Turtle Rock Trail, Vedauwoo Campground - Medicine Bow National Forest (WY)

Within Vedauwoo campground in the Medicine Bow National Forest (WY) there is so much to do including the three-mile long Turtle Rock trail.
The trail begins at the base of Turtle Rock and winds around the rock in the Vedauwoo campground A stand of various confiers Pass through jumbles of fallen rocks But some piles suggest fanciful images like this one of two dolphans carrying a box.
The morning sun lights up Turtle Rock. The trail winds around Turtle Rock and lichen-covered boulders. A boulder balances atop a nearby mountain of boulders. Surprise!  A log cabin vault toilet tucked in among the boulders.
Another fanciful formation of rocks makes one think of a cluster of hobbits carrying a boulder to a new location. View of Turtle Rock from Veduawoo campground's tent-only loop.