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Camping Essentials

Camping Essentials are those things you feel are critical to a successful camping.  Here are mine:

Permits/confirmations for whatever you do – when needed.  (Backpackers in California will want to obtain a campfire permit from any of the national forests in the state.)

First Aid kit – Either one like this with everything in it or make your own with just you think you’ll need.

Flashlight and extra batteries or, better yet, a solar flashlight.

Sunscreen (don’t forget to apply to the top of your ears) and remember to apply it every two hours.

Insect repellent and bug-bite treatment.  Remember, mosquitoes are poor fliers so might want to investigate bringing a fan.

Rain gear or large leaf bags (not as attractive but effective)

Fire starter, such as drier lint stuffed into cardboard egg carton held together by melted paraffin wax or simply stuff drier lint into a used toilet paper tube, and don’t forget waterproof matches.

Tent or tarp

Don’t get much better than this.

Sleeping gear; sleeping bag or bed roll and pillow with maybe an extra blanket.

Personal stuff; cloths, toothpaste and brush, unscented soap and lotions, baby wipes, etc.

Cooking equipment like skillet and pot, ice chest, can opener, dishwashing stuff, etc

Entertainment: deck of cards, glow sticks, variety of games

Nice to have – microfiber towels, binoculars, musical instrument,

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