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Trying to figure out what to make for dinner is hard enough when you are at home but the task can be a real challenge when camping. Here are some recipes, menus, tips, and help to make this necessary chore a little easier.


Simple and Easy Mult-grain Bread

Never been a big fan of the soft and mushy white bread you can buy in a grocery store. Back in my “Holly Homemaker” days, we would mix slices of that stuff (without crusts) with Elmer’s white glue to make gooey dough and shape into things used in making jewelry. IMHO, that is about the   Read More >>

Let them eat snack cake

I like to bake but not a great fan of dish-washing. My mother didn’t like dishes, either. Here are a couple of my mom’s recipes that are easy to make, taste great, and present minimal clean up. Prefect for an after school snack or when you want a not-to-sugary snack. Both serve 9. Spice Snack   Read More >>

Time saving tips for potatoes

One of the first things a cook learns when camping, when camp is a mile or more high, is it takes longer for things to cook. Fred is a meat-and-potato kind-ah guy and for a long time I just could not get the two done at the same time until I learned these tricks: 1.   Read More >>

Pinyon Pine – Bearer of a delicious nugget

If the Ponderosa pine outlines the American West, then the Pinyon pine marks the limits of the Southwest’s high desert. Pinyon trees are found throughout the Southwest, ranging across the Southwest’s Four Corners region to Nevada and California at elevations generally between 4,500 to 7,500 feet, although they can be found up to 9,300 feet   Read More >>

Crooked River National Grassland – good fun!

May 1 – Woke up to the natural quiet of Crooked River National Grassland’s Haystack Lake campground. What a wonderful sound! Yesterday, we rose to the hustle and bustle of Bend, OR and the sound of traffic on Rt 97 as well as hail falling on the rv’s roof. During the day, some guy on   Read More >>

No Problem Biscuits

It had been a very long, cold and damp day.  Fred started setting up our rig in a downpour while I heated a pot of beef stew for dinner. The beefy aroma filled the trailer with images of drier times. “Hmmm, something smells goods,” Fred said as he entered the cheery warmth of our travel   Read More >>

My latest favorite snack – Nori

My daughter introduced me to a very strange looking food stuff called Nori.  Its looks like a green piece of paper and has the salty taste of the ocean, like if you lick you lips after walking on beach on a windy day.  It is crisp and crunches like a potato chip but melts in   Read More >>

A Manly Steak Sandwich

The Pioneer Woman blog (you may have seen a program by the same name on the Food Channel) has an assortment of topics and articles tabs.  My favorite topic tab is for her recipes.  One of those recipes is Marlboro Man Sandwich and it has to be tried! First, it uses cube steak which almost   Read More >>

Halloween goodies for Grand-babies

I’m basically a scaredy-cat.  I once would cover my eyes for scarey scenes in movies but now I avoid scarey stuff altogether.  So you would think Halloween wouldn’t be a favorite holiday but I since I have grand-babies, I really enjoy it. Although I can’t be there when my grand-babies get dressed up for their   Read More >>

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