Red Bluff Campground - Mark Twain National Forest (MO)

What a campground. Red Bluff has everything - electric hookups at some campsites, wading, fishing, hiking, floating, large campsites for big rigs, and other more secluded campsites for tents and small rigs.
Red Bluff, thus name of campground Campsite in Lower Loop - plenty of room. A good campground for that large family. Lots of room for that biiiig rig.
In the southwest, this covered picnic table is called a ramada. Fishing in Huzzah Creek. Parts of Huzzah Creek are excellent for wading. A friendly beach for parents to oversee the kids wading in Huzzah Creek.
Aaaa, the imagination of young ones. .View of Huzzah Creek from Red Bluff Trail. Pines Overlook - a short distance from the main campground. View from Pines Overlook. Look hard at lower center where you'll see Hazzah Creek, below.