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The St. Francis National Forest, in the Forest Service's Southern Region and located in east central Arkansas, is comprised of 21,201 acres. There are three developed campgrounds within the forest boundaries that are leased to, managed and funded by the State Parks of Arkansas, Mississippi River State Park. Therefore, they do not meet our selection criteria and no campground descriptions are provided here.

The St. Francis National Forest is described as "an island in the river" and so it is. The Forest rises from the delta plains of Arkansas and Mississippi with a sudden beauty. The tallest oaks, sycamore and buckeye trees can be found in the Forest along the gentle slopes of Crowley Ridge with its 300 foot elevation. Although not as impressive as its neighboring Ozark National Forest, the St. Francis offers its visitors a chance to enjoy the quiet and solitude found only in a healthy woodland.

While the recreational opportunities found within the St. Francis National Forest are not as diverse as in other national forests, the fishing is great! With two man-made lakes and state-operated campgrounds on each, fishermen will return time after time. Both lakes have a large populations of Largemouth bass, Crappie, Redeyed bream, and Channel catfish. One lake, Storm Creek, is also stocked with hybrid bass strippers.

These leased Mississippi River State Park campgrounds offer a wide variety of features including electric hookups, hot showers and more. The campsites can accommodate car, tent and recreational vehicles (RV) camping enthusiasts. For more information click here for the Mississippi River State Park's website or call 870-295-4040.


SUPERVISOR ADDRESS 605 W. Main St. Russellville, Arkansas 72801 501-968-2354 RANGER DISTRICT ADDRESS St. Francis District 2675 Hwy.44 Marianna, Arkansas 72360 870-295-5278

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