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A Campground with Cabins!

Wllow Bay cabinFound a very unique feature of the Allegheny National Forest’s Willow Bay campground – Cabins.

In Willow Bay campground in the Allegheny National Forest, PA, along the eastern bank of the Allegheny Reservoir, are a dozen little cabins just waiting for the 2011 camping season.

Just to give you a heads up, these are not your resort style cabin with room service and indoor plumping.  These are your bare bones, bring your own linen (sleeping bag and towel) and a flash-light along with latern, camp stove, ice chest, and such.

IMHO, the best cabins are in the Deer Grove Camping Area (each is nestled into a dense wood with the Reservoir a stone’s throw from the cabin’s door) but there are some between Aspen and Hemlock loops that are closer to the bathroom/showers.

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0 thoughts on “A Campground with Cabins!”

  1. Jason Pratt says:

    Glad you enjoyed your stay. We (ASM) just replaced the roofs on the Deer Grove cabins this past fall. Being from Johnsonburg and Managing Twin Lakes for the past 8 years I enjoyed your post at your arrival adventure there. Your not the only ones to miss that turn.

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