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Travel Activity Notebook

Have an Activity Binder for each child.  You’ll need:

Get a 3-ring binder, a package of plastic sleeves, and at least one pencil “pocket.”

You might also want:
– some paper clips or clothes pins (used to hold paper to binder’s cover;
– some paper towels or a cloth to wipe plastic sleeves clean;
– some crayons and/or dry-erasers; and
– extra blank pages for some original art work.

Stuff into empty plastic sheets with blank games such as Hangman, TicTacToe, Connect the Dots, etc. (You can make your own templet of such games or use ones from the internet.) Now you have options:

– Remove a page of one game and attach to the cover of the binder. Using a crayon or pencil, play that game; or
– Leave the game’s page in the plastic sleeves and use a dry-eraser to play the game.
– Use a paper towel or cloth to clean the markings on the sleeve and play again.

Depending on the child’s age, you might want to provide some reading material. Maybe a story of someplace along the way or somebody connected to your destination.

Extra plastic sleeves not used to hold activities can be used to hold brochures, maps, coupons, etc. or such stuff collected along the way.

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