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camping with children


Colorful Acorn Caps

The best crafts for entertaining children (whether camping or dealing with yucky weather) are really easy, take a little more effort than a quick run to the closest, and allow for some creativity once the basic skill is learned. This Colorful Acorn Caps craft has all these elements! FYI: Oak trees do not produce all   Read More >>

Halloween our national forests

I love camping in the fall.  The temperatures during the  day are comfortable and at night time a big old fuzzy wool blanket wards of any chilsl.  Campfires seem to blaze more brightly and all th mosquitoes are gone.  While others might feel a camping trip to celebrate Independence Day or Memorial Day is great,   Read More >>

Campfire songs to help the drive

There are many great things about Texas but driving an Interstate highway through west Texas is not one of them. I have to work at finding something to hold my interest as we motor through this area. When driving through west Texas, I call upon just about every campfire song I can recall. Since my   Read More >>

Travel Activity Notebook

Have an Activity Binder for each child.  You’ll need: Get a 3-ring binder, a package of plastic sleeves, and at least one pencil “pocket.” You might also want: – some paper clips or clothes pins (used to hold paper to binder’s cover; – some paper towels or a cloth to wipe plastic sleeves clean; –   Read More >>

National Forest campgrounds alternatives to most popular National Parks

In 2009, the New York Times TRAVEL Section published an article by Jame Margolies titled The Last-Minute Guide to Summer Camping? We contributed to that article.  Since it seems everyone is looking for the best camping experience, I thought I’d publish a shorten version of Ms. Margolies’s  article. Yosemite National Park is surrounded by Inyo,   Read More >>

Game for home, campground, and car

Here’s a twist on the old “I Spy” game (the reliable long trip traveling in the car game) that is good for a rainy camping afternoon or a yucky winter’s day adapted from the No Time for Flash Cards blog. Take a glass or plastic jar and full about 3/4 full with uncooked rice.  Now   Read More >>

Original Chex Party Mix – always a hit

Been making Chex Party Mix since the 60’s.  Back then it was made in the oven (microwaves hadn’t been invented yet!).  It is faster in a microwave, and the finished product is okay, but occasionally I’ll go back to my in-the-oven version.  Also, I’ve been know to toss in some dried fruit or chocolate chips.   Read More >>

Affordable Family Vacation – Alternative to National Parks

Original published by the New York Times and updated May 2013 Every January, I start planning for the upcoming camping season. In the beginning, camping was a break from my life of a 9-to-5 job, bills, and the same-old, same-old. Then came a husband and children. So, camping became an affordable family vacation. Today, it   Read More >>

Ideas for camping fun with children

Get the children’s input. What do they like to do? Swim? Hike? Fish?  What do they want to see?  Wildlife? Waterfalls?  What would they like to eat?  Hot dogs on a stick?  S’mores? GORP?  Use this information in preparation for your family’s time outdoors. Have an activity box for each child. Fill an old shoe   Read More >>

Must haves for camping with children

Looking for special “only-when-we-go-camping” stuff. Here are some suggestions, available at Supercenter Walmarts, for your consideration:    

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