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Rita Blanca National Grassland

Oklahoma and Texas

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Forest Information

The Rita Blanca National Grassland (NG) is located in the southwest corner of Oklahoma (15,639 acres) and the northwest corner of Texas (77,183 acres). Except for two picnic areas where camping is permitted, there are no developed campgrounds.

The Rita Blanca NG is an expanse of rolling grass prairie reaching from one horizon to another under a vaulted blue sky. On this national grassland, providing healthy endless grass for cattle appears to be the grassland's primary purpose. There are no developed campgrounds, no fishing opportunities, or maintained hiking trails. Two lane dirt farm roads cris-cross the grassland providing access to parcels of grazing land identified as a "Unit." Each Unit is represented by an alpha/numeric number and ranchers will lease it, for a specific period of time, from the Forest Service to supplement their own grazing land. Maintaining productive quality grazing land, a.k.a. forage, is an important responsibilities of the Rita Blanca NG. However, not only does it help to ensure a supply of beef for the public and game for hunters but grass and other forage plants help to stabilize the soil ensuring continued quality forage for the wildlife and domestic animals.

It might be hard to imagine the Rita Blanca NG as anything other than what it is today. The area now designated as "grassland" was settled in the 1800s under a variety of "Homestead Acts," which opened the land to people, generally farmers, and helped to settle the west. A prolonged period of drought in the late 1920s into the 1930s caused some homesteads on sub-marginal farmland (a location receiving 15 or less inches of annual moisture) to literally dry up and blow away. During this time, Congress established the Land Utilization Program (LUP) which bought homesteads from bankrupt private owners and returned it to public land status. The Work Program Administration (WPA) and Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) enrollees helped to stabilize the eroding soil. In the 1950s, the LUP holdings were assigned to the USDA Forest Service and they were tasked with management of these sub-marginal lands. Over the years the Forest Service established some twenty National Grasslands from those lands. "The designation of the area as National Grassland is not a description of the area as much as a statement of policy and effort to restore the area to a multiple of uses and benefits."

The Rita Blanca NG, a patchwork of public and private land, has come a long way from a land devastated by drought. At the beginning of the 21st century, the area experience weather conditions as bad, if not worse, then those of the 1930s. However, because of the USDA Forest Service's land management practices and the support of the local ranches and farmers, there were no massive dust storms or related damage to the land - a good indication something is being done well.

Although the Rita Blanca NG lacks the recreational opportunities found on other grasslands, there are two. In Felt, OK, convenient from US Rt. 56, the Felt Picnic Area (1/) offers good birdwatching opportunities and a nice spot for overnight camping. Northeast of Texline, TX is the Thompson Grove Picnic Area (2/) with big, grand old cottonwoods and endless prairie all around. Not convenient to any major highways, Thompson Grove with all that shade and endless prairie stretching to the horizon just beyond the trees, is also a good location for a temporary, camping stay. Both picnic areas have a vault toilet.

The Rita Blanca NG doesn't have outstanding recreational opportunities but it is a special place. A place of endless grass rippling in the wind. A place where livestock and wildlife are fat, happy and healthy. It is a place where visitors will find the "lone prairie" of song and folklore.

1/ GPS coordinates - N36 33.56, W102 47.60
2/ GPS coordinates - N36 24.878, W102 48.256

SUPERVISOR ADDRESS 2113 Osuna Road, NE Suite A Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113 505-346-3900 RANGER DISTRICT ADDRESSES Kiowa and Rita Blanca 714 Main St. Clayton, New Mexico 88415 575-374-9652

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