Lynx Lake Shoreline Trail - Prescott National Forest (AZ)

Lynx Lake is located between Lynx Lake and Hilltop campgrounds in Prescott National Forest (AZ). Just 55 acres, the lake attracts campers, hikers, birds, and othe wildlife. The Lynx Lake Shoreline trail winds around the lake and is foot-only. About 2.3 miles in length, it is a nice after dinner stroll for the whole family.
The Lynx Lake Shoreline Trail begins as a paved wheelchair-friendly trail next to the Hilltop campground. The paved walkway soon becomes a hard-packed gravel walkway with fishing piers, like this one, scattered along the way.  Young pines provide shade along most of the trail. Benches, also installed along the trail, provide a place to enjoy the view. Lynx Lake is popular with anglers.  With several small bays, anglers must discover where the stocked trout are hidding.
Another fishing pier across from the dam. An indicator of  2013 conditions could be seen at the Lynx Lake dam's spillway. The Lynx Lake Shoreline Trail has two personalities.  The west side is wheelchair-friendly, with formal fishing piers and benches while the east side is less developed, as seen in this photo.  The trail is easy to follow but roots, rocks, and narrow widths means it isn't wheelchair-friendly. Another inlet on the east side of Lynx Lake beckens a fisherman.
You might be tempted to only look up but take time to look down.  Here's a patch of Oregon Ivy in bloom. The presence of water anywhere in Arizonia means wildlife.  That is especially true at Lynx Lake.  Watch for Javelina and deer and birds of all species.  Here a Great Blue Heron surveys the area from a snag. Turtles can often be seen soaking up warmth from the Arizona sun. Bird watching is a popular activity at Lynx Lake so stay alert for the whole length of your hike.
Back-in campsite in Hilltop campground.  Enjoy Lynx Lake from this campground or Lynx Lake campground. Terraced pull-through campsite in Lynx Lake campground.  Enjoy Lynx Lake from this campground or Hilltop campground.