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Forest Guardians

Visitors, just like you, to our national forests and grasslands are the forest’s most important guardians. With you watching over the forest’s plants, animals, waterways, and historic and archeological sites imagine how well protected our national forests and grasslands would be!

During your visit to a national forest or grassland be aware that there are people who either unknowingly or intentionally harm forest or grassland resources. Please contact a Forest Service official if you see any of the following:

Feeding or approaching wildlife
Hunting animals out of season
Collecting reptiles or butterflies
Picking up archeological items such as arrowheads or pottery
Driving vehicles into meadows
Biking off trail
Discharging firearms in recreation area.

If you see activities that could harm people, the forest, or grassland, jot down any descriptions or a vehicle license plate number and call the local Forest Service district office.

rock art centipede

The oil from a human hand can compromise ancient rock art.


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