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The U.S. National Forest Campgrounds Guide web pages are loaded with tons of information about some 2,400 developed Forest Service campgrounds but there is more to experience than just the trees. The following articles provided here cover a little of what isn’t said. Most of the articles answer questions asked and fall into broad categories. These articles are intended to make the best of your time in a national forest and grassland memorable, safe, and great.

Please check back on a periodic basis as new articles will be added periodically (to the top of the list).



Game for home, campground, and car

Here’s a twist on the old “I Spy” game (the reliable long trip traveling in the car game) that is good for a rainy camping afternoon or a yucky winter’s day adapted from the No Time for Flash Cards blog. Take a glass or plastic jar and full about 3/4 full with uncooked rice.  Now   Read More >>

Prepared for wintertime travel?

Are you prepared to travel in bad weather to your favorite national forest winter play area? First, collect two large coffee cans, then read Car Survival Kit for a Blizzard.  And stay safe. FYI :  This photograph was taken in Arizona, mid-October!

Shared experiences

Two personal favorites.  Both were written awhile ago by pioneering women who had a good idea of what today’s men are like.  Nice to know through our share experiences somethings just don’t change. From Westering Women – One woman’s “receet” for washing clothes: 1.    bild fire in back yard to het kettle of rain water.   Read More >>

Grizzly Bear populations are increasing

It has been documented – Grizzly bear populations in national parks are increasing.  As their numbers increase, they need more territory and are looking beyond national park’s borders.  Interactions and conflicts between bears and humans are and will continue to increase.  This means, in national forests, campers must be alert and more careful.  Part of   Read More >>

A Suislaw NF bonus – Berries!

A bonus to camping in a Suislaw NF’s coastal campgrounds in the Fall was the bounty of berries we found there.  The blackberries were fat and juicy.  The Evergreen huckleberries were small, bordering on tiny, and plentiful.  It took a lot of these little purple gems to carry the flavor through pancake.  Remember to toss   Read More >>

Help getting correct temperature

Acheiving the correct temperature when cooking is a challenge for any camp cook. Whether it’s the interial temperature of a chunk of meat or the temperature need to actually cook that chunk of meat, practise makes perfect.  However, here’s an aid to getting the correct temperature when cooking in your Dutch Oven(also works for cast iron   Read More >>

Backing up an RV

Fred and I have been doing this RV-lifestyle for a long while.  There is a lot to love about it but, to be honest, there are a few things we are still working on.  One major issue is our communication when backing up the rig.  One major component to this backing up thing is trust   Read More >>

Halloween goodies for Grand-babies

I’m basically a scaredy-cat.  I once would cover my eyes for scarey scenes in movies but now I avoid scarey stuff altogether.  So you would think Halloween wouldn’t be a favorite holiday but I since I have grand-babies, I really enjoy it. Although I can’t be there when my grand-babies get dressed up for their   Read More >>

Original Chex Party Mix – always a hit

Been making Chex Party Mix since the 60’s.  Back then it was made in the oven (microwaves hadn’t been invented yet!).  It is faster in a microwave, and the finished product is okay, but occasionally I’ll go back to my in-the-oven version.  Also, I’ve been know to toss in some dried fruit or chocolate chips.   Read More >>

Don’t be a headline this winter

Headline from last winter: Family in their recreational vehicle rescued from Oregon’s snow-covered wilderness There are lessons to be learned. Lesson 1 – Check the weather forecast. Storms can surprise even the most experienced. A weather radio is essential to any traveler. I remember enjoying a delightful stay at Gooseberry Lake Campground in Fishlake National   Read More >>

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