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Light Pollution

 A light pollution map If you have spent any time in a national forest or grassland west of the Mississippi River, it is likely you have noticed the night sky.  The sky appears bigger, taller, wider.  It also seems darker and has more stars that sparkle, not just twinkle.  The Milky Way is clearly visible.   Read More >>

August 17, 1959 – earthquake!

There are dangers in the forests.  We recognize this. These dangers seem more like urban legend than reality. However, an earthquake caused scar on a mountain-side visible from US Route 287, in the Gallatin National Forest (MT) and just northwest of Yellowstone National Park, shows us, even in a place of such beauty, a terrible   Read More >>

Want a forest experience?

That’s what we were asked by a Forest Service employee the other day. You see, we generally call about a week head to make our appointment with the District folks. Even though we have selected a campground to stay at, Fred or I will ask if there is a campground they would suggest. Generally, the   Read More >>

Ecotourism – life blood for some

“Ecotourism” as defined by Michael Klesius, “is responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment and sustain the well-being of the local people.” He provided this definition in a September 2002 National Geographic article titled “State of the Planet.” When I read the definition of “Ecotourism” images of the plains of Africa, mysterious jungles   Read More >>

Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail winds its 2,650 miles through California, Oregon, and Washington and 28 national forests , Mexico to Canada. Hikers enjoy the beauty of the desert, glaciated expanses of the Sierra Nevada, travel deep into the forests, and experience the commanding vistas of volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range. The trail symbolizes everything there   Read More >>

Five Reasons you should go camping

Here are five reasons to go camping – You’ll be totally unplugged. There’s no such thing as cell phone towers in the middle of nowhere. Research suggests too much technology may lead to increased feeling of anxiety and poor sleep. Responding to the beep or blinking light of technology crowds out real connections with our   Read More >>

Hiking Trails for Walkers

The other day I asked a friend and avid hiker, “What’s the difference between hiking and walking?” He thought a minute and declared, “Hiking requires looking where you put your feet but with walking you don’t.” I like that definition and I like walking better the hiking. That preference is probably the result of my   Read More >>

Stay on the trail

If you have heard it once you have heard it a million times – “Stay on the trail.”  The photograph below is from the tundra found along the Beartooth Highway (WY) at its highest elevation. This is especially true if you do any hiking in areas above the treeline and in tundra environments. Look closely   Read More >>

Memories from Forest Travels

The updating of from the information received from the Forest Service has been completed!!!! Okay, there are some phone calls I’m waiting for to resolve a few remaining issues but the work is done!!! It felt like it was taking forever to get everything entered. The whole process is so boring but necessary. I’ve   Read More >>

Dealing with a trail challenge

How they deal with a hiking trail intersecting a barbwire fences – up and over.

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