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Idaho Cascade Antelope 28 No
Idaho Cascade French Creek 20 No
Idaho Cascade Sagehen Creek 15 No
Idaho Cascade Shoreline 31 No
Idaho Cascade South Fork Salmon River 11 No
Idaho Cascade Warm Lake 12 No
Idaho Cascade Yellowpine 14 No
Idaho Crouch Trail Creek 12 No
Idaho Donnelly Amanita 10 No
Idaho Donnelly Rainbow Point 11 No
Idaho Garden Valley Cozy Cove 16 No
Idaho Garden Valley Howers 10 No
Idaho Garden Valley Rattlesnake Creek 10 No
Idaho Horseshoe Bend Swinging Bridge 10 No
Idaho Idaho City Black Rock 11 No
Idaho Idaho City Grayback Gulch 18 No
Idaho Idaho City Ten Mile 14 No
Idaho Lowman Bonneville 22 No
Idaho Lowman Helende 10 No
Idaho Lowman Kirkham 15 No
Idaho Lowman Mountain View 13 No
Idaho Lowman Park Creek 26 No
Idaho Lowman Pine Flats 24 No
Idaho Lowman Power Plant 23 No
Idaho Lowman Riverside Forest Camp 11 No
Idaho Mountain Home Evans Creek 11 No
Idaho Pine Big Roaring River Lake 12 No
Idaho Pine Big Trinity 17 No
Idaho Pine Dog Creek 12 No
Idaho Pine Elks Flat 22 No
Idaho Stanley Bear Valley 10 No
Idaho Stanley Bull Trout Lake 36 No

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