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The U.S. National Forest Campgrounds Guide web pages are loaded with tons of information about some 2,400 developed Forest Service campgrounds but there is more to experience than just the trees. The following articles provided here cover a little of what isn’t said. Most of the articles answer questions asked and fall into broad categories. These articles are intended to make the best of your time in a national forest and grassland memorable, safe, and great.

Please check back on a periodic basis as new articles will be added periodically (to the top of the list).



Crooked River National Grassland – good fun!

May 1 – Woke up to the natural quiet of Crooked River National Grassland’s Haystack Lake campground. What a wonderful sound! Yesterday, we rose to the hustle and bustle of Bend, OR and the sound of traffic on Rt 97 as well as hail falling on the rv’s roof. During the day, some guy on   Read More >>

Winter Camping in your RV

Summer time camping is great fun but camping in the winter season is sublime. It is a great time to go camping, if you want to reconnect with your pioneering spirit. Winter camping in a recreational vehicle (RV) is similar to those early camping days when you had only a Coleman stove and a sleeping   Read More >>

Big dog or Little dog – Which is best suited to live in an RV?

Ralf loves riding in the RV but isn’t an enthusiastic out-of-doors pup. His fur seems to attract every weed seed in the area, which means brushing. Another activity he isn’t fond of. Dani love the outdoors but can do without the drive. Traveling upsets her tummy and seems to mess with her digestive system. Ralf   Read More >>

Thanksgiving and RVing can work

I remember our first Thanksgiving as full-time RVers.  It was a little exciting and very scary.  We were camped in Salt Springs campground in the Ocala National Forest (FL), surrounded by hoards of families.  It became apparent, these families knew what they were doing.  It wasn’t their first rodeo.  I, on the other hand, was   Read More >>

Treat your feet well and they’ll take you far!

My dad was in the Army. My childhood seemed to be divide by the wonder of him being home and waiting for him to return. I was my dad’s “Princess” and he always had time for me, helping to do this, explaining how that worked, and answering my unending string of “Why” questions. There were   Read More >>


For years my girlfriends have been raving about the Monsoon season. The general rule of thumb, Monsoon begins in the July 4th week and continues to Labor Day.  First, let me define what I see is a Monsoon? It is more than a rainstorm. It is an event brings change to the constant heat that   Read More >>

Solitude – A precious thing

Anyone who has read some of my “stuff” might conclude my favorite campground or forest feature is solitude. They would be correct. I look for and enjoy solitude when and where I can find it. To me, experiencing solitude can “recharge my batteries” and completely adjust any negative manure going on in my life. While   Read More >>

Before you hit the trail

It may seem counter-intuntive but this is a great time of year to go hiking in a national forest near you.  However, before you hit the trail, make sure you’re prepared These hiking guidelines will help you stay safe and comfortable when you hit the trails. ● Check the weather so you can be prepared   Read More >>

Coffee filters-not just for making coffee

I might be the worse coffee maker in the country.  I like coffee but have never be able to master making a good cup.  However, you will find coffee filters in both my brick and stick house and motorhome.  Here are ten reasons: 1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave. Coffee filters   Read More >>

Rules for camping

I want a T-shirt with this on the back — Camping Rules: Nap Often Watch the sunset Wake up smiling Sit by the fire Relax and unwind Eat s’mores Make memories Drink a cold one Visit with friends Be grateful for this day

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