Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

The Gila Cliff Dwellings, comprised of seven caves, were likely built between 1276 and 1278. They were abandoned around 1300. The interior pictures in this album are of Caves 4 and 5. The Scorpian campground in the Gila National Forest is just a few minutes from the Monument.
Cliff Dwelling Trail is a one-mile loop trail to the dwellings. It is steep and rocky - wear sturdy shoes.  Cliff dwellings are visible in background. T-shaped doorways were found in many parts of the southwest and northern Mexico. Single room
Blackened ceiling from "friendly" fires inside the dwellings Cave 4 - arch entrance Intersection of Cave 4 with Cave 5
multi-rooms in Cave 5 From Cave 4, looking out into Gila Wilderness So called Round Room in Cave 5
Method of access into another room Basket of corn cobs Imprint of supporting pole, we assume for a room above
Narrow path in front of Cave 5 rooms Returning to the parking lot, looking back to the caves or dwellings