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Game for home, campground, and car

Here’s a twist on the old “I Spy” game (the reliable long trip traveling in the car game) that is good for a rainy camping afternoon or a yucky winter’s day adapted from the No Time for Flash Cards blog.

I Spy JarTake a glass or plastic jar and full about 3/4 full with uncooked rice.  Now look around the house, yard, forest, store, wherever, for little goodies to put into the jar (noticed button and broken crayon in the photo) and securely screw the lid back on.  Give the jar a good shake to mix everything up.  Tuck it away some place safe and pull it out when needed.  Since the lid is on tight, you have little concern about any possible choking hazard from the little objects but, of course, young children shouldn’t play with this game without supervision.

FYI: The object of the game is to find the stuff inside the jar.  I remark, “I spy an acorn.  Do you?”  And have the children find it.  Than it’s their turn to “spy” something and I get to find.

Wouldn’t this be great craft for Halloween if you used black beans and plastic spiders, little toy skulls, and gummy worms!?!?!?!?  What about Christmas theme I-spy jar using green split peas and such?

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