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Camping Family’s First Aid Kit

There are first-aid kits commercially available in drug stores and outdoor equipment shops. These kits tend to be pricey and I’m never sure if it has all I might need in an emergency. The following is condensed from all my readings over the years and provides what I think are must first-aid kit items: Sunscreen   Read More >>

Good for How Long?

Time to put of old motorhome away for the winter and that means everything must be moved out.  Or does it?  Why can’t I leave some of the kitchen stuff in there?  It will be good for how long? Well, it turns out a lot of my pantry stuff can stay in the motorhome. Like   Read More >>

Giarda – No fun at all

Lyme disease, West Nile disease, and Poison ivy – these are just a few potential dangers you’ll find in the forest. Another problem that is becoming more common – Giardia.  Although more cases are being seen across the country each year, medical staff remain unfamiliar with this nasty intestinal bug.  Hope this articles helps you   Read More >>

Fire Ants – Beware!!!

As we leave the Southern Region behind, I have to say overall our time in the south has been good. The folks have been friendly and hospitable, even if the weather hasn’t been Chamber of Commerce. Yep, for the most part we enjoyed our time in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas.  However, one thing   Read More >>

Notable Campground Dilemma

Each month in our newsletter we identify a “Notable” campground. In some ways, it’s the easiest part of writing the Newsletter. In other ways, it can be the most challenging. What makes one campground “notable” over others? This designation has lead to some heated debates between Fred and I. Here is one debate over Superior   Read More >>

Tips for buying a motorhome

We have invested a lot of time and money into our “little” motorhome. Here are some things I’ve leaned to look for when shopping for my next RV: – Check that the bathroom sink does not drain into the black water tank. It should go to the gray water tank. Don’t expect the salesperson to   Read More >>

Managing Increasing Gas Prices

Gasoline continues to be less than $2.50 in my corner of the country but I know other locations aren’t as fortune.  The following piece was first published June 1, 2009.  Even though the price of gas isn’t as high, the suggestions, tips, and advice provide still holds true. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Whether you drive a motorhome, truck,   Read More >>

In my pantry is –

The RV is parked in front of the house and loading begun. Our annual conversion from stationary home-based residents to mobile full-time RVers has begun. Fred and I may debate over what clothes to bring but there is no debate when it comes to pantry. We have learned, while there are grocery stores everywhere, not   Read More >>

Why travel in a motorhome?

The largest and probably best reason to camp in an a recreational vehicle (RV), whether van, travel trailer, or motorhome, is because it provides us with a hassle-free way to see America, particularly in our line of work. Another reason we prefer our RV as it comes with a kitchen, bathroom, livingroom and bedroom. Okay,   Read More >>

Stretching eases the stiffness

There is, however, one lingering problem. My muscles seem to tighten up quicker now. This is especially true after a long drive in the motorhome. After sitting for a couple of hours everything hurts when I first start moving around. To combat this I’ve started stretching more often. If you share this problem with me,   Read More >>

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