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Permit to disperse camp

Pressure on dispersed campsites has grown greatly over the pass few years.  In an effort to maintain the environment and preserve the quality dispersed camping found in our national forests, some forests are now requiring campers to obtain permits for specific sites.  We first learned of this requirement in the Apache-Sitgreaves NFs.  Campers were allowed to camp with a certain distance of an assigned pole installed in the ground along the magnificent Mogollon Rim.  Last year we heard the San BernardinoNF had implemented a “Yellow Post” concept similar to the method used by the Apache-Sitgreaves NFs.  A forest using the permit-to-disperse-camp is the Hiawatha NF in Michigan.  The former developed Little Bass Lake campground has been converted into a 55 dispersed campsites area and campers need to purchase an $8 permit to camp there for two weeks.   What are your thoughts on this movement?

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