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The U.S. National Forest Campgrounds Guide web pages are loaded with tons of information about some 2,400 developed Forest Service campgrounds but there is more to experience than just the trees. The following articles provided here cover a little of what isn’t said. Most of the articles answer questions asked and fall into broad categories. These articles are intended to make the best of your time in a national forest and grassland memorable, safe, and great.

Please check back on a periodic basis as new articles will be added periodically (to the top of the list).



Tips for skin care and more

Here are some ideas I have found helpful when we are out and about in the Great Outdoors. Lunch Box – Sometimes, as treat and to avoid the cost of eating out, we’ll have a “TV dinner.” The other day, as I started to toss the plastic plate, an idea flashed! For “containing” a picnic   Read More >>

Hiking Trails for Walkers

The other day I asked a friend and avid hiker, “What’s the difference between hiking and walking?” He thought a minute and declared, “Hiking requires looking where you put your feet but with walking you don’t.” I like that definition and I like walking better the hiking. That preference is probably the result of my   Read More >>

Biomass and campgrounds – what’s the connection?

What is BIOMASS? and what does it have to do with campgrounds?  Simply put it is “plant materials and animal waste used as fuel.” Or, in other words, when you build your campfire from stuff collected around the campsite (twigs, leaves, branches, and such) that’s biomass. (Here’s a photo of fire-killed trees in the Deschutes   Read More >>

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Aids

It that time of year for major Spring cleaning.  I’m not a big fan of harsh chemicals in my house or the motorhome. I would rather use an eco-friendly cleaning aids and a little elbow grease to clean especially when we are camping. Here are some hints and tips I’ve learned over the years. Call   Read More >>

Stay on the trail

If you have heard it once you have heard it a million times – “Stay on the trail.”  The photograph below is from the tundra found along the Beartooth Highway (WY) at its highest elevation. This is especially true if you do any hiking in areas above the treeline and in tundra environments. Look closely   Read More >>

Memories from Forest Travels

The updating of from the information received from the Forest Service has been completed!!!! Okay, there are some phone calls I’m waiting for to resolve a few remaining issues but the work is done!!! It felt like it was taking forever to get everything entered. The whole process is so boring but necessary. I’ve   Read More >>

Alternative Outdoor Winter Activites?

National forests aren’t just for summer time camping. There is a whole lot of things you can be during the winter months. Many forests have dedicated “Snow Play” area and it seems there are always new trails being designated for snow-mobiles. Here are some alternative outdoor winter activities to think about trying after you are   Read More >>

Menu Planning Guidelines

At home or camping. Recreational vehicle galley or your kitchen’s range. The backyard bar-b-que grill or open campfire. Planning a menu for yourself and family is always pretty much the same – right? Well, not completely. Over the years, first as a tent camper and in my motorhome, I have probably made every culinary mistake   Read More >>

Thinning = healthier forest?

This article was rewritten back in 2009 and the question still hasn’t been answered.  However, wildfires in Northern Arizona, where the thinning sighted was tried, weren’t anywhere as badly damaged as the forests in California were no thinning was applied.  What’s your opinion?  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A couple months ago, the Arizona Daily Star had an article   Read More >>

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