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In the Forest – Keeping dogs safe

We get at least one email a week asking, ” Can I have my dogs in national forests?”  The resounding answer is *YES* but there are things you should do to keep your dog safe.  Here are some tips we have gleamed from our years in national forests and grasslands. Keep your dog leashed.  There   Read More >>

Care for your boots

I have long held the opinion that one should first invest their money in quality hiking boots.  After investing that much cash in this essential piece of outdoor gear, one should take care of it.  Here are some tips from Dave Page, REI’s go-to person for footwear repairs, and called ”a Veteran Boot Doctor” by   Read More >>

Travel Activity Notebook

Have an Activity Binder for each child.  You’ll need: Get a 3-ring binder, a package of plastic sleeves, and at least one pencil “pocket.” You might also want: – some paper clips or clothes pins (used to hold paper to binder’s cover; – some paper towels or a cloth to wipe plastic sleeves clean; –   Read More >>

Tips for taking better cellphone photographs

Okay! I admit it. I usually go with the old-fashion way of doing things. However, recently I made an enormous discovery – my cellphone takes pretty good photographs. Imagine not having to shlep my big old camera around with me?!?!? How great is that! My camera takes super photographs and there is no way I   Read More >>

Tips for traveling safe with pets

Never leave pet alone in a parked car. Pack a pet traveling kit that includes travel papers, food, a bowl, a leash, a pooper scoop, plastic bags, grooming supplies, medication, a pet fist-aid kit and favorite toy. And, pack plenty of water. Keep pets safe and secure in a well-ventilated crate or carrier that’s large   Read More >>

Camping on a shoestring

The summer camping season is just beginning.  It is time to enjoy a Mother nature.  But  alittle short on cash and camping equipment? Never fear, here are some suggestions: Tent – You could borrow a tent from a friend or use the back seat of your car but think about these two alternatives: buy an   Read More >>

In my pantry is –

The RV is parked in front of the house and loading begun. Our annual conversion from stationary home-based residents to mobile full-time RVers has begun. Fred and I may debate over what clothes to bring but there is no debate when it comes to pantry. We have learned, while there are grocery stores everywhere, not   Read More >>

Picture taking tips from Olympus camera

I love to take photographs of the places we visit and the things we see.  However, I am still not very good.  This year I’m going to tryto apply these photo tips from Olympus camera folks in the hopes of improving.  (I’ll post some on this blog to show you my progress.) * When photographing landscapes,   Read More >>

Menu Planning Guidelines

At home or camping. Recreational vehicle galley or your kitchen’s range. The backyard bar-b-que grill or open campfire. Planning a menu for yourself and family is always pretty much the same – right? Well, not completely. Over the years, first as a tent camper and in my motorhome, I have probably made every culinary mistake   Read More >>

Time saving tips for potatoes

One of the first things a cook learns when camping, when camp is a mile or more high, is it takes longer for things to cook. Fred is a meat-and-potato kind-ah guy and for a long time I just could not get the two done at the same time until I learned these tricks: 1.   Read More >>

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