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Camp style vanilla pudding

A family favorite around our campsite has always been instant pudding.  It has always been made by the children. You see, I have long felt, the cook is on vacation, too, so others need to pitch-in.  This pudding is easy enough Dad, as well as toddlers, can make.

Afraid you might not have enough milk for the whole camping trip? Substitute 2/3 cup of powdered milk and two cups water for the 2 cups of milk as called for on the package.

Camp style vanilla pudding:  Put 2 cups of milk (or substitute powdered milk and water) and a box of instant vanilla pudding mix in a clean mayonnaise jar. Screw cap on and have the child shake until it begins to thicken. Then pour into paper cupor jelly jars and top with whatever is handy – fresh picked berries, or cookie crumbs, powdered chocolate drink, go crazy – and enjoy.   Eat right way or store in ice chest until needed. Try other flavors, too.

An alternative is to put cookies (vanilla if using bananas, oatmeal for peaches) in the bottom your container and then pour in some pudding and top with fruit.  Note: cookies will get softer as it sits so you might want to do this alternative very close to when you serve it.

If the pudding doesn’t thicken up properly, congratulation you have invented pudding soup 🙂 which is almost as good as vanilla ice cream soup.

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