Vedauwoo Campground - Medicine Bow National Forest (WY)

Vedauwoo Campground, between Laramie and Cheyenne (WY) and with easy on-and-off to Interstate 80, is a delight for all campers. This is a well designed, attractive campground with the sites well separated and providing good privacy. It seems the Forest Service went out of its way to design the campground in a manner that is in keeping with the surrounding area.
Sunrise on Vedauwoo campground and its jumble of rocks. The campground has multiple loops and sections for campers of various modes. Walk-in tent campsites offer seclusion away from the crowds. Campers in recreational vehicle will find comfortable campsites.
The recent infection of Mountain Pine Beetle resulted in wholesale removal of the campground's pine trees in the tent-only section of the campground. A rock-climber at a mid-point to his climb. Rock climbing is a hugely popular activity at Vedauwoo campground.  Here, climbers assess their approach. They made it to the top, safe and sound.
At the base of Turtle Rock is a lovely gazebo, perfect for a family gathering or some special event. Turtle Rock Trail is just one of several trails in and near Vedauwoo campground. Fall can come early at Vedauwoo campground. Tucked in a box canyon located at the rear of the campground, is a grove of Aspen.  Nice contrast to the pine and juniper trees found elsewhere in the campground.
The rock formation can present some fanciful images.  Can you see the man in the mountain here? Another surprise discovered at Vedauwoo campground.  After a liesurely inspection of the campground, a resident moose ambles off.