U.S. National Forest Campground Guide - Hoback Campground, Teton NF (WY)

Heavily vegetated with Hoback River running alongside, this notable campground is easily accessible from U.S Rt. 189. It is an excellent base camp for fishing, decompressing, viewing and listening to Osprey, reading a favorite novel and enjoying the mountain scenery.
U.S. Rt. 189, with Hoback River on left, accesses the campground. Entrance to Hoback campground. To left of campground entrance is the Hoback River over which one accessed another section. Unfortunately, the bridge to it was destroyed by a flood thus reducing significantly reducing the number of campsites. The campgrounds configuration is small but oh so comfortable. An active Osprey nest is just in front and above this RV.
Back-in campsite. A frosty early morning ground cover. And here is the Osprey nest with one of them surveyig the scene. The Hoback River is just below and behind the nest. Lots of seats to sit on and enjoy the Hoback River just in back of the campsite.