Atherton Creek Campground - Teton National Forest (WY)

Atherton Creek campground, is without a doubt, one of the most scenic campgrounds in the Forest Service inventory. Driving to it and beyond, views from the campground and the water sports make it another great destination. And leaving the campground toward the Teton mountain range, you take in unforgettable views. It's no wonder the producers of the 1953 movie, Shane, picked the area to shoot its scenes.
Ernie Wright's homestead - one of the movie sets for the 1953 movie, Shane. Located on Gros Ventre Rd. about 5 miles west of Atherton Creek CG. DVD frame capture from the movie, Shane - Ernie Wright's homestead. Closer view of Ernie Wright's cabin the way it looked September 2013. View of Teton mountain range loking west from campground.
On the way to campground, Lower Slide Lake - from Gros Ventre Rd. View of campground and Lower Slide Lake from Gros Ventre Rd. Campsites in Atherton Creek campground - upper loop More campsites along the lake - lower loop
Boat ramp in campground Continuing east on Gros Ventre Rd. past the campground, is a scenic drive enjoyable by the whole family. Take a pcnic lunch and enjoy. Note the red hills in the background. What a view! Gros Ventre Rd., red hills, Red Hills Ranch and Snake River The red hills, of course
Abundant wildlife along the road Looking west toward the campground is the Red Hills Ranch and the Teton Mountain range in the background.