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Five Reasons you should go camping

This close to a herd of buffalo – awesome

Here are five reasons to go camping

You’ll be totally unplugged. There’s no such thing as cell phone towers in the middle of nowhere. Research suggests too much technology may lead to increased feeling of anxiety and poor sleep. Responding to the beep or blinking light of technology crowds out real connections with our fellows.

You may sleep better. Researchers claim sleeping away from artificial light helps to reset a camper’s circadian rhythm and felt less groggy when awakened.

Being in nature is good for your mood. Researchers at two universities have found even a short walk in nature helps reduce feeling of depression, anxiety, and negative feelings.

It could inspire a sense of awe. As human beings, we are wired for wonder and feel compelled to stop and marvel. Frankly, is there any better place to do that than camping? Researchers suggest awe-inspiring moments can make us happier and more inventive.

You’ll burn calories. Hiking, a.k.a. walking, is part of the camping experience. Researches claim this activity can boost your metal health and is the best exercise for weight loss.

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