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The Osceola National Forest, located in northern Florida, is comprised of 187,554 acres. There is one developed campground, which met the selection criteria.

The Osceola National Forest, named for a Native American war leader, was created in 1931. Heavily lumbered, the forest has not been replanted but allowed to recover on its own. This method of reforesting has produced a natural, lush, and healthy forest. With a high water table and poorly drained soil, Longleaf and Slash pines, Saw palmettoes, and wire grass are found on the forest's sandy ridges. Cypress, Blackgum, Bay, and maple trees are found in the Osceola's marshier terrain.

Highway 90 has long been an important route through the northern section of Florida where Osceola's Ocean Pond campground is conveniently located. The defensive value of the area around Ocean Pond campground becomes clear at the reconstruction of the Battle of Olustee during the War Between the States. The Confederate's victory there ensured the Northern Army's confinement to the coastal areas and left a supply route open to Florida's Confederate neighbors. This success is commemorated at the Olustee Battlefield State Historic Site. Each year there are skirmishes and battle re-enacted during President's weekend - a living history experience.

Osceola National Forest provides the visitor with a pleasant location to enjoy Florida's original nature and gain a sense the area's history. This is a Florida whose principal residents are the wild turkey, red-cockade woodpeckers, and alligators - the Florida before the orange groves, amusement parks, and tourists. The Osceola National Forest is a good place to spend a family camping vacation at Ocean Pond campground, explore nature in a close to pristine condition, and experience a Civil War Battle. So much to do in this little national forest. Come on down and join in the fun.

SUPERVISOR ADDRESS 325 John Knox Rd. Tallahassee, Florida 32303 850-942-9300 RANGER DISTRICT ADDRESSES Osceola U.S. Hwy. 90 P.O.B. 70 Olustee, Florida 32072 386-752-2577

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