Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

Cape Perpetua, in Sius National Forest, is one of many scenic areas found along Pacific Coast Scenic Byway in Oregon. Using the visitor center (N44 17 02, W124 06 35) as a starting point, visit Devil's Churn and Thor's Well.
Stay at Cape Perpetua campground from which you can enjoy fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean and view Devil's Churn and Thor's Well. Both tent and RV campers are at home in Cape Perpetua campground. View from Cape Perpetua Visitor Center. Devil's Churn is below. Path leading down to Devil's Churn
Opening from the Pacific Ocean into Devil's Churn. Devil's Churn Churning ocean water into Devil's Churn. Vegetation found along trail to Thor's Well
Another view of trail to Pacific Ocean shore and Thor's Well "Tidal Pools" are everywhere along this part of Pacific Ocean shoreline. Green Anemone found in one of the Tidal Pools An empty Thor's Well
Thor's Well filling up A full Thor's Well Geysers at the Thor's Well site More geysers
More tidal pools