride, CO Trip from Ophir to Silverton, CO via County Rt. 630 and the Ophir Pass Getting started - seemed easy Looking back on what was no longer easy - white knuckle! Snow-framed road on the way - what next? A "state-of-the-art" single-lane road; not even a bicycle could pass Ophir Pass - the authors made it, but not without aging a few years Columbine on State Rt. 141 Camping site at Divide Fork campground Camping site at Silver Jack campground Entrance to Silver Jack campground Chipmunk at Beaver Lake campground

Uwharrie National Forest - North Carolina

Arrowhead campground Camp site with electric hookups Section for tent campers Bathhouse View of Badin Lake from camp site at Badin Lake campground Canebreak Horse Camp campground Camp site Horse showers View of bathhouse with hitching rail

View of West Morris campground

Wallowa-Whitman Nationa Forest - Idaho and Oregon Moss Springs campground Feeding stalls at campground View of Forest Rt. 6200 in route to campground View from Forest Rt. 6200

Spool Cart campground Wooded campsite Open campsite Wild Rose

View of Birdtrack Springs campground Hunter Falls near Lostine Guard Station` Quiet pool in Lustine River at Shady campground Campsite at Shady campground Campsite at Hurricane Creek campground Wallowa-Whitman's version of the Alps Secluded cyclist site at Ollokot campground What happens to an undermaintained campsite - Indian Crossing campground Horse facilities at Indian Crossing campground Campsite on Imnaha River - Blackhorse campground Hells Canyon Overlooks From Buckhorn Overlook From Hells Canyon Overlook 7 Devils (mountains) from Hells Canyon Overlook

Wildflowers Wild Hyacinth? Larkspur Unknown

Campsite at Two Color campground Eagle Creek at Two Color campground Campsite at Tamarack campground Early summer flowers along Forest Rt. 77 CCC built (1930s) gazebo - Anthony Lakes campground Gunsight Mountain from Anthony Lakes campground Union Creek campground Fish cleaning station RV/tent campsite Tent site Swim area

From Union Creek campground, take the family to Sumpter Valley Railroad and Sumpter Valley Dredge Elkhorn Scenic Byway Campsite at South Fork campground Abandoned ranch house, a home no longer Lots of Ponderosa pine at Yellow Pine campground View of Elkhorn Range from Southwest Shore campground

Wasatch National Forest - Utah and Wyoming

View of Great Salt Lake Marina on Great Salt Lake LDS Salt Lake Temple in Temple Square, Salt Lake City Camping site at Sunset campground View from the Bountiful Peak campground Camping site at Spruces campground Tanners Flat campground Interior road Camping site Stove found at some camping sites Walk-in tent site Wyoming traffic jam Christmas Meadows near Christmas Meadows campground View of Christmas Meadows campground Boardwalk at Mirror Lake campground Interior road in Ledgefork campground Camping site at Taylors Fork campground Pull-through camping site at Shingle Creek campground View from State Rt. 150 (Mirror Lake Scenic Byway) View from camping site at Moosehorn campground View from pull-through camping site at Moosehorn campground View for Trial Lake campground Camping site at Washington Lake campground Pull-through camping site at Shady Dell campground There are a lot of sheep in the Wasatch National Forest "Shepherding" horse and dog The Aspen's fall colors at entrance of Meeks Cabin campground Shepherd's wagon on the way to Little Lyman Lake campground Blackfork Commissary ruins near Meeks Cabin campground Checking packhorse at China Meadows Trailhead campground View of limestone formations in route to Hoop Lake campground

Wayne National Forest - Ohio

Campsite at Iron Ridge campground Author's RV at Iron Ridge campground

Wenatchee National Forest - Washington

Pull-through at Black Pine Horse Camp Most campsites overlook Icicle Creek at Rock Island campground Swimming hole in Icicle Creek - Rock Island campground Campsite at Johnny Creek campground Campsite at Eightmile campground Parallel pull-through parking apron at Tumwater campground Waterfront site at Glacier View campground Tenters on waterfront at Glacier View campground Campsite - Nason Creek campground Fish counter on Nason Creek next to Nason Creek campground View of campsite across Entiat River at Cottonwood (1) campground Entiat Falls between Cottonwood (1) and Silver Falls campgrounds Interior road at Silver Falls campground Silver Falls just outside Silver Falls campground River-front site at Lake Creek campground View from campsite on a rainy day at Lake Creek campground Double-wide parking apron at Fox Creek campground View of Glacier Peak Wilderness from Phelps Creek campground Mounting ramp at Chiwawa Horse Camp Campsite at Goose Creek campground Leavenworth, WA - a "Bavarian" town Buggy ride and tour Storefront Dancing Glockenspiel Beer Garden

Campsite at Swauk campground Ken Wilcox Horse Camp campground View from Forest Rt. 9112 Single-lane mountain hugging Forest Rt. 9112 Campsite Haney Meadow

Communal corral at Cayuse Horse Camp Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) picnic shelter - Salmon La Sac campground River view from Salmon La Sac campground Floating Cooper Lake at Owhi campground View from Red Mountain campsite Cle Elum River campground View from campground when Cle Elum Lake full View from campground when Cle Elum Lake receded Another view from campsite

View of Cle Elum Lake from Wish-Poosh campground Low-water bridge at Taneum campground Pull-through campsite at Taneum campground Kachess campground Swim beach at Kachess Lake Campsite in Box Canyon Loop View of Kachess Lake

CCC Shelter at Sawmill Flat campground View of Bumping Lake from Lower Bumping Lake campground Soda Springs campground Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) shelter Campsite Access to Soda Springs Trail

Meadow at Lodgepole campground Anthill at Pleasant Valley campground Campsite along American River at Hells Crossing campground Site at Little Naches campground Entrance to Boulder Cave from several campgrounds Pull-through at Kaner Flat campground View from campsite at Windy Point campground View of campsite at Willows campground Pull-through at Hause Creek campground View photographs of Mt. Rainier Lower section of Clear Creek Falls on US Rt. 12 Boat ramp on Clear Lake at South Clear Lake campground View of Rimrock Lake from Indian Creek campground

White Mountain National Forest - New Hampshire and Maine

Camp in one of the five campgrounds along Kancamagus Hwy (State Rt. 112)

Dolly Copp campground Stream running through campground Campsites View of campsite for tents or any size RV Daniel Webster trailhead Take day trip from campground to summit of Mt. Washington

Hastings campground A rustic campsite Interior road of campground Handpump Picturesque drive along State Rt. 113 north of campground Bridge on State Rt. 113 overlooking Wild River

Cold River campground Pavilion at entrance to campground Campsite Historic Brickett Place being renovated for public viewing about 0.3 miles north of campground off State Rt. 113 Moose blind - 2.25 miles south of campground - GPS Coordinates: N44 14.247, W071 00.922 View of blind View through a portal of blind

Basin campground Campsite Basin Pond Historic Brickett Place being renovated for public viewing about 0.3 miles north of campground off State Rt. 113 Moose blind - 2.25 miles south of campground - GPS Coordinates: N44 14.247, W071 00.922 View of blind View through a portal of blind

From Sugarloaf I & II and Zealand campgrounds, visit historic Mt. Washington Hotel Zealand campground Campsite w/Ammonoosuc River in background Open campsites Take day trip from campground to summit of Mt. Washington

Sugarloaf I campground Interior road Campsite Take day trip from campground to summit of Mt. Washington

Wildwood campground Spacious campsite Lots of room for a tent Picnic area State Rt. 112 Vegetation found in campground Wild Ammonoosuc River

Jigger Johnson campground Tent camping Patriotic camper Tree-eating cloud Walk-in tent sites

Covered Bridge campground The covered bridge entrance to the campground is but 7'9" Another view of the covered bridge Lots of ghost stories in this campground Campsite - RV/tent Campground interior Spring-fed potable water Swift River

Blackberry Crossing campground Civilian Conservation Crossing (CCC)camp's chimney ruins CCC camp's floor in campsite More CCC camp ruins Russell Colbath Historic Site

Campsite at Waterville campground Campton campground Campground interior Campsite - plenty room for 5th wheel Tenters Canoeists on the nearby Pemigewasset River

Russell Pond campground Tent campers Chess-playing campers Canoeing on Russell Pond Good size parking aprons for the large RV

Jigger Johnson campground Comfortable campsite Motorcycle campers Swift River Camper's art work - appropriate?

Big Rock campground Roomy combined campsite (tent and/or RV) Walk-in tent site Campground's namesake

Hancock campground Spacious campsite Walk-in tent sites East Branch Pemigewasset River Tent sites overlooking the East Branch Pemigewasset River

Passaconaway campground Another spacious campsite in White Mountain National Forest Interior of campground

White River National Forest - Colorado

View from walk-in tent site at Gore Creek campground Camping site at Gold Park campground Long level parking aprons at Camp Hale Memorial campground Shimmering Aspen in Difficult campground View of Mollie B campground overlooking Ruedi Reservoir Chapman Dam campground Camp site on Frying Pan River Civilian Conservation Corps dam

Redstone campground Beehive Coke Oven ruins near campground View of electric and water hookups

Yeoman Park campground Yeoman Park Discovery Trail Beaver Dam on Brushy Creek Wheelchair friendly fishing pier

Cow Creek South on Green Mountain Reservoir Back-in campsite Lake-front campsite

Entrance into Cow Creek North campground on shore of Green Mtn. Reservoir Willows campground on Green Mountain Reservoir Entrance into campground Lakefront campsite

Deep Lake campground Sheep herders camp seen in route to campground View from campsite Tumble of rocks and wild flowers

Butterfly at Shepherd's Rim campground View of Flat Top Wilderness Big pull-through camping site at North Fork campground Interesting decoration on host's travel trailer at Marvine campground Elliot Creek campground Tent only campsites Pull-through campsites

Green Mountain Reservoir at Prairie Point campground Camping site at Blue River campground Heaton Bay campground Tent campsite Large RVs in Loop A View of Dillon Reservoir Morning light on tent campsite

Side-by-side parking lot style camping at Pine Cove campground Access road to Prospector campground

Willamette National Forest - Oregon

The Dee Wright Observatory Campsite at Breitenbush campground Marion Forks Fish Hatchery at Marion Forks campground Campsite at Riverside campground North Santium River at Whispering Falls campground View of Detroit Lake from walk-in tent site - Southshore campground Boat ramp at Southshore campground Fishing pier on Detroit Lake - Hoover campground Campsite at Cove Creek campground Tent camping at Shady Cove campground Bridge across Little N. Santiam River - Shady Cove campground Campsite at Big Lake West campground Smoke from wildfire seen from site at Big Lake campground Pull-through site at Trout Creek campground Tree growing out of dead tree trunk at Yukwah campground Campsite at Fernview campground Swimming hole at House Rock campground Grassy tent site at Lost Prairie campground Parking lot style camping for RVs - Trailbridge campground Boaters enjoying Clear Lake - Coldwater Cove campground Sahalie Falls at Coldwater Cove and Ice Cap Creek campgrounds Koosah Falls at Coldwater Cove and Ice Cap Creek campgrounds Campsite at Ice Cap Creek campground Campsite at Limberlost campground Site at Riverside campground Site tucked into woods at McKenzie Bridge campground Pole stall for horses at Box Canyon campground Boat ramp on Cougar Reservoir at Slide Creek campground Open sites at Cougar Crossing campground Campsite setup at Mona campground Semi-sub-tropical site at Delta campground McCredie Hot Springs - 0.5 miles from Blue Pool campground Campsite at Salmon Creek Falls campground Covered bridge in Westfir, OR Semi-sub-tropical environment at Kiahanie campground Handpump at Timpanogas Lake campground Boat ramp and swim beach at Packard Creek campground Pull-through at Black Canyon campground Tree growing out of a tree at Black Canyon campground CCC-built shelter at Gold Lake campground View of Gold Lake from Gold Lake campground Setting out for a sail on Lake Waldo at North Waldo campground Swimming and paddling on Lake Waldo at North Waldo campground Campsite at Shadow Bay campground

Winema National Forest - Oregon

Upper Williamson River at Williamson River campground Smart Weed on Williamson River shore View of Williamson River campground Fourmile Lake campground View from campsite Equestrian section Boat ramp View of Mt. McLoughlin Narrow swim beach at Sunset campground Aspen Point campground Large pull-through campsite Mt. McLoughlin at sunrise Brown Mountain at sunrise Wildflower along High Lakes Trail High Lakes Trail Boat dock at Lake of the Woods Mt. McLoughlin silhouetted on Lake of the Woods Campsite at Jackson Creek campground Digit Point campground Interior road Campsite Miller Lake

Fred and Suzi Dow

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