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Stay on the trail

If you have heard it once you have heard it a million times – “Stay on the trail.”  The photograph below is from the tundra found along the Beartooth Highway (WY) at its highest elevation.

This is especially true if you do any hiking in areas above the treeline and in tundra environments. Look closely at this photo.  With wildflowers are only maybe 4 inches tall while the plant’s “body” hugs the ground.  This is a cold and windy environment where nothing grows tall and lush.

Now, look at the roots of the plants.  They have worked hard to form a mat, a tangle of roots, that anchors the plants in maybe 8 inches of poor gravely soil.  One careless foot-print can cause any of these plant serious problems.

Tundra is fragile

Tundra is fragile

Please give the resident tundra plant a break and stay on the trails provided.


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