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The Homochitto (homa-cheta) National Forest, comprised of 189,000 acres, is located in the southwest section of Mississippi. There is one developed campground which met our selection criteria.

Nestled in the mountain-like hills of western Mississippi is the little Homochitto National Forest. In its beautiful but rugged terrain, people have found diverse recreational opportunities, pleasant camping location, and quiet since the late 1930s. In the mid-1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) began its efforts of reforestation in the area, developing a system of roadways and building various recreational areas. The Forest's only developed campground, Clear Spring, owes its beginnings to these efforts.

The Clear Springs Recreational Area, consisting of a man-made lake, campground, picnic grounds, swim area, and two hiking trails. The longer of the two trails in the Recreation Area, Clear Springs Trail, is developing a reputation as one of the top three mountain-bike trails in Mississippi. Most campsites are secluded and either overlook the lake or are within an easy walk of the lake. Two CCC constructed pavilions on either side of the lake provide a comfortable place to enjoy the surrounding beauty and watch the wildlife. With a nice assortment of car, tent, recreational vehicle (RV), and motorhome-friendly camping, Clear Spring offers diverse collection of activities that will keep all entertained making it a good place for a family camping vacation.

The land within the Forest's boundary has three different characteristics as you travel from east to west. Entering the eastern limits of the forest, various pine trees dominate. In the middle, more rugged area hardwoods reach up from the gullies and ravines to line the ridges. Toward the Forest's west and southern edges, where the land is flattened out somewhat, there is a more equal blending of pine and hardwood. Such variety in terrain and vegetation make every turn of "the trail" a new sight to see.

An interesting day trip is the town of Freewoods, Mississippi. Settled in the mid-1800's as a community for freed slaves, the town is populated by descendants of its original founders. Near this town is a newly discovered Indian mound. From petrified wood and arrowhead to the living history in Freewoods and old hiking trails, the recreational opportunities of Homochitto continue to expand.

Near the town of Gloster, at the southern end of the Homochitto National Forest, Matt and Mary Holmes have established the Brushy Creek Guest Ranch. Under special permit, the Holmes use the forest land for horseback trail rides for their guests and Forest visitors. The trails used provide access to some of the most beautiful parts of the Forest.

In talking with several longtime Clear Springs campers, two comments were repeated: "We keep coming back because this is a beautiful place." and "We found it by accident." Today, the route is well marked and it should be no accident. Homochitto National Forest with its Clear Springs campground, offer a diversity of recreational opportunities that make it a delightful spot for all to spend time in pursuit of their favorite outdoor activities.

SUPERVISOR ADDRESS Suite 500-N 200 S Lamar St. Jackson, Mississippi 39201 601-965-1600 RANGER DISTRICT ADDRESSES Homochitto 1200 Highway 184 East Meadville, Mississippi 39653 601-384-5876

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