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The Holly Springs National Forest, located in north-central Mississippi, is comprised of 154,654 acres. There are three developed campgrounds, two of which met our selection criteria.

The Holly Springs National Forest, convenient to Memphis, Tennessee, may be best known for its display of seasonal beauty. With dogwoods in the Spring followed by the wild magnolia and grape-scented kudzu blooming in the Summer, followed by vivid fall foliage delight the eye of its visitor. But Holly Springs National Forest is more than a pretty place. Bottomland hardwoods and other wetlands provide habitat for resident and migratory wildlife attracting bird-watchers from near and far. Its healthy robust forest provides excellent habitat for wildlife. Hiking trails provide a great way to get an up-close-and-personal view of the Forest. Anglers and swimmers have several lakes in which to pursue their pleasure. During their seasons, mushroom and berry-picking are noteworthy. Yes, Holly Springs National Forest is more than a pretty place, it is a great place for a family camping vacation.

The Chewalla Lake Recreation Area, a recreational vehicle (RV) and motorhome-friendly camping location, is a delightful place to enjoy the beauty of the Holly Springs National Forest. Chewalla's name is derived from the Choctaw Indian word, "chilhowa-la," meaning Supreme Being. The area, containing a 260-acre lake, day-use, and campground, was once the location for Indian ceremonial burial mounds. One of the mounds was reconstructed so the Forest's visitors can gain some insight into this culture.

The nearby town of Holly Springs, Mississippi, offers the National Forest's visitor experiences of the South when cotton was king. Many antebellum homes are preserved and are open to the public during a Springtime event known as the Holly Springs Pilgrimage. While the opportunity to see inside these homes should not be missed, a walk through the town is a must.

The Puskus Lake Recreation Area is another good place to enjoy the natural beauty of the Holly Springs National Forest. A good car and tent camping location, Puskus Lake's natural beauty and quiet setting is an alternative to crowded, concrete recreation areas. While Puskus Lake offers no hookups or showers, a more tranquil location to get away from it all would be hard to find.

Holly Springs National Forest may not offer all the diverse recreational opportunities of other Mississippi National Forests but it has enough to keep the whole family entertained. Plus its seasonal beauty makes it a place for restful contemplation. It is a place to quietly enjoy the wonder and beauty of nature year-round.

SUPERVISOR ADDRESS Suite 500-N 200 S. Lamar St. Jackson, Mississippi 39269 601-965-1600 RANGER DISTRICT ADDRESSES Holly Springs 6052 Hwy 15 Ackerman, Mississippi 39735 662-236-6550

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