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Big dog or Little dog – Which is best suited to live in an RV?

Ralf loves riding in the RV but isn’t an enthusiastic out-of-doors pup. His fur seems to attract every weed seed in the area, which means brushing. Another activity he isn’t fond of.

Dani love the outdoors but can do without the drive. Traveling upsets her tummy and seems to mess with her digestive system.

Ralf is very territorial and protective so anyone or things coming near the RV will set him off barking and carrying on.

Dani would do what was necessary to protect us, I think, but she generally doesn’t seem very concerned. She just wants some loving.

Ralf’s nickname is “hemorrhoid” because he generally doesn’t like anyone.

Dani is our “love sponge.” She has yet to met someone she doesn’t love.

Ralf maybe over five years old but he is still a bundle of energy. He’ll go, go, go then collapse.

Dani may be younger but sleeping is her second favorite thing (getting her ears scratched is the first).

I love my little 10 pound Ralf but he is noisy, prissy, and gets dirty easily. And, because of his size I must be aware there are dangers to him in the forest that we don’t have with Dani. It doesn’t help that Ralf thinks he is a “bullet-proof junk yard dog.’

Dani is considered a large dog. She is quiet, unflappable, and loves water.

Some people might think a large dog wouldn’t fit well in an RV but think about what large dogs do all day. The lay around and sleep. Yes, small dogs do not take up as much space but they tend to be yappy and much more active.

Fred prefers Dani and I prefer Ralf. The bottom line is, whether you bring a large or small dog with you, with love, your rv will be just the right size.

This article was written back in 2008.  Since than Dani has gone to the Puppy Heaven.  Ralf, now more than 14 years old, has slowed down but is still as noisey as ever.  

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One thought on “Big dog or Little dog – Which is best suited to live in an RV?”

  1. Jeff says:

    The size of dog that doesn’t bark is my input. The sound of a dog barking at a campground is not much fun.

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