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The U.S. National Forest Campgrounds Guide web pages are loaded with tons of information about some 2,400 developed Forest Service campgrounds but there is more to experience than just the trees. The following articles provided here cover a little of what isn’t said. Most of the articles answer questions asked and fall into broad categories. These articles are intended to make the best of your time in a national forest and grassland memorable, safe, and great.

Please check back on a periodic basis as new articles will be added periodically (to the top of the list).



Magnificient Ponderosa pine

There are few trees, IMHO, more beautiful than the Ponderosa pine. I have read the Ponderosa pine outlines the “real” American West. If you’re driving through the high desert of the Southwest, the towering mountains of Colorado, or watching an old episode of Bonanza on tv, the tree youare most likely seeing is the Ponderosa   Read More >>

Lovin’ Corinth cg

I met a man at the Louisville KOA who stays only in KOA Kampgrounds. I asked if he had every tried a national forest campground. He looked at me as if I had a second head and responded, “I need full hook-ups.” As I sit here in my spacious Corinth campground site, I send up   Read More >>

Thoughts on national grasslands

I love national forests but national grasslands are special and unique unto them selves. Maybe it’s because they are so open and vast and empty. They are cris-crossed by barb wire fences so cattle can safely graze on the tall rippling grass, so maybe they aren’t really so open.  And as to empty?  Grasslands are   Read More >>

Crosbyton, TX – Nice Surprise

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times – be open to unaspected surprises.  Crosbyton, Texas, with its a little campground with full hook-ups located next to their city park was such a surprise.  We were on our way home.  According to my calculations, it would take several more days.  That was okay   Read More >>

My Essentials Drawer

It maybe deep into January, but our thoughts wander to preparations for this year’s national forest/camping adventures.  Two things I like to do around this time is double check my first aid box and see if anything is missing in my “Essentials” drawer.  What’s an “Essentials” drawer?  Well, everyone has a “Junk Draw” in their   Read More >>

Caddo National Grassland – a well-kept secret

Several years ago Fred and I made a wonderful discovery – West Crockett Lake campground in the Caddo (pronounced Cad-OH) National Grassland (NG). Located in north Texas, above Dallas and on the south side of Red River seems to be pretty much undiscovered.  Developed in the 1930s, Lake Crockett was built to provide the area’s   Read More >>

What you can’t see can hurt you

Recently, I read “What you can’t see, you can’t escape” in a motorcycling magazine.  I took from this statement that whether a motorcyclist or driver of a recreational vehicle (RV), good mirrors and using them properly is a MUST. Although the statement was directed at motorcyclist, this is a good rule-of-thumb for all drivers, including   Read More >>

In the Forest – Keeping dogs safe

We get at least one email a week asking, ” Can I have my dogs in national forests?”  The resounding answer is *YES* but there are things you should do to keep your dog safe.  Here are some tips we have gleamed from our years in national forests and grasslands. Keep your dog leashed.  There   Read More >>

Camping Family’s First Aid Kit

There are first-aid kits commercially available in drug stores and outdoor equipment shops. These kits tend to be pricey and I’m never sure if it has all I might need in an emergency. The following is condensed from all my readings over the years and provides what I think are must first-aid kit items: Sunscreen   Read More >>

Light Pollution

 A light pollution map If you have spent any time in a national forest or grassland west of the Mississippi River, it is likely you have noticed the night sky.  The sky appears bigger, taller, wider.  It also seems darker and has more stars that sparkle, not just twinkle.  The Milky Way is clearly visible.   Read More >>

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