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The U.S. National Forest Campgrounds Guide website,, is a wealth of information about developed campgrounds in all 176 national forests and grasslands across the country. It is basically an encyclopedia, straight forward and impersonal. Suzi’s Blog adds a little personal touch to the website with postings about our experiences, adventures, and discoveries along with other postings related to camping, national forests and grasslands, and family fund.

I am Suzi Dow and I hope you will find something interesting, something helpful, something informative, but mostly something that will help you get out and discover our national forests and grasslands.

Planning for 2013 camping adventures

With the start of the new year, my thoughts stray to thoughts of another season of camping.  To me, camping, surrounded by towering trees, endless horizons, and challenging trails, is a rejuvenating experience. This year, 2013, may not be as rejuvenating as past years but it is still early and we’ll see.  This year we   Read More >>

Daytrip to Council Rocks in Coronado National Forest

Took some friends from Fairbanks, Alaska to a magical place, Council Rocks.  Click here of a photo album of this location. Like too many trails, the one to Council Rocks isn’t well signed.  We sort of ended up making our own. Recent snow and rain produced numerous puddles and this pond in the scooped out   Read More >>

Some 50 hikers rescued from Bear Canyon trail

There are two things anyone who hikes a “Sky Island” in southern Arizona, such as the Catalina Mountains, should be aware of are Mountain Lions do live and hunt there and the danger of any wash (basically a dry creek or stream bed) suddenly flooding. Apparently, up to 50 people hiking the beautiful and very   Read More >>

Mammoth Lakes trail system

Yosemite National Park is impressive.  It is also congested, busy, and too commercialized for my tastes.   For a long time, the Inyo National Forest‘s Mammoth Lakes area was my preferred “go to” alternative to Yosemite.  Then it seemed everyone had discovered it, too.  However, much to my delight, there are still places you go and   Read More >>

A cold weekend camping

It just goes to show ya, you can have a nice weekend of camping even when the night-time temperatures drop into the teens.  The sunshine all day gave us the false impression of warmth but the brightly sparkling stars in the cloudless night sky clearly declared very cold temperatures. I’m not a fan of temperatures   Read More >>

Drunken Fruit Salad

Every Sunday I make a brunch for Fred and myself.  No bowls of cereal or bagel smeared with jam for our Sunday brunch.  It is a full on meal that we enjoy while reading the Sunday paper.  While some parts do vary, French toast one week, blueberry pancakes another, with muffins and coffee cake fresh   Read More >>

Cold Weather Camping

Cold weather camping requires an RV have a dependable and adequate source of heat, reliable batteries with enough amperage for your needs and a way to charge them, full propane tanks, plenty of warm clothes, extra food for “just in case” situations, and some way of receiving weather reports. Cold weather camping is more labor   Read More >>

Camping tip – Taking important papers

Do you have “important” papers that must travel with you?  I think medical records fall into this category.  Get a scanner and load onto a thumb-drive.  When need, just stick into your computer, or any computer, and there you are!  Our doctor actually provided a digital copy of our medical records including X-rays!

Dead biscuits – Why?

Thought I’d make some turkey (yes, there was some tucked way in the back of fridge) and biscuits sandwiches for lunch yesterday.  Now, I am something of a Gal-from-the-South so biscuit making is as much a part of my cooking as hush puppies and cornbread.  Well, you can imagine my surprise when my biscuits looked   Read More >>

Firewood is a protected forest product

A lot of homes rely on firewood as a part of their home heating.  It’s an important product our national forests and grasslands supply to many communities.  One district in the Deschutes National Forest has issued firewood permits for 1,700 cords (that’s two pick up trucks loaded down with firewood for every adult in the   Read More >>

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