Loggers Lake Campground - Mark Twain National Forest (MO)

Loggers Lake campground, an example of the Civilian Coservation Corps (CCC) engineering and construction work in the 1930s, is located next to the 22-acre Loggers Lake. Campers have a choice of a well shaded campsite or one in the open. Most campsites have a view of the lake.
Commemorative plaque at Loggers Lake campground. This campground is but one example representing the infrastructure the CCC built during the 1930s throught the U.S. Loop off spur - campsites are along the perimeter, some overlooking Loggers Lake. Open campsites, some large enough for big rigs. Grassy swim beach - in need of some work but useable, nevertheless.
This is one campsite we call "V-shape." A side view of the V-shaped campsite. Some of the campsites with short parking apron but overlooking Loggers Lake. A fun, easy trail.
boat ramp into the low Loggers Lake,