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The U.S. National Forest Campgrounds Guide website,, is a wealth of information about developed campgrounds in all 176 national forests and grasslands across the country. It is basically an encyclopedia, straight forward and impersonal. Suzi’s Blog adds a little personal touch to the website with postings about our experiences, adventures, and discoveries along with other postings related to camping, national forests and grasslands, and family fund.

I am Suzi Dow and I hope you will find something interesting, something helpful, something informative, but mostly something that will help you get out and discover our national forests and grasslands.

Campsite balloon ping pong game

I know summer is a long way off but it is never to early to start planning.  We’re hoping to be able to take grand-children camping with us so I’m collecting “family-friendly” activities.  This Balloon Ping Pong game sounds like a real hoot. What you need are a bunch of balloons, some paper plates, and   Read More >>

Noteworthy Horsethief Lake campground, Black Hills NF (SD)

The Black Hills National Forest (NF), in western South Dakota, has some great campgrounds but how do you pick one? There are several things we look for when selecting a national forest campground. It should have basic amenities like fire grilles, picnic tables, etc.  Considered pluses are flush toilets and, if no RV dump at the   Read More >>

El Pabelllon campsite – El Yunque NF

El Pabillon campsite is the close to a popular El Yunque NF’s attraction,  La Mina Falls.  It is also the most spacious and sunny.  The campsite is actually on the ruins of a cafe.  The end walls of the cafe are still standing and each has a fireplace.  Mixed in with other vegetation are wild   Read More >>

Molindero campsite – El Yunque NF

El Yunque National Forest doesn’t have any developed campgrounds.  It does have a number of designated dispersed campsites.  This one is call Molindero campsite and it is located at milepost 12.6 and at the southern end of Rt. 191.  It is spacious with sunlight filtered by towering bamboo plants.   However, there is no drinking   Read More >>

Snowman in a tin

A while ago I was wandering around the web and came across what I would call a brilliant craft idea – A Snowman in a Tin.  I bookmarked it but the computer I was using has since gone “belly-up” and that bookmark was lost.  However, I did make notes on how it was constructed.  Hopefully   Read More >>

Waterfalls in our national forests

In their most recent newsletter, the National Forest Foundation listed 15 of their favorite waterfalls. Here is Mesa Falls in the Targhee NF which is one of the 15. Do you have a favorite waterfall?  Which one?  Where is it located?

Morning has broken

In my opinion, few places on Puerto Rico are as beautiful as the shoreline of Rincon. Here’s Dixie on a Crashboat at Crashboat beach. A sudden rain shower didn’t stop surfing from going after the “perfect” wave.  

How do you teach proper handwashing

It seems like everyone, nationwide, is dealing with a cold, or a flu, or some such issue.  Yes, there are lots of drugs and medication that help with the discomforts but, we are told repeatedly, the best way to avoid the yucks this time of year is proper and frequent handwashing.  Okay, that is all   Read More >>

Delicious pastries and breads at bakery in Castaner, PR

The best food item in all that we enjoyed while on Puerto Rico was the pasties.  The bakery goodies were on display in a bakery/cafe in Castaner, PR.  The top image is of cornbread, Puerto Rican style.  Below are an assortment and variation of fruit filled turnovers.  Those pastries is one reason we immediately went   Read More >>

A rainy morning in El Yunque National Forest

We’ve been lucky.  After almost three days of ideal weather, we woke to the drip, drip, drip of rain.  It was a pleasant way to be awaken. Actually, we were surprise that it hasn’t rained before now.  Afterall, El Yunque  NF is a tropical forest receiving upwards of 200 inches of rain each year.

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