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Time saving tips for potatoes

One of the first things a cook learns when camping, when camp is a mile or more high, is it takes longer for things to cook. Fred is a meat-and-potato kind-ah guy and for a long time I just could not get the two done at the same time until I learned these tricks:

1. Peel your potato,


Cut in half,potatoe2

Than cut the potato in quarters the long way,potatoe3

than across in thin (about 1/4-inch) slices.



Toss in your pot and bring to a boil on campfire or campstove.  The potato cooks in less than half the time. Leftover potatoes are ready for a breakfast.

2. Use pre-cooked or frozen potatoes.

3. Instant mash potatoes must have been invented by a camper. Lightweight and quick, requiring less water and minimal cooking time, they are my favorite and most trusted go-to potato product.

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