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Camping Family’s First Aid Kit

There are first-aid kits commercially available in drug stores and outdoor equipment shops. These kits tend to be pricey and I’m never sure if it has all I might need in an emergency. The following is condensed from all my readings over the years and provides what I think are must first-aid kit items: Sunscreen   Read More >>

Tips from one RVer to another

I’m always learning and picking up helpful information from other campers. Here are some tidbits from this year’s travels. Tennis ball jar opener: Carefully slice a tennis ball in half with a box opener or X-acto knife. Use its rubber lining to grip a stubborn lid as you twist to open. Lost sock: It seemed   Read More >>

August 17, 1959 – earthquake!

There are dangers in the forests.  We recognize this. These dangers seem more like urban legend than reality. However, an earthquake caused scar on a mountain-side visible from US Route 287, in the Gallatin National Forest (MT) and just northwest of Yellowstone National Park, shows us, even in a place of such beauty, a terrible   Read More >>

What’s a vault?

Once upon a time we were asked, “What is a “vault? Isn’t it where the Forest Service puts important papers?” A reasonable question for someone unfamiliar with the vocabulary used by the Forest Service. For Fred and I it was the question that demonstrated a need for a glossary of terms to go with our   Read More >>

Shopping for a tent

I think it is official – the 2017 camping season has ended. Retailers have cleared out a lot of their stock, making room to tempt you with 2018 stuff.  A new tent might be a super Holiday gift.  You might even see, as I have, local sporting goods store advertising inexpansive, as in $20, tents.   Read More >>

Good for How Long?

Time to put of old motorhome away for the winter and that means everything must be moved out.  Or does it?  Why can’t I leave some of the kitchen stuff in there?  It will be good for how long? Well, it turns out a lot of my pantry stuff can stay in the motorhome. Like   Read More >>

Want a forest experience?

That’s what we were asked by a Forest Service employee the other day. You see, we generally call about a week head to make our appointment with the District folks. Even though we have selected a campground to stay at, Fred or I will ask if there is a campground they would suggest. Generally, the   Read More >>

Giarda – No fun at all

Lyme disease, West Nile disease, and Poison ivy – these are just a few potential dangers you’ll find in the forest. Another problem that is becoming more common – Giardia.  Although more cases are being seen across the country each year, medical staff remain unfamiliar with this nasty intestinal bug.  Hope this articles helps you   Read More >>

Care for your boots

I have long held the opinion that one should first invest their money in quality hiking boots.  After investing that much cash in this essential piece of outdoor gear, one should take care of it.  Here are some tips from Dave Page, REI’s go-to person for footwear repairs, and called ”a Veteran Boot Doctor” by   Read More >>

My new and improved First Aid Kit

Each year I go through our first aid kit. In the past, I just tossed the expired items and stuffed everything back into an old shoe box. This year I tried something new – I organized our first aid kit. After doing some research, I made a list and had our family doctor take a   Read More >>

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