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Slurping Ice Cream Soup

A great “child-made” dessert is Ice Cream Soup. Here are three recipes developed my children a long time ago and a basic “Go-to” recipe. Each can be served immediately or stored up to an hour in a refrigerator or ice chest. The secret is you must be able to slurp your ice cream soup.

Chocolate Monkey Ice Cream Soup
Blend 8 Rolo candies into a pint (2 cups) of chocolate ice cream along with a large ripe banana broken into bite-size chunks and 1/4 cup of milk. Serve, topped with any remaining Rolo candies. (Substitute: Vanilla ice cream)

Raspberry Ice Cream Soup
Blend ½ cup raspberries (fresh or thawed) with 1 pint chocolate ice cream and ½ cup milk. Serve with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. (Substitute: Vanilla ice cream and/or ½ cup strawberries)

Whopper Ice Cream Soup
Crush 15 to 20 Whopper candies. Blend crushed Whoppers into one pint of ice cream (children preferred vanilla, I like chocolate, and dad wanted coffee ice cream – all work well) and 1/3 cup milk. Serve with a healthy drizzle chocolate syrup.

Whatever Ice Cream Soup
Blend whatever candy and/or fruit (dried or fresh) you have on hand into a pint of whatever ice cream you have handy with enough milk to make “soupy”. Serve topped with a handful of crushed whatever cereal you have on hand.

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